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  1. Great post although I would like to add the council is the biggest employer there. Agreed it will be crashing down very quickly - never been to a place where so many people state 'house prices will never fall here'.
  2. When it reports that houses are not a good investment is when I will be interested.
  3. I know quite a few people that have moved from IT consulting to sustainability consulting. The kind of people who think eating a fish from a sustainable stock once a month makes them green. “Im really into sustainability – all my fish is from re-newable stocks” while eating the fish with M&S asparagus in a plastic tray and plastic wrap that comes from south Africa. No fcking clue.
  4. Islington is not in the same bracket as Westminster and K&C - holloway road, finsbury park etc.
  5. I'm in a very similar situation (deposit and earnings, not living at home tho) but I live in London so my money wouldn't get me anything i'd even consider living in. I'd buy if I was you.
  6. I'm not really interested in buying some shiny metal. I'm planning to buy a property sometime next year when I hope the current bounce will end. I know people are very pessimistic here, but if property and shares can bounce so rapidly why can't the currency? As I indend to stay in the UK, i feel its best to store it in cash. Its shared mostly around isa's (various family members) earning 2.5% tax free, so its not all that bad.
  7. Everytime I read a topic like this I panic and start to think about moving my money, but then think best not to rush something based on advice from the internet. I wish I had of rushed a year ago, doesnt seam worth the bet anymore. My 50k of pure savings from living frugaly is being stolen. I'm starting to think that house prices won't ever lower like they should.
  8. harringay (stroud green) paying 500 a month for a bedroom in a shared house. wanna swap?
  9. I really wouldn't mind living in the area, renting at a decent price. I know someone with a 2 bed la flat that pays around £500 a month and earns well above ave wage, very envious.
  10. +1 The 12 most damaging things to health. Did you make the list yourself or is it from somewhere?
  11. Interesting stuff. I never knew MSG would make you fat, I used to consume alot of it in 'health foods' (miso / tamari) as it hides under so many names and now I get a headache if I have it. I think its a combo of the food additives that we (uk population) have these days and all the chemicals people use around the home. The long term affects of using synthetic stuff is just not known as they were only invented during / after the second ww when palm oil supplies were reduced.
  12. I recon that people that fall for the BTL scam are generaly so gready that they keep on going and going until they loose it all. Easy come, easy go.
  13. I won't be able to use the site half as much if there is no low-fi version. Also isnt it good for SEO?
  14. I remember paying £60 a game for the N64, that must have been 10 years ago!
  15. Just checked the sainsburys site and blue dragon coconut milk is £1.58 (both normal and reduced fat) and blue dragon organic is cheeper at £1.53. For the last few months something odd is going on where organic stuff is cheeper than the conventional stuff, i remember seeding some sunflower seeds a while back where the bog standard sainsburys ones (of the same weight) were 40% more than the crazy jack organic ones. Also sains do pride coconut milk for £0.59, often the cheeper coconut milk brands are better as they don't have the preservatives and additives that blue dragon has - just means you need to shake the tin before opening as it will have seperated (needed to cook some dishes properly) and may not be as bright in color.
  16. No one has mentioned that this list works on NYC being the medium. It's just based on stuff like crime rate, employment prospects, air quality... In the top 20 they are mostly small citys that I'm sure are nice places to visit for the weekend, but far to dull to live there.
  17. tax credits are disgusting. why should someone that never educated themselves, get a decent job and work proper hours in a job that requires them to use their brain take home the same as me.
  18. Yes they are. Middle class parents fuel child obesity with Nigella-style fatty 'celebrity' recipes
  19. Homes up for sale on work notice boards, esp holiday homes.
  20. oh dear, they have 70+ branches. foxtons next!
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