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  1. Yeah, a good summary of the main drivers of the current 'woe'. I find it all pretty depressing too, and I think the oil spill adds to it more than most suggest - there is such a sense of hopelessness about the rig disaster, that one of the biggest companies in the world, and the most powerful country, are powerless to sort it out. My portfolio is nearly as big a disaster zone as the Gulf of Mexico...
  2. We need more STRs/BTLers to volunteer as 'falling knife catchers' to draw most of the remaining speculator money out of the market, once that is done then the real falls can begin. KFC
  3. Whilst I agree with what you say, I think it is better not to say it too loudly... the standoff we have had between buyers and sellers lately needs to break if the last remaining 'silly' money is to vanish, leading to some truly heavy price reductions. It's usually the way (sad, but true) that when a bubble ends, there is a standoff between buyers and sellers, followed by a bunch of people who volunteer to catch the falling knife in the belief that they are getting a 'bargain', and once all of these cash buyers have spent up (and the sellers realise it too) then the REAL reductions begin. So our friendly, panicky STRs are, in a way, doing us all a favour. KFC
  4. It's out of order if people have a go at you for no other reason than you have profitted from property - let's face it, most people who have ever bought (more than a few years ago at least) have profitted. I can partly understand the bitterness though - it seems clear to me that all economic policy (and politics in general) is conducted in a way that will profit homeowners, and nobody else is even considered. Good luck in finding your bungalow! KFC.
  5. Yeah, I think those of us who saw the recent financial trauma as a chance for some economic fairness to arise have been dreaming - the VIs have all the means to prop up house prices at their disposal. If it is possible to maintain the status quo (and I'm not sure it is, but I'm getting increasingly concerned that it might be) then they will do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen. KFC.
  6. Thanks Aunt Jess, I particularly like the reintroduction of the word 'carpetbagger' - not heard that it a while. Interesting angle when you mention your son - I've often wondered how homeowners who have priced-out children can square in their own mind the fact that they have profitted hugely (in equity) at the expense of their own children? I'm not having a go at you of course, but just wondered how older property owners with children felt about this.
  7. One positive thing about this thread - a return of some good old fashioned, true HPC rage at a blatant attempt to further rig the property market and prop up prices to keep the majority happy (and to f*** all non property owners up the no-babies). It's seemed to me lately that there has been an air of 'job done, 50%+ falls now inevitable' on these boards - but let's face it, the majority want the government to rig the market even further, and the government will try their best to please. More bile and spleen please! KFC.
  8. Wouldn't it have been better for the government to force the banks to allow people in negative equity to sell their house and buy a new one, as long as their overall debt doesn't increase, so that people who have lost their jobs and are in negative equity could move to secure a new job?
  9. Does anyone else have that uneasy feeling in their water that it's all over? That the VIs have won, the housing market has now been totally rigged in the favour of property owners - basically, the taxes of everyone (property owners and non property owners alike) are to be used to prop up property prices? It feels like the end of the HPC to me, and the end of any hope of one day owning a home to live in. I'm feeling like I will be a working serf now till I drop, and my taxes will go towards propping up house prices for the majority. Can anyone financially savvy out there (and I know there are plenty who inhabit these boards) offer me any hope for my economic future? KFC.
  10. Yes, a great big fat dry c*** up the a***. Homeowners, incidentally, are to be treated like medieval princes.
  11. No need to apologise, I didn't explain myself very well in my first post (confusion reigns supreme). I agree, HMG couldn't arrange a you know what in a you know what, so I hope that whatever ideas they try to implement fall further than house prices ought to.
  12. No I didn't mean that I had read about prices going up, prices are falling nicely. I mean the government is pulling out all the stops to jumpstart HPI - hence, the HPI machine is being cranked up.
  13. Re. the point along the lines 'If they could prop up the market, they already would have'. I suspect they have been doing this for years anyway, by inaction - i.e. not doing anything about our Soviet era planning laws. The recent falls, brought about by the money markets freezing up, weren't anticipated, hence their delayed response and the falls seen so far. But now the HPI machine is cranking into life, from what I read. I sorely hope it all fails, but can this juggernaught be stopped?
  14. So, it seems the government are desperately planning to prop up the housing market, by any means necessary it would appear. Maybe Kirsty Allsop was right after all - not so much in that house prices will never fall, but that if they do the gov. will step in and fiddle the market to keep them high. It's funny, an old pal of mine - a true arch cynic - always used to say that house prices won't crash because 'they' ('they' being whatever gov. is in at the time) won't let them - that Britain is so wedded to the concept of HPI that any notion of free markets, moral hazard etc. will be swiftly ditched in favour of a raft of measures, fueled by our taxes, to preserve the status quo. He always said that there would be the most unbelievable array of 'good' reasons circulated by the media, politicions and economists, for this action to be taken. I was always dubious about this - surely no government would take the risk of meddling with a supposed capitalist market in such a blatant way, and be so unfair to those priced out by effectively guaranteeing they will remain so forever (and paid for with their taxes to boot), I would counter. But, it seems like he was right - and, I suppose, Kirsty was too. Is she brighter than many people thought, forseeing a state controlled HPI machine before many others did? Discuss.....
  15. Good luck mate - get in 'ard! :angry: As others have said, the best thing they can do is drop the old tactic of trying to woo clients by overvaluing their grubby gaffs - but increase transactions by encouraging them to drop prices and sell before prices really nosedive - especially the 'investors' (aka. scum). They would still get commission from all the desperate sales if they triggered a run for the door by BTLers. Hope it goes well, Fingers.
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