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  1. This is terrible news for the economy. UBS employees are not allowed to wash or iron their own clothes so this will put the washing and ironing people out of biz.
  2. Does this mean that women now have to wear shirts and trousers in the office? or can men now be as casual with clothes as women in the office?
  3. This is effing child abuse, just give em some marshmallow based cereal
  4. The BT tower used to be in the open house, although it was very difficult to get tickets to. You can climb the monument in the city for a couple of quid, and you get a certificate!
  5. London can be expensive, but isn't necessarily. Cheap return coach tickets from Manchester for a couple of quid and share a pre-booked travelodge room for £20 each a night in central London. visit the British museum, V&A. natural history, Greenwich park, hyde park ect all for gratis. Off peak travelcards at £6-7 or boris bike for £1 a day, plenty of cheep eats, see a west end show with cheap seats at £10 each.
  6. Interesting I didn't think of that, its a shame the records dont go further back than 2004.
  7. Most of the traffic is coming from the uk, so its non foreign traveling your referring to? Also its been in a downward trend since 2004, 3-4 years before the "economic" situation changed.
  8. Seeing as we love graphs so much: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=london%2C%20edinburgh%2C%20cardiff%2C%20birmingham%2C%20manchester&cmpt=q Looks like a downward trend for London while other UK places are staying more or less the same. Could it be that London is actually pretty grim for all bar a privileged few.
  9. Surely tourism and infrastructural projects are perfect for a recession? France spent lots of its recession money on lazer cleaning touristic buildings.
  10. Seams like a good idea, near the high speed railway and a current brownfeild site.
  11. I guess 'affordable luxury' is something that does well in a recession. If an electronics hardware manufacturer company can get a 60% markup, on something fragile and so much free publicity no wonder it is so profitable. Even though i personally think its all very emperors new clothes.
  12. France and Paris are the most visited country / city by overseas visitors so it makes seance for a theme park there. Also its much less corrupt than Spain.
  13. Who wants to live in London long term? London is great if you loaded, young or have a central council flat for the other 90% its just a grim existence with a lower life expectancy (-11 years). If you have to work you are so exhausted you don't make the most of the good things it has to offer.
  14. I work for a large IT consultancy, so really don;t know what's happing but they seam to be recruiting. To be honest, I hate being stuck inside all day usually in a god awful biz park and have savings in the bank and no debt. I'm not doing particularly well at my job any more as I don't give a ******, more important things to do in life. was painful to only have a month in Asia and a month in S America before getting back to work. I feel like a can't leave my job as its semi decent but when/if I get the boot I will packup and leave the country for a while with a laptop and I'm sure I could have a much more pleasant existence being self employed.
  15. The 1600 is very low. I'm a 20 something single male with an average london job and pay more than that alone and haven't seen a doctor for 10 years, have no children and got into 20k of debt getting a degree.
  16. I was just playing about with a student loan calculator and it looks like even the lowest paid grads will be on 50k+ after 30 years of experience. http://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/student-loan-repayment-calculator Well panic over.. Does anyone seriously believe that for the next 30 years wages will keep rising at 2% a year forever? In most industry's wages peak in the mid 30's I assumed? I haven't had a rise in 4 years, I hear more of people having cuts and reduced hours. Most grads can't even get a grad job too.
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17755552 The public should not be funding these. All these gluten free processed foods are not healthy. Geoff would have a much more balanced diet if he stopped eating bourbon biscuits and just ate foods that were naturally gluten free and not highly processed junk.
  18. *flush* gone http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17512143
  19. 440 Upper Richmond Road West, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 5DY This one is funny, the whole house is one lot first and there are four other lots for each of the studio flats
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