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  1. This is great, my mate used to rent that house. In the next door was a family of smack heads with 3 pitbulls. They used to feed cats to them. They were awake 24hrs a day and we were pretty sure the daughters in the house were on the game even though its a one up one down. I remember the landlord sold it for £50 grand, quite a few years ago now, I tihnk around 2003.
  2. Fulfords in Redruth closed some time ago. I can definately see a big slowdown, prop are on the market over a year in this village. On the other hand a work colleague just had to sell the familly home, a farmhouse with 5 acrea and it was snapped up within a week after mass viewings. I wonder if the EA put it on too cheap because they were desperate for some commission. I would, wouldn't you?
  3. There is another source of solar that doesnt use silicon and is highly powerful. Basically you have long concave silvered solar collectors focussed on a thin pipe that contains oil. They are situated in deserts ideally. The oil is superheated and heat exchanged to drive turbines that produce electricity. There was a feature in Moneyweek about them recently. Apparently used a lot in the US and capacity is growing tin the middle east.
  4. Shit Buckers, you've made some great posts. Sorry but is that blatant racist shit..if so..I'm offended. would you please take it off the forum...
  5. You really know your stuff.! Would have ben good at the time but... Yes they 'sold' it before involvement of the IPs Yes we were allowed to inspect stock in the retail stores, but not in the warehouse, as that was now 'nothing to do' with the company insolvent.. It was a great scam. Since then I've been contacted by another creditor who wants to go after the administrators. We belive we were never sent the initial letters and so on.... chance of success..0% but what the hell.!
  6. There's definately a place for IPs. I have lost tens of thousands to bad debts from people who just went bust and ran out of money. If they ha taken advice both they and I would have ended up better off However...last year alone I lost over £30,000. The biggest loss last year £20,000. That was a subsidiary of a public limited company that bought a load of my stock. Then sold it to a company with the same shareholders in the same warehouse. They never received any money for it but raised a fake invoice. The IP would not allow me to collect my stock as it had been 'sold'. I had remalpa clause ie I own it until paid for. I submitted my claim but when they sorted it out and paid themselves 1000/hour there was nothing left... The company that 'bought' the stock but never paid a penny still has it for sale on their website.. Cheating scum.. And they are a big reputable name. I'll never fall for that one again.. but Im sorry the insolvency industry is full of colourful characters who are not honest. Don't beleive me? PM I'll give you names if you want.
  7. you may notice, no mention of company registration number, professional affiliation, names of chartered accountants, lawyers etc.....cowboys!!
  8. There are some serious spivs out there for sure. One debtor of my company went to these scummers, I'll tell you the name if you PM. Their website and letterheads make them look the part. The debtor was pursuaded to remortgage her house through them. They sent a few letters, kind of suggesting they were insolvency practitioners and would contact me soon to make an offer. Throughout this time the business was still operating, and is now. Why should I accept any 'offer'. Anyway two months later still no cash so I took them to court , they now have a CCJ. I spoke to the FSA and the the insolvency service, these crooks are not registered anywhere, they are referred to as ambulance chasers. They scam debtors and if they think they can get an IVA will call in some real insolvency practitioners and take a cut. This lot were so unprofessional. I just hope they don't go bust or flit overnight with the proceeds of my debtors remortgage! wtf here they are :www.bramleycarrington.co.uk... I going to pull this later so they dont sue my ass off...lol..
  9. Live: West Cornwall Status: FTB, Renting big detatched expensive farmhouse with gardens for 600pcm with partner & 3 kids Salary: £35,000 Deposit: £20,000 Intend to build ecohouse or buy when the cycle has turned but in no hurry. Enjoy renting! There are a lot of advantages...
  10. I reckon it depends on the age of the line. Was it brand new when you moved in? We moved to a different rented house recently, there was some major damage to the lino when I moved the cooker single handedly but they either didn't notice or didn't care. Some LLs insist that if you have pets you have the carpet treated. The council provide the service for only £20 you just have to book in advance. Good luck either way! Cornish Pasty
  11. Fantastic website, genius!! These are the asking prices, it would be interesting to see hjow much the sold props actually went for.. CP
  12. It is a figure below 80,000 that indicates future price falls. Don't get carried away yet we have been here before in August 04.
  13. Are we close to a contrarian opportunity to buy Yen denominated assets??
  14. One of the very best posts in 2.5 years on the forum..many thanks..
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