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  1. Typical daily maill bull then. Maybe we own the first blue shelf full!
  2. Maybe that's why they comment on the age of the posters on the walls ;-) pictures taken years age would have old surroundings!
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2095535/Bank-Englands-glittering-stash-156BN-gold-bars-stored-canteen-London.html How do we know these pics aren't years old! Trying to calm some panic maybe?
  4. Heres a link to the story in our local paper http://www.cumberland-news.co.uk/news/hous..._three_per_cent Suppose it pretty much says these figures include the last of the good times and from now on its probably gonna hit a wall. I only hope so. Bootsox your right in saying a large proportion of the people who live here do work in two or three main local factories. I dont think so much, houses in Carlisle are bought by Londoners because there isnt anything here really. They do buy a lot in the Lake District though, Keswick, Kendal areas. I can only keep my fingers crossed. I would say the local wage is around the twenty to twenty five thousand mark and a crappy terrace is going from £80,000 for the really rubbish ones upwards. Again the flats are slowing and one development with about Fifty high class flats has only sold 4 in the past year.
  5. My opinion on the reason for house price increase of 3% in Carlisle? Thats a good question. I think mainly bcause although not a large city, Carlisle is placed in an area where the next major city is either Newcastle, Manchester or Glasgow so realy its like its in its own little world. Carlisle people are 'different' from many others and there veiws are very strong. I really dont think its hit home around here as strongly as it has in other parts on the country. There have been quite a very price drops shown in the local friday paper over the recenty weeks mind you, but house sales are still going through quite well up here for some strange reason. I can only wish that the crash makes its way through the hills son because im getting sick of waiting. Hopefully soon the tide will turn and I might be able to afford a home without feeling raped while im doing it!
  6. Estate agents in Carlisle reporting 3% rise in property prices. One of the few areas in England where prices have still risen. Maybe thats becasue we're in the middle of knowhere and the sheeple round here have not had the morse code messages that house prices should be dropping!!! Makes my blood boil looking at the over exagerated prices around here.
  7. Isnt it just typical house prices falling all around but the local news paper says prices up 3% in Carlisle. Just typical!! Like every where I am not paying over £100,000.00 for a scaby ex council link house on a rough estate. Have people lost the plot. I am begining to think maybe I am insane and everyone around me isnt. What makes people think these are normal prices!!!!!!!
  8. Ive been watchin the site for about two years but since friday ish its been a right pain to get pages to open and often have just given up completely. Something has definetly happened. It might be some upgrades but if its not it needs sorting fast or the only house price crash will be this one. lol. Some one must know. Any one new will just give up and not come back.
  9. well its been about two weeks ish since it happened and nothing yet. You heard it hear first. lol
  10. Thats exactally what i'm saying. Got it in one. Stolen from the back seat of his car. At least you said it not me. lol
  11. Lets just say if you a premier account holder your probably safer removing your money and putting it into some other banks account. I dont know how many people know about what happened and I dont want to get anyone in the doo doo for saying thats why ive edited this reply. Some of you probably saw what I wrote first anyway
  12. Thats very strange because I have some interesting imformation about HSBC acccount holders which im not sure if I can say much about because all the staff have been told to deny any rumors about it. All I can really say is that it affects all premier acount holders. I would PM you but its not working for me for some reason maybe not enough posts.
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