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  1. I'm completing tommorrow on the sale of my house losing 15% off what I paid in the summer of last year. I was amazed to have got through to exchange and thought i'd been incredibly lucky and avoided most of the financial catastrophe that was awaiting the rest of the UKs homeowners. I'm now starting to think that I may have been better off up to my eyeballs in debt waiting for the government to write what I owe off or even wait with my hands out for savers deposits to be handed over to me. If I knew what I know now before I exchanged i'd be thinking long and hard about pulling out of the sal
  2. So now i've maxed out my overdrafts i'm ok to be cheering on armageddon? I have stocked up on toilet rolls and tin openers.
  3. shssssssh!!!!! I'm completing on thursday with an insta-transfer to ns&i so a complete freeze would be a little inconvenient for me over the next fortnight. Perhaps you could arrange it for the first week in november?
  4. Whilst I was sat on the lav this morning having my daily constitutional I was mulling over the possiblities of my (modest) str fund being decimated by the hyper-inflation scenarios presented by many of the clever chaps on here. It occurred to me that perhaps the political decision to turn our currency in to confetti would be predicated by the impact of such an action on the main groups of voters. I'd contend that those of us in the sub-50 age group with reasonable savings are political cannon fodder and as such would barely register on the political radar. However, there are millions of ha
  5. I accept a bit of tin foil hatted bonkerishness as going with the hpc territory but really.....
  6. 36 year old air traffic controller. Didn't buy until 2005 (180k), sold in 2007 for £212k (+£32k). Bought a hideously overpriced townhouse in 2007 for £250k and have just exchanged on its sale for £212,500 (-£37k). So my sum total experience of the housing market in a net loss of somewhere around the £15k mark. Now going in to rented with savings of around £55k and adding to that at £1500pm whilst living in a fantastic 5 bd detached in a lovely village for the same price I was paying on my townhouse mortgage.
  7. Registered on rightmove as a potential buyer this morning and jusy had my first begging call. When I told her my frankly ludicrous house/price requirements there was much sucking of teeth. Until I told her I was about to move in to rented after selling mine at which point she threw out the 'asking prices are irrelevant' line. I'm not going to buy for 12 to 18 months of course but it that time I can wage a one man war on vendors in the area smashing their expectations with brutally low offers.
  8. Do you think I should open a Nationwide account then? Would I need any ID?
  9. I'm reading posts on other forums suggesting that LloydsTSB may still back out of the deal to buy HBOS leaving to an immediate collapse of the latter. I've got an interest as i've got a lump of cash that is going to be sat in the form of a cheque losing interest because i'm worried about depositing it at the Halifax. It would only be in there for a couple of weeks while I buy the NS&I savings certificates and PBs.
  10. Funnily enough I had a damage assesor bloke come round today after a van driver reversed in to me. He had a laptop in which he entered the repairs required and this calculated cost against value of car. He said they're constantly updating the data bank of prices because 'used car prices are plummeting faster than we can keep track of them' (his words).
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. To the chap who said Halifax is now as safe as Nationwide; does the share price action not lead you to suspect all might not be well with that deal? I'm probably paranoid but it would be a very cruel - if faintly amusing - irony for me to strike gold with a buyer in this market and then lose all my str cash in a bank crash. A bit like the chap who was visiting Nagasaki when the atomic bomb went off but survived to return to his home town of Hiroshima just in time for the next one. I'm not really sure why I lol'd that, gallows humour perhaps.
  12. I'm exchanging this week and i've told my solicitor not to do an electronic transfer to the halifax as initially instructed (for obvious reasons). Instead, i've asked for a cheque which i'm going to pay in to a Nationwide account i'm opening. Here's the question though... What happens if my solicitors bank goes bust whilst my money is still stuck in it? *Yes, I know as a seller I deserve to lose all my money because sellers are all evil and nasty.
  13. From what i've been reading on here it seems you're better off being in an over-priced house than have your cash devalued over the next couple of years. I'm meant to be exchanging contracts on my sale next week but I think i'll pull out or ask for extra money.
  14. I went in to Halifax yesterday to start withdrawing my cash and was disappointed to find a couple of bored cashiers and helping one old man pay in a bag of 2p's. Anyway, more cash out tommorrow and off to Nationwide to open a current account. I also told my solicitor to send a cheque for the proceeds from my house sale rather than pay it in to my Halifax account as originally planned.
  15. I'm arranging a withdrawal of £5k to hold in cash just on the slim chance the situation gets all 'Argentina-ish' and the shutters come down on the high st banks. Anyone else hold cash in the safe? *I don't wander round with 'swag' written on my sack in case you were wondering.
  16. I've looked at the crash graph for Jul '89 to Jan '96 which seems to have been peak to trough. What I can't quite see is how many month on month rises there followed by another drop in this period as i'm thinking that it might be a reference for buying back in this time. I wouldn't want to get caught in one of those traps shrewdies talk about.
  17. I probably should have mentioned that the house is a 4 bd detached owned by a couple in their 50s. They've bought a new place a couple of hundred yards down the road so I suspect they may be a little more stable financially than the 'bog standard' btl'r.
  18. Thanks guys, i'll file my plan under 'started out looking a good idea...'.
  19. If all goes to plan we should be in rented by the last week of this month. The rent is £1150pm but i'm mulling over offering £12k in a lump sum at the start of the contract. Have any of you guys tried it and are there pitfalls I may not be aware of?
  20. That's very harsh unless you were talking about merseyside where they have raised the art of self-pity and 'victimhood' to olympic standards.
  21. Unlikely, i'll be sticking with my 8yo kia shuma. The best of korean engineering.
  22. Had to price mine 25% below some equivalent properties to get a sniff of a viewing. Ended up accepting an offer around 15% below the price I paid for the house in the summer of last year.
  23. I'm waiting to exchange with my 'no chain' buyers. As for a lucky escape? Paid £250k in may 2007 and have sold for £212,500. Time will tell just how lucky i've been...or not.
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