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  1. Everyone bar one is missing the real story, the few million in tax payers money and a couple of jobs is small fry compared to [bold]6.9 million people of working age that are disabled[bold]
  2. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/remploy-closures-risk-1-700-jobs-150121305.html 6.9 million people of working age are disabled?! that must be 15%-20%+ of the population
  3. Surely the winge is referring to the MSE post http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3822845
  4. Wimbledon is also quiet and green in places, bar the monthly commuter from Richmond to the city that decides to end it all on the lines..
  5. Prime SW London? That could be anywhere from brixton to Richmond. Wont you even give the borough or zone?
  6. Basically your saying that because she didn't spend everything she had, she wasn't 'living her life'? Isn't that the attitude that has got this country in such a mess? Spending every pound that they can get their hands on. If she was 'living her life' she probably would not have lasted as long.
  7. Firstly sorry for your loss. Secondly doesn't this just go to show that OAPs actually have it pretty good and aren't freezing themselves and starving to death. I remember the OAP next door to me, three bed council house and living on her own, always used to say how much money she had and didnt understand the the thinking that pentioners had it hard.
  8. Interesting, maybe it is due to decline in sales rather than a quality issue? Last week’s number one album, + by Ed Sheeran sold 20,607 copies -which is the lowest sales for a chart-topping album since Sept 1995.
  9. It will require 3-4 million (probably 6-8 by the time it opens) in subsidies each year to keep it running, that's ignoring the lost revenue for Lothian buses!
  10. Its not the center of london! Its full of brown field sites from declined industry and come 2012 there will be even more space..
  11. Isnt this old news, even the spoof twitter commented on it: http://twitter.com/#!/andyfakeparfitt Its a crazy amount of people for such a poor product, not that im into the news. Apart from the 2 15min shows a day i cant see why they would need more than the one newsreader to get onto google news. let alone have a different reader for the sports.
  12. This is really making me question the point of everything, esp i devices that have to be charged everyday.
  13. http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20285-fukushima-radioactive-fallout-nears-chernobyl-levels.html And its still emitting now..
  14. I get my cados from lidl, they are 2/3 cheaper than waitrose and come in all funny shapes indicating they throw away less for purely cosmetic reasons. The ones in waitrose are all uniform and identical - prob means they throw away 2/3 that just dont look right.
  15. I was thinking about going to Tokyo in two weeks time, flights are'nt any cheaper tho
  16. Thanks for all the replies, I just thought it was an odd way to increase rent to match inflation. I will be writing back to the company with my thoughts. I'm not actually renting, but a property guardian. Living in a property to prevent squatters / save money on security. I guess for having a (relatively) large space in a nice leafy area of Z3 south west it's not that bad, only a £15 rise but still I find it strange justification. I used to live on 1k a month (shared house in london) these days it’s more like 1.3k. *sigh*
  17. I bet many of the people complaining about their job being offshored are the same that celebrated their house rising in value each month.
  18. Thats horrible, don't watch while eating peanut butter sarnies.
  19. How depressing. Must stop people making use of empty space at all costs.
  20. I hope this will get more people to stop using nuclear energy in their homes. I've been with good energy for years http://www.goodenergy.co.uk/ , slightly more but worth it to know its 100% re-newable.
  21. True! http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/world/2011-03/15/c_13780113.htm Germany to temporarily shut down seven nuclear plants English.news.cn 2011-03-15 19:08:46 FeedbackPrintRSS BERLIN, March 15 (Xinhua) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday that seven nuclear power station built before 1980 would be temporarily shut down during the three-month moratorium on nuclear extension plan. Merkel made the announcement as Japan's nuclear crisis escalated dramatically early Tuesday with two new explosions rocking he country' s quake-crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant. Radiation near the plant area has climbed to danger levels. The German government decided on Monday to suspend the plan of extending the lifespan of its 17 nuclear power plants for three months. Love Germany, in so many ways
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