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  1. Hi Guys! Thinking about a country property on the national park with a few acres of land. Just curious if any locals there have the 'heads-up' on the best areas, areas to avoid and also what are the prices doing? Thanks Qaz!
  2. Launceston is a good place, we live nearby and regular take the kids swimming and we love shopping in the town centre and the out-of-town malls. Concerning the relatively cheap prices... yes thats true compared to Tavistock and all those coastal hotspots but Launceston is probably under priced, compared to all those over-priced places. It is well worth another trip down to check it out. For the schools you must update yourself by visiting them. Also Callington could be an alternative secondary school. Also have a read of the Tavistock thread
  3. Hi Porca, I wasn't referring to rivers but to run-off after heavy rain. A friend of mine brought in the summer but when winter came he realised that all those farm fields that overlooked his converted barn channelled water though his garden/garage. Just a thought! G btw, what have you done now Patfig? Found a place or?
  4. Harrowbarrow has the best local reputation and you should be able to fine properties to rent in St-Anns Chapel or even in the village itself.
  5. Mmmmm, choose your neighbours well, and beware buying deep in valleys due to drainage issues. Gunnislake centre is perhaps the worse (due to the pubs etc) but on the outskirts it can be very nice. What price bracket are you looking for?
  6. Both Launc and Tavy have active swimming clubs with decent pools/parks/meadows. Callington has no pool and not the best lesisure centre compared to the others. If you can download, look at the recent Ofsted reports for all 4 of those towns mentioned. If I were in your shoes I would choose a place in that Tavy, Launceston, Callington triangle. There are many beautiful little hamlets and villages around with good primary schools and good links. If u need any specific/private help please message me and I'll help. G
  7. Callington is fine, and the connecting villages even better. What a bunch of ill-informed snobs you lot are.
  8. We live between Callington and Tavistock, village location. School, clubs, sporting facilities vary alot. You can choose Liskeard, Launceston, Callington or Tavistock, or even those pretty little villages doted around. Callington is not the prettiest of places but has by far the best state secondary school so best if u are in that catchment area, although Launceston has probably the best sports, leisure facilities, and has a great shopping area, and links to Bude beaches. Tavistock is over rated, and over-priced, very busy in terms of traffic and has an awful state comprehensive (check Ofsted for this info). All of the villages are lovely, just spend a few days driving around and you'll see. Bus and train links are generally very very good. G
  9. This is a joke...20 accounts????
  10. Tend to agree with privateer. Took out my pension 20 years ago aged 21.... it is worth just over a thousand per year and i have calculated that the fund is comparable to putting the same money into a savings account paying a AVERAGE of 4.2% compounded - this was calculated with the FSE was at 5500, not at this present low level. This I think is awlful particularly when invested in a well known scottish company that prides inself on sexy cloaked ladies and looking after ur money, and in some years the interest rates were up to 12plus %. My house endowment (17 years and on-going) is growing at around 4% and NO WHERE near paying off the mortgage. I really do think that we are sold a lot of bull by the city, and those on various TV-radio programmes, and the only real winners in this investment game are those actively employed in the business. There is NO WAY i would advise my kids for a pension. Instead... regularly save in the highest interest account going and KEEP that saving up though out your working life. If that is done compound interest will provide a good retirement fund... SAFE from stock collapses and the rest.
  11. Mmmm, I think you do not mean 'resenting their wealth', but instead marvel at why they accept so much debt.
  12. ...ah the internet thought police are out. Lets all hug and get on together. Nice boobs by the way! Is an interest in sex a human constant?
  13. She lives on a nice estate that borders the A350. I don't know the area that well, but hope that helps.
  14. I agree with #44, lots of northerners down here in Cornwall and they are soon 'pillars' of the community, involved in all types of activity. People who struggle to get on with others are universally unpopular. The OP must look at his own behavior.
  15. My mate and his family brought there in 2004, and over a Christmas meal he reckons that the selling price currently on his 'executive' estate is back to more or less the same level as when he brought it. (4 bed, detached).
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