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  1. 546 available out of 2780 listed The total listed seems to be on its way down now.
  2. Well it can go down another 6 it seems. 544 out of 2790
  3. Now down to 550 out of 2795 Just how low can it go I wonder.
  4. On Rightmove I just stick the same postcode in every time and do a 5 mile radius with and with out SSTC. It is just to get a measure of the general trend in my town.
  5. Forgot again last week, currently it is 575 out of 2846. I think it would have been something similar last week as on the Monday or Tuesday it was something like 564 (it tends to dip lower earlier on in the week). Stuff still seems to be coming on but it is going quick.
  6. Today 2870 on rightmove but only 599 available first time below 600. Ohh poo...
  7. Forgot to post, it was 641 out of 2894 on the weekend so hopefully back on the up.
  8. 619 of 2873 available. I suppose at least it didn't drop even further.
  9. Got back from a holiday and found it is now 612 of 2866. I don't think there is usually much difference on a Sunday compared to Friday night so a big drop.
  10. Pretty big drop compared to the last few month 634 of 2887 available. This is the lowest out of the past ones i have recorded. 638 was the previous low back in May
  11. This week is 653 of 2897 available so a smidge down again. Stuff still seems to be trickling onto Rightmove but stuff is still going SSTC it would appear as well. I'm really not sure what to make of it at the moment. Feels like we are in a bit of a limbo until furlough ends and the stamp duty holiday fully ends in October to see what, if anything, is going to happen.
  12. Annnnd then it went back down again 638 out of 3259....
  13. Well you will be happy to hear that this week there does seem to have been an uptick. 663 of 3230, there seems to have been a few more added over the last couple of days although usually i don't check this late in the night.
  14. Today down to 644 out of 3207 so seems to be slowing up a it although earlier in the week i saw it at 630 one day.
  15. Another week on and down to 648 available out of 3227
  16. Today all property is 3220 and those not SSTC 667 Still on the way down here. I think properties are coming on and it is just that so many are being sold.
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