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  1. So £1 000 000 for a fake mansion with an overlarge bath(I refuse to call it a swimming pool as 29.9 x 29.9 feet doesn't allow much swimming). In a much sought after area, or not if this property is anything to go by. The furnishings also scream trying too hard.
  2. Well hopefully Nuclear War is off the table, maybe the US and its NATO partners can stop poking the Russian Bear. If I was Turkey expect to be booted out of NATO by Trump or for NATO to cease to exist.
  3. Apple are being arrogant unfortunately they don't have jobs anymore. A prime example of this is the latest iPhone without a headphone jack, even the fanboys are having trouble justifying this lunacy. The Apple bubble is bursting, they are losing sales and market share. The market for mobile devices is to peak. Without a major new battery technology things cannot progress much further and a lot of people are realizing they don't need the power of the current smartphones never mind the next generation. So given the government and Bank of England failures in the past, them buying is a sure sign to sell Apple. The next big thing was supposed to be VR, but because of the high entry cost and still cumbersome hardware this has stalled.
  4. He has got away with it because he has confused the general public with the terms deficit and debt. The general public are either fooled or want to believe the lie that things are going well as the deficit is reducing. He has managed to have such an abysmal record while imposing austerity on the poorest in society while making sure his paymasters are doing very well. So from his perspective and those who pay him he is succeeding.
  5. He is obviously not part of the right social class or group. Only those allowed to manipulate markets and exploit the loopholes are allowed to do so, look at the fuss over celebrities using tax loopholes that those in power also use.
  6. Fish and chips shops are the same as small cafes, coffee shops it looks like easy work but isn't. Close to me the little cafe which was brilliant served nice food at reasonable prices was sold to new owners in June, it is now closed. I asked the ladies who used to own it why they were selling, they were quite upfront it is very hard work for not much reward.
  7. Things will change when the demographics change. All these kids that are still having to live at home need to get voting. Just don't vote Red/Yellow or Blue. It wouldn't take much to upset the cosy arrangement that is our current political elite. I also think if Scotland were to look seriously like turning back to Labour independence would suddenly become much more likely than it is currently.
  8. IDS has a mission unfortunately that mission is the victimization of anyone who happens to be unemployed. The theme is you have to work for money, shame IDS and his family don't follow the same rules, how much in land subsidies do they receive ? The sanctions regime is not about helping people into work but about saving money. Even by the Job Centres own figures there are vastly more unemployed than there are jobs. Also you can be sanctioned even if you try to follow their rules as demonstrated by dispatches. The work program has been shown to make it less likely for people to get a job. Never mind that followed to its ultimate conclusion it will lead to less jobs, employers offered free or cheap staff on "work experience", why bother employing anyone. Universal credit is a good idea which should lead to a citizens income, however what we have ended up with is an even more bureaucratic mess than the benefits that it is supposed to replace. The fact that up to 70% of all sanctions are overturned on appeal says it all, the problem with this is the appeal takes a long time when you have no money. The other problem is IDS is never challenged on the issues, is this because he isn't stupid but a mad, delusional man and if ever made to face up to his actions would explode.
  9. Decent cheap reliable battery storage coupled with an increase in solar panel efficiency would make them viable in this country so that you could really go off grid. At which point the power companies would be screaming. If we could get the above I would love to see a mass council housing building program where the houses where off grid for electricity. This could be coupled with thermo electric for heating.
  10. Time for the young to learn the art of non violent civil disobedience. This sort of nonsense is not on. I am assuming these camps are literally camps and not reporting to the local job center each day. This is a slippery slope soon the camps will be work camps. We are going all American where prison populations provide a massive source of cheap labour. Next will be national service. Never mind the more sinister comparisons. The elites will not stop until we have social breakdown by which time it will be too late.
  11. That wrapping is going to make the building incredibly expensive to maintain and repair. The local pigeon population must be very grateful. Inside where is the seating to sit and read. As for no books well that is hilarious.
  12. It won't matter how we vote, it matters who counts the vote. Even if the referendum wasn't fixed if the wrong answer is given it will be re-run until we do. Greece could be a massive boon to either side of the argument depending on how things progress. If Greece leave the EU and the Euro and then do well, it will show everyone else what is possible. This is what I think will happen eventually but will this be before we vote.
  13. How will the banks survive if the Greeks go back to use physical cash only. Maybe this is why certain elements want physical cash done away with.
  14. What will he do if Greece then go onto recover, the other countries under austerity will also leave. When it is only Germany and France left or just Germany they might as well rename the Euro the Deutschmark.
  15. What a ******, how about comparing them to Iceland or would that not fit the desired narrative. How wrong is borrowing more money from someone to pay that someone back money already borrowed. Greece needs to default, lenders need to be taught that there is risk in lending.
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