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  1. The Repo man is going to be very busy, so are the bailiffs and locksmiths. These three areas of employment or skills will become very sought after. Maybe we will see ex-bankers as repo men in the near future. Has anyone informed the local councils and housing associations that their waiting lists are going to become much longer and in a very short space of time?
  2. Only if it reads... "financially f*****? The Agony Column !
  3. Is it possible that one of the HPC Guru's could arrange that all these sob stories could have a forum of their own? There will be so many over the coming months...
  4. Good luck FP. Can you slip in the expression "I told you so!". Have you ever been pitted against Miss Allsop?
  5. To my knowledge the AST Agreement can continue with either party terminating the agreement at one or two months notice which is normal. This tenancy can continue ad infinitum as both the tenant and landlord continue to have the same rights and do not acquire further rights through length/passage of time. Some years ago I rented my flat to a tenant and after 6 months the agent tried to get me to pay a fee (about £300) for a renewal of tenancy or he would take me to court. I reminded him that there was no need for a renewal as the legal documantation in existance was sufficient. I called his bluff and didn't hear from him again. I would double check this say with the citizens advice and take your tenancy agreement with you. It appears to be well practiced b******s. Hope this helps.
  6. Doesn't the expression "1st time investors" give you a clue? Oh dear! Anybody remember Amway back in the 80's. Back then it was loo cleaner that paved the way too riches.............. Sympathy? No chance.
  7. Interesting thread. I would also suggest people will be looking for fuel efficient homes. I currently live in a 2 bed rented flat that is a Vic. conversion. Original sash windows etc. though I am considering buying similar (at the right price) my thoughts are now moving to a more fuel efficient property. In the long term therefore I would suggest fuel inefficient homes may lose an element of value. As a renter my fuel bills are horrendous and would also suggest this may have a further impact on rental levels.
  8. It is quite simple. The supply/demand theory is rubbish (though the spin goes someway to keeping Joe Public happy that this is just a blip) There is plentiful supply but just in the wrong hands ie the BTL's. It's not bloody rocket science!
  9. M21er I have been hooked on this post for hours and I sure that on behalf of many HPCers I would like to say a huge THANKYOU to you. Ah those two bed executive city centre flats, don't you just love 'em!!!!
  10. How about diazepam for those mortgaged to the hilt!?
  11. I am inclined to agree with you on this one. I believe we are in completely unchartered territory. Huge property inflation, huge consumer debt and basic living costs going up month by month. You can only look at previous recessions as a guide, nothing is ever the same, just the same song to a different tune. Above all else I get fed up of the "this isn't the 90's or the 70's". How the hell can you comment, this has just started, we have a long way to go. Wait till next spring/summer. It will give a clearer picture. We need a winter first and houseowners (many of them) havn't got the message yet. Unemplyoment hasn't kicked in and we have yet to see an interest rate rise to really put the cat amongst the pigeons. I could go on but in a nutshell ... early days.
  12. Misleading use of the english language... If you work in a call centre, it is a job... not a career! Ditto to coffee shops or the fact it is considered normal to spend a fiver a day on coffee Expensive sandwich shops (paying huge rents) Crap service and poor food in restaurants, only the fittest will survive An end to all those stupid property porn programmes ( do you remember they used to have the same type of programmes back in the 80's?) This blasted government... I will look forward to:- People being people and not acting like they are all millionaires Reality (not the tv programmes) An affordable home so I can save for when I am an old bat! Humble estate agents (pipe dream?) Knowing the repo man will not be knocking at my door!
  13. What if Krusty turns up with a camera crew? Had you thought this might attract a bit of meeja interest now?
  14. Johnny Storm, My old bones won't be here. I aim to be abroad in the next 2-3 years and I hope never to return. I earn a decent wack but nowhere near enough to survive old age in blighty. To put it quite simply there is a whole generation of us that cannot afford to live in old age (30's and 40's). Many are spending all they have to pay for mortgages etc. and just get by. All this crap about saving for retirement is bloody cloud cuckoo land. This is one of the real costs of hous prices.
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