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  1. Much appreciated but I found it just after i'd posted the thread. Wonder if I can edit the title and content to a discussion about 'snow' or maybe mention the word 'gold'...that should get the thread binned double quick.
  2. Mods please delete this show of stupidity...who'd have thought the option to change to 'standard' layout would have been in the 'options' menu.
  3. I've searched the settings to try and work out how I can get back to the 'old' format of thread posts but can't work it out. I'm seeing an abbreviated list of replies at the bottom of the original post but I can only seem to access them one at a time. I'm rubbish at IT so i'll apologise in advance for my stupidity!
  4. The OH, mil and myself went shopping in Eastleigh yesterday and it was deathly quiet for a saturday full-stop. And the sales were cr*p!
  5. Can anyone from that high-inflation era recall how pay was resolved in terms of whether pay was raised at the inflation rate at the time or whether it was more common to have settlements above inflation (and if so roughly by how many percentage points). I ask as it could be relevant to changes in my T&Cs at work.
  6. Would the Labour party stooges on here be taking the same stance if it was a Conservative government and a Labour shadow minister?
  7. ...against the pound is it still likely to be making increased profits for the same turnover? Are exchange rate hedges usually made on a sliding sort of scale or are they done so that there is no different to the bottom line for any given turnover? I don't know if the question makes sense but the reason I ask is that our company makes 70% of its revenues in euros but pays all its staff costs in sterling but is trying to make major changes to our t&c's.
  8. I didn't really meant that they'd reduced asking rents out of kindness. It looks like they've been desperate to rent out and the money they save by the rate cut has been cut straight off the rent. If the boe cut again in december then I reckon anyone renting in january should try and grab a 12 month plus let.
  9. If it persuades even 1 mug to purchase then the vermin will have achieved their aim. That circular isn't aimed at people with a brain.
  10. I keep a close eye on rental prices in my area (Hampshire) and over the couple of weeks rents on rightmove have dropped on a huge number of houses by anything up to 30%. I'm locked in for another 11 months on the house i'm in now but from being concerned with dealing about rental increases next year i'll be looking for a hefty cut! I can only think that people who are renting out the houses I look at (3/4 bed det) must have breathed a sigh of relief at the rate cuts which they've passed straight on to prospective tenants???? Whatever the reason i'm loving it!
  11. I bought in June 2007 paying top whack on the road £250k. Had EA's in that august and then again january this year once it was obvious what was on the wall but dithered and didn't follow through as I thought i'd look ridiculous in front of friends selling so soon after buying because of a crash they didn't believe would ever come. Anyway, finally sold in october this year for £212,500 (15% loss) and rented a fantastic 4bd detached place with massive garden. Yes I dropped £37,500 but do I regret it? Not one bit, just wish i'd done it in august 07!!!
  12. I suppose what i'm asking is whether the government is guaranteeing the final salary schemes of the employees in these companies in the same way it does regular public sector staff.
  13. Is the public purse backing their final salary schemes now? And for that matter what happened to Railtracks employees pensions? *I'm asking as i've got an interest in government approach to the pensions of companies it is forced to take over.
  14. 'Trolls under the beds' eh? Constant vigilance is to be commended, well done that man.
  15. Sky News initially headlined it as an 8% fall in September alone
  16. What a cranky reply tulip! Sky made what I thought was an amusing mistake in their initial headlines before correcting it a few minutes later. If the thread has upset you then feel free to ask the mods to bin it.
  17. They've just added 'year-on-year' to their strapline.
  18. As much as I wish it were true... I reckon millions of homeowners have just shat themselves.
  19. The responding panel and and questioning MPs seem very bearish and the banking monkeys are adamant that the deal put forward by the government will not see a return to lending levels of the bubble. The only dissenter seems to be the rep from the CML who is arguing that prescriptive limits on LTV and income ratios is wrong. He says the system we have of gauging loan amounts to a snapshot ability to pay is the right methodology for applying lending criteria.
  20. I've used both £15k allowances in these certificates. As a higher rate taxpayer they are as good as anything I could find on the market all things considered. Now i've got to learn how to buy some gold coins without getting ripped off...maybe tescos should start doing 'bullion direct' so I can pop a few sovs in with my teabags and sugar.
  21. Thanks headmelter but after looking at a view websites the RM 2008 sovs at £145 inc delivery still seem best value even when compared to other sites. Would I still be paying for the numissmatic value you talk about even at £145?
  22. I've just started looking at gold coins as a small hedge on my str fund, better late than never i'm hoping. Anyway, after looking at the prices (and availability) at most of the dealers it would seem that buying direct from the RM is a reasonable option. Now, I know nothing about gold so i'm more than happy to be educated to the error of buying old bullion sovereigns from the RM at £145. And what's the difference between 'bullion' and 'proof' in the labelling of the coins (apart from £70 and a walnut box)?
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