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    Just accepted an offer from ftb's on my house that I bought in May last year. Accepted 15% below what I paid which is pretty much exactly what I made from my first house I bought in late 2005. So on exiting the house owning market i'll have nether gained nor lost a penny...whether that's a good position for a 36 year old I don't.
  2. Thanks mate. I think some of the earlier posters thought i was condemning the buyers to a slum when in fact they've got a lovely 4 dbl bdrm end townhouse in hampshire. The young couple who are buying could have 6 kids and they'd still have space.
  3. May last year so it was just about at the peak. I'm probably selling it £10k too cheaply as there are similar ones for sale at £250k that went quite recently. And I have a sneaky suspicion that you ARE hoping I get gazundered.
  4. Crikey, you guys are tense. Do you really think I based a selling decision solely on the advice of an anonymous forum? I've been around here since hpc's inception either as a lurker or occasional poster so i'm no johnny-come-lately (except in house selling).
  5. The original thread about trying to sell my house has withered in the anecdotals (mods feel free to dispatch this one aswell). Just to say I took your collective advice and accepted an offer of £212,500 after refusing £199,950 ; £205k and £210k. The buyers are mad keen seemingly and aren't in a chain so it should be a dash to exchange and complete before they change their minds. The house has lost 15% on what I originally paid so we better see drops of another 15% or i'll be setting up a site called 'housepricecrashw*nkers.co.uk'
  6. I wouldn't normally go for 'house selling by committee' but I can see some of the arguments. I'll ring the ea on monday and get him to put it on for a fixed price £215 and we'll see what comes of it. A plague on all your (rented) houses if it goes wrong.
  7. Uncle Monty, Thanks for the advice, i've thought long and hard before about much of what you've written. My job is pretty secure and reasonably well paid, i'm 10 minutes from work, 5 minutes from the golf course, 2 minutes from the gym, we have made friends with the neighbours. The only reason i'm looking to sell to position myself for buying back in, I don't 'have' to sell so my motivation is perhaps somewhat lacking beyond the possibility of saving myself x thousands of pounds. And here's the rub... The house is already going to be massively discounted at £215/220k so much below that a
  8. The lowest figure i'd accept (£215k) would be very good value for a buyer imo which is why i'd really be looking for £220k. Nobody in their right mind is going to offer the extra £5k just to make me happy if they know they can get it for a reluctant £215k; I know I wouldn't if I was buying. I can see your point about potential buyers thinking OIEO price + 1p being an 'absolute' lowest bid that may be acceptable but as I explained further up it was to get people round the house at which point they'd realise (hopefully) that the house was 'worth' more like £215 and ideally £220k.
  9. I think that would depend on what the prospective buyer offered tbh. If they felt they'd offered too much and saw better value properties on the market between offer and exchange then I would expect to be at risk from gazundering. I've no way of really knowing what their limits are and how much they particularly would want this house so it's a tricky question. Just to be clear though, the OIEO a very low figure was a marketing attempt to get viewers through the door quickly and it worked considering it had only been advertised for a day or so. At some point I expect the house will go to so
  10. No. They were a really nice young couple who are planning to rent theirs out and buy somewhere bigger; I resisted the urge to suggest they look at selling before taking on another house in this market.
  11. If the seller had priced their house way way below anything comparable with the caveat of OIEO then I would offer what I was prepared to pay for the house. I really don't see what is underhand about that.
  12. 2 offers in truth. The original couple I mentioned came back with a raised offer of £205k.
  13. Why? Not all homeowners and sellers are the enemy of this site you know, i've been a supporter of hpc for years and I still am. Just because someone is selling a house you shouldn't be so consumed with bile and hatred at your own position that you feel the need to blindly spew that anger out at faceless people on an internet board. I'm sharing my attempt to sell the house with the board because I thought people would be interested in hearing the reality from someone on their side but if it is making you angry i'm quite happy to stop.
  14. Yep, sold for £250k and completed and logged on the LR. There are a number of ea signs up around here and i'd say the split is 75/25 'for sale'/'sold' so there is still some movement even if it is nowhere near last years crazy levels.
  15. In my experience of buying houses the ea has invariably quoted the price that the vendor will accept which sort of questions the integrity of the premise that the ea is working for the seller. If the ea has no idea what price you're willing to accept then he must be completely straight with both seller and buyer which is a much fairer and more transparent concept. I'm sure you'll agree fairness and transparency is something all of us hpc'ers are looking for.
  16. Nope, you've got it right. The ea has just rung with an offer of £200k from the couple I mentioned which I refused. The ea wanted me to give him a ballpark figure but I refused to tell him what I want and told him to thank the couple and invite them to make a higher offer if they wished at which point i'd tell him if it was acceptable or not. Telling the ea the figure you'll except doesn't sit right with me.
  17. You'll have to explain that one to me as we've had a few viewers today with at least one offer coming and that's after 1 days advertising as an open day.
  18. The £199k is just to flush some offers out over the next couple of weeks and see what sort of level the market is at. Similar 4 dbl-bd townhouses have gone very recently for £250k and a couple are on the market now at that price so £215k would still be a steal, especially for sunny Hampshire! I don't need to sell and i'm quite content to stay if no offers come in.
  19. Had a few couples round today for the open viewing, one couple came back again for another look. The guy selling his came round to have a chat about me having an open day at the same time as him....he was not happy, lol. I wouldn't be surprised to see an offer from the young couple but I suspect it'll be around £200-205 mark which isn't going to be enough although she's planning to rent hers out so i'm not sure they'd even get the financing. We'll see on monday.
  20. Just lowered the price to OIEO £199,950 and having an open day on saturday. Lets see if that generates some interest.
  21. I paid £250k for it in May last year at pretty much the very top. I 'made' £32k from the last house so in purely profit/loss terms then around £220k would be break even (not including associated costs). My mortgage is £169k and i'm fortunate in having a reasonably secure job (atco) so i'm selling because I want to be in the best position I can be when it's time to buy again not because i'm on the verge of financial ruin. I've been a cheerleader for this site for years so i'm torn between loving being proved right about a crash and being gutted having such sh*t timing.
  22. I shall pass on your kind comments to mrs tatty. To be honest though the house hasn't looked like that since the last owners had their pictures done, an 7 year old and a labrador have seen to that.
  23. Are you in Locks Heath/Warsash? I used to live in Locks Heath and loved it, we'd like to move back across there tbh.
  24. Yeah, it's like a lounge only it's a landing. I'll get the spotty one to change it tommorrow. The neighbour bought the next 2 townhouses for btl in 2004 I think. For reasons best known to himself he's trying to sell the sh*ttiest middle townhouse first (poor condition inside) before he sells the 'better' one on the end. I'd have done it the other way around so I wasn't setting a lower benchmark but what do I know. As for actual selling price: 225 - Over the moon (relatively speaking) 220 - Sort of expecting 215 - A bit miffed 210 - Really p*ssed off but i'd take it Sub-210 and it'd b
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