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  1. 10.53 GMT German chancellor Angela Merkel announces the temporary shutdown of seven nuclear reactors amid safety fears sparked by the atomic crisis in Japan.
  2. This is the worst statement i've read on any site, from the times.
  3. My landlord has just increased rent by 4% to match the Bank of England Consumer Price Index. Yep I have only had a 3% payrise over the last 4 years.
  4. +1 Totaly agree, it is crazy. Milk is a 'basic' and is often sold as a loss leader.
  5. Both rice and onions contain some fat, not much but some. Anyway I said vegtables and a peice of fruit on top of rice and onions. Vegatables are fruits are considered among some the best sources of fats.
  6. Thats rubbish. If someone survived on fresh vegetables, rice and a fruit a day they would have a much better diet than the majority of the uk. No sugar, no additives, no preservatives, no wheat and no gluten in that diet. Although it isnt by any means an ideal diet.
  7. Lot 76 - http://www.a-r.co.uk/past-auctions/auction-lots?au=15128 Interesting what someone is going to do with it, it has no outside space, is meters away from the main line to liverpool st and is 95% on stilts. Still a great location.
  8. It's hardly traveling for 'free' after 3-4 journeys as you would have already paid at the very least £6 for zone 1 only (no offpeak).Fare doging is possible, but really bike is so much nicer.
  9. Why do so many people think whole crisis was caused solely by a few thousand people in the city? Fred and Maureen at no 38 that "unlocked the value of their home" each year to visit an all inclusive cruise are also to blame.
  10. 27, 68k in savings (all from my pay). Living in London and rent / property guardian somewhere amazing for £300 a month (including all bills) in Z2. Have always lived on 1k a month and transferred the rest to savings. Use the bike to get everywhere so don't waste £100 a month on a travel card. Live on less than half my income but still have more disposable income than many people i know "doing really well" with mortgages, hire purchase cars etc and still do everything I want to. One family member (i/o mortgage, new car and totally skint) keeps commenting that I need to live my life, despite me having travelled extensively, having many hobbies and lived in several cities. I think that living your life = spending more than you earn and saddling yourself up with debt. Also try to avoid buying anything made in the far east that is likley to end up in land fill, so thats just about everything in the shops
  11. They earn way more than that tho: http://www.met.police.uk/careers/newconstable/pay_and_benefits.html Pay All Metropolitan police officers currently receive London weighting and allowances amounting to £6,501 on top of national police pay scales. If you are new to the role, this means: * £28,605 on commencing service * £31,176 on completion of initial 31 weeks' training * £32,610 after two years' probationer training. Experienced officers transferring into the MPS may also qualify to receive a rent or housing allowance up to a maximum of £5,863 and £5,126 a year respectively. Plus subsidised accommodation for two years (2/3 off the standard market price), pension, double time for overtime and free travel anywhere within 50 miles of london on public transport.
  12. Surge in searches for fixed rate mortgages August 27, 2010 The number of internet searches for fixed rate mortgages soared between April – June 2010 (Q2) compared to the same time period last year, with searches for the term ‘fixed rate mortgages 10 years’ up almost ten fold over the period. Searches for ‘fixed rate mortgages 5 years’ increased seven fold, while searches for ‘tracker mortgages’ only saw an increase of 16%, indicating that many consumers are expecting interest rates to rise over the medium term. http://weblogs.hitwise.com/robin-goad/2010/08/surge_in_searches_for_fixed_rate_mortgages.html
  13. Lets hope that cat bin women is sacked and chucked in a skip.
  14. True the underground makes everything seam so far apart. I'm sure many tourists could avoid even using it, thankfully they are improving walking signage. My walk from home in new cross gate to work in wapping used to take about an hour walking or 30-40 mins walking and the new east london line. I prefered walking. only off-peak: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/cycling/11701.aspx Dalston Junction to West Croydon Folding bicycles can be carried free of charge on any London Overground services at any time. * Non-folding bicycles may not be carried on any London Overground services between 07:00 and 10:00 and between 16:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday * Non-folding bicycles may be carried free of charge at all other times
  15. I was just saying its mostly old lines and the only useful new station isn't too far away from the old one. Sure there are less changes and less walking, but given the state of some peoples waistlines maybe they should walk more. Rarely go underground, bike or walking for me.
  16. Brockley is not exactly far from the new cross's, so before it even closed two years ago you could do most of the stuff mentioned with a short walk either side. Spitalfields market is dire imo since they redeveloped it, just full of the same old chains. The whole area (brick lane to hoxton) has a feel faux trendy feel to it.
  17. Crazy. Most of the East London line is old lines with a bit of new track at the northern end and it has reduced the amount of National Rail trains running.
  18. Supermarkets are no woorse than they ever were, but now food prices are rising to more realsitic levels. I don't think this is a sign of inflation happening everywhere as food prices have been undervalued for many years, just as houses have been overvalued.
  19. India's growing middle class are often obese and in the last decade i've noticed more and more fatties in Thailand.
  20. There is no money to be made in healthy people. Sick people are where the money is. Should be called the national sick service. None of the vested interets have the desire to stop the root cause.
  21. Nice website. Stupid buisness, esp now waitrose deliver anyway.
  22. its a pretty bit of kit. saw them lining up outside to get one the other week - lots of them would be better placed to spend more money on some fruit and veg and less on chips and chocolate. care more about the appearance of something electronic than yourself, very weird.
  23. Robert Lindsay Updated 27 minutes ago Britain’s housing market recovery has come to a standstill, according to two influential indicators released today. The Land Registry’s House Price Index showed that home prices fell last month — the first monthly drop since the tail-end of the financial crisis in April last year. The index showed a fall in prices of 0.2 per cent from April to May, with an annual increase of 8.2 per cent. The Hometrack monthly survey of estate agents said that average house prices rose 0.1 per cent from May to June as demand from potential buyers stalled. The figure represented a 2.1 per cent gain on prices in June last year, but Hometrack said that growth in demand had been slowing in the past four months owing to uncertainty caused by the general election, the prospect of an austerity Budget and a lack of mortgage finance. Estate agents in England and Wales reported a 0.1 per cent rise in new buyer registrations last month, with a fall in demand recorded in six out of ten regions. The number of new homes coming on to the market increased by 2.9 per cent, continuing recent trends. Hometrack said that the supply of homes for sale had increased at three times the rate of demand since March. Richard Donnell, director of research at Hometrack, said: “We expect demand for housing to slow further as seasonal factors come into play and households consider the implications of the Budget on their finances and on the economy in general.” The number of agreed sales rose by 2.8 per cent despite the fall in demand. The amount of time that a property takes to sell remained broadly unchanged at an average of 8.4 weeks, while homeowners achieved an average of 94.3 per cent of their asking price. The average home in England and Wales costs £158,900 — 2.1 per cent more than in June last year — according to Hometrack. The Land Registry, meanwhile, said the average property value in England and Wales last month was £165,314.
  24. They should increase the amount of things that are VATable - pringles should not be vat free. Fresh fruit, veg, nuts and seeds should stay VAT free.
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