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  1. Str'd in August last year with a plan to wait until feb/mar 2010 to buy when hopefully the stuffing will have been knocked out of sellers as rising unemployment and a couple of years of falling prices did their stuff. At the moment though my str fund feels like a ticking time bomb which will go off if I buy to soon and also do for me if I leave it too late and get caught by inflation and banks withdrawing their long-term fixed deals. I'm starting to think that the end of my rental contract in October this year could end up being the buying point by default my thinking being that hopefully th
  2. You do realise that if you have any sort of pension arrangements it is likely that you have lost out because of government incompetence?
  3. Unlucky Lloyds dudes. tatty opened a Halifax account back in the 80s where he's been safely stashing his cash ever since...no dodgy banks for tatty..no siree...
  4. I'm not going to mess the bloke about and I don't get the impression he's the sort but this 'contract' issue seems to be a bit of a problem. I can see why he'll feel uncomfortable with me still being in the house for a few days after his £5000 has cleared. Equally, I don't want to move out and still be waiting to receive the £5000. Maybe, cash in an envelope as I hand the keys to him on the day?
  5. I wish. In fact I wish i'd listened to the 'gold-tin-foil-hatters' last summer when I str'd instead of making 'woo-woo' noises whilst spinning my finger round my temple.
  6. I agree but will the IR? I'm not sure i'd trust the guy with giving me it in cash and then not dobbing me in.
  7. What about tax (i'm in the 40% bracket)? Will I need to pay any on the £5000?
  8. I'll ask for a contract with the following: 1. £5000 to be paid (and cleared) 1 week before I vacate on 05 May 2. If the sale falls through he covers any costs I incur on a new rental What else?
  9. I was writing while the 'contract' posts went up, I agree that i'll be in a very vulnerable position if I agree without something formal in writing. I think i'll ask for either the £5000 or the final 5 months rent free if the sale falls through....reasonable?
  10. I can't see any downsides myself although the missus wants to screw him for the extra £750, plus removal costs, plus virgin disconnection fee. I'm sure he'd agree but they've been good with repairs and friendly whenever we've been in contact so I think i'll just ask for a full return of deposit and no cleaning costs (we have a dog and they wanted the carpets cleaning before vacating). Is it worth getting a contract drawn up? Money amounts, dates, action in the event of sale falling through etc?
  11. I'm on a 12 month contract (4 months in) and the landlord has rung me up saying he's got a buyer and that he's prepared to buy out the last 5 months of the contract if I can move out by May 5th. He's offering £5000, the rent is £1150 per month so it is slightly short of the £5750 it would be but i'm happy with the offer. Has anyone done this before and are there any pitfalls or issues I should be aware of?
  12. More like banks will be dumping houses to recover whatever they can.
  13. I spent 4 months living in an accommodation complex made from a number of windowless iso containers in the Falkland Islands. Warm and snug if you're in to 'metal living'.
  14. I'll still have the internet though won't I? Even just dial-up will be fine.
  15. I got beaten to the punch on a 3 bd detached reduced from £400k to £200k in a fantastic area in Hampshire. Putting in an offer of £120k (asking £140k down from £180) on a 3d semi in a historic village where similar houses were going for £250k at the peak. The trolls on here seem to think that increasing sales are a positive sign for the market, which is true, but not in the way they think.
  16. "I won't return to the failed theories of the last 8 years" Phew, thank god he isn't going to have rock bottom interest rates and a policy of encouraging reckless lending to get the economy going.
  17. HPC'ers know the score but BO is hitting hard with words like 'crisis', 'emergency', 'disaster'. I'd rather our leaders at least tried to lie about our position.
  18. I can provide the trolls with a few examples of quality housing dropping huge percentages in leafy Hampshire if that helps them:
  19. It smells of popularist pitching to the last of the rump of the rotting Labour vote in Scotland. It'll play well in Scotland but leaves the Conservatives open to the charge in England of fiddling round the margins while Labour torch the nations economy.
  20. Green shoots. As a country we're spinning round and round the sink, going faster and faster, as our financial institutions drain the last vestiges of solvency from the nations wallet.
  21. Just emailed an offer myself tonight for a 4 bed detached house in Hampshire. The most recent sale on the avenue was £272,500 last year but i've offered a management company £185,000 for a house that is up for £214,500. If they accept it will take prices back to March 2002 on that avenue. And i'd still lose money over the next few years.
  22. What a load of tosh. I live in Hampshire and am watching prices plummeting on propertybee, with reductions in asking prices of up to 50% on really nice detached houses.
  23. If it's a 'race to the bottom' I predict a dead heat between Gorgon and Mandy A 10 minute nappy-clad ride on Gordons rocking horse would be a prize that both Gordy and Mandy would enjoy...together.
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