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  1. That is the classic unanswerable rebuttal to all get-rich-quick schemes.
  2. You mean they won't lend out a million or two to anyone who can sign a name on a self-certification form? Jeez. What is the world coming to?
  3. It looks more to me like CGI from a 3d program like poser or blender. I used to dabble in them for a while. To me, it's not just the sofa. The whole room looks like that to me. Look at the edge of the carpet over the wood flooring. Why is it so wobbly?
  4. I agree, GSP. The sellers want to sell so they will ask what they think will get a sale. There is bound to be a positive correlation between variations in asking prices and in selling prices. The news is good, in my opinion.
  5. Yes. I think you did get the timing spot on. Unless one regards the property as a home rather than an investment, I would say that now is a good time to get out of the market.
  6. When I was young we had a hatch between kitchen and living/dining room. Mum would cook and open the hatch and put the meals on the bottom of the hatch to be picked up by the eaters, like me, in the dining room. Perfect, in my opinion. Even when cooking for myself, I could cook and put the food in the hatch and walk round to pick it up from the living room.
  7. I disagree. In principle, the creation of currency by printing or otherwise should be the exclusive job of the people, or their representatives in parliament. Likewise the setting of interest rates. JFK and Lincoln both paid the price for trying to enable government production of currency. We did have, for a very short while, our own debt-free and interest-free currency which was called the Bradbury Pound. The bankers and their puppets soon put a stop to that.
  8. I picked this off the front page of HPC in case anyone has failed to spot it. A nice bearish article. Enjoy. Economist: A little-noticed change in Britain’s housing market spells trouble for everybody
  9. These guys receive enormous sums and bonuses and when they gamble with our money and it goes pear-shaped then we bail them out because 'banks are too big to fail'. If their gambles win then they take the winnings. So, what do they contribute to society? Nothing. Good riddance!
  10. I don't know as much as you guys do about property. I haven't ever owned one. But that looks to me like new-build, the type that has fake brick prefabricated facades, with few or no real bricks and mortar that gives a house a sense of solidity and character. I've seen that type of house being put up, I won't call it 'built', in a few days. Yes, characterless and depressing. I wouldn't buy it for a tenth of the price.
  11. To sell he needs a buyer, someone with much much more money than sense. I guess he is still looking.
  12. That graph is well out of date. I believe you can download a more up-to-date one from Nationwide website. I did a while back and the rate of increase was 2.6%. It might be lower now. We have had this discussion before. It seems the red line is a regression line, a line of closest fit. Of course, the big bubble has caused the line to go upward but as time goes on, the rate comes down. Each point that is added which is below the red line will pull the red line down towards it, since a regression line tries to get as close as possible to all the data points.
  13. But, but, but, but, but, but, .... house prices only ever go up.
  14. There are laws now in some states prohibiting collecting rain water, eating in a public place, giving food to the homeless on the street, and growing your own crops. It is obvious that the government want everybody to be dependent on the state so that everyone will be more obedient and less troublesome. And Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 will be implemented gradually so that it will be hard to notice it happening.
  15. 40% is not nearly enough to bring prices to sensible levels, in my view. We need falls of at least 60%.
  16. I've looked at posts since my post. I don't greatly agree or disagree. I will just add one point. Real house prices are doomed to fall regardless. It can be proven by simple mathematics that real house prices cannot rise forever by substantial amounts (I mean by more than a given non-zero amount). Nobody, bankers or government, can avoid real house price rises coming to a halt and then, almost certainly, (because a bubble feeds off its own momentum), real prices starting to fall. So, in real terms, I agree that falls will happen eventually.
  17. I would have agreed with you about six years ago. I now have a different perspective as to how the system works. As I see it, the bankers control the money and the politicians. Also, the bankers couldn't give a tinker's curse for the welfare of the people or of the nation. The bankers will do what suits them which, at the moment, is to print money, i.e. apply quantitative easing, to inflate house prices. Some day they might decide to crash the house of cards by tightening money supply and raising interest rates. They can then 'repossess' to gorge themselves on gaining property. But until they decide to do that, they can just keep on printing and people will keep on borrowing and buying. They can print for as long as they like.
  18. I believe that is the agenda which the globalists, aka bilderbergers, aka banksters, have in mind for us. This is described in manifestos Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They don't want people to own houses but to all be cramped into high density cities in condominions while most of the world is depopulated so that the so-called elite can then swan around large areas of natural beauty without seeing any of us plebians.
  19. Yes indeed. I learned this in my early life. It applies to anything, bikes, records, books, anything. It's easy to buy if you have the money but when you want to sell it is a struggle. The potential buyer, when you have found one, has the final say.
  20. Common sense? That 'argument' carries no weight with me. Quite the opposite. And I would not ever argue with someone who refers to common sense.
  21. Real scientists such as Piers Corbyn, Jeremy's brother, and a Nobel Laureate Scientist have shown that climate change aka global warming is a hoax. It was created for political reasons. There are convincing scientific arguments for this on You Tube.
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