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  1. Many I know got "council flats" in prime london for the first two years, 70% below market rate.
  2. Its pretty high considering all the benefits and you need no qualifications. Free travel for London based ones within 1.5 hours of the center. I think it used to be 32k ish starting for London and that rises automatically after x months to 34kish + all the benefits.
  3. The crazy thing is most people around 30 look at their parents and how well off they are in comparison and think if they just work hard they will reach the same. Thank god im 29 with no commitments and like to travel.
  4. Not many will be in the actual power station building. 300k+ is no way the average price for a studio in battersea.
  5. Why on earth was my post about the mail calling southend a hotspot for 2012 deleted?
  6. Southend is a property hotspot. 3k a year to commute into London and 2+ miserable hours wasted everyday. Where do i signup? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2253516/Southend-longer-resort-Essex-town-revealed-UK-property-hotspot-2012.html
  7. I live in the west end, and white people were in the minority on boxing day.
  8. Yes they gave me four years wages and told me not to return in January. No wait that was a dream i'm not in the public service.
  9. The more I think about it the more I think maybe its good that there is a housing bubble. I get to travel lots and I doubt I would do this if I had a house and huge debt. I've lived in all different areas in London, had lots of fun living in warehouses / old hospitals / old office blocks and made loads of friends. I might just quit my job at 30 and spend my housing deposit on traveling for 20 odd years. Has anyone else got positives from all this?
  10. The average BBC employee over 50k wage has 3.4 rental properties.* *May not be accurate.
  11. http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2012/12/12/renting-in-britain-costs-1000-more-a-year-than-buying/ Of course that assumes interest only, kept at very low rates and no loss in value on the house. Garbage from the Indy, do they push lots of property schemes?
  12. London is young, but most people in know in their 20s in London dont plan on sticking there for long. Working full time doesn't give you much time to do anything other than work, eat, travel. maybe an hour a day of free time ore more if you prepared to be sleep deprived.
  13. Paris is mostly nice? I always think it has far less nice parts than London, the number of beggars multiplys by 10 from the moment you step off the eurostar in paris.
  14. Caller display 2.25 a month, quick dial 2.25 a month its a wonder so many people are not getting landlines. Won't they just reduce it if you call up to cancel?
  15. Family members have suggested to buy in reading if London is so expensive. They really have no clue.
  16. I might cancel mine to crisis as they keep going on about the changes to housing benefit. I agree with stopping people under 35 from being entitled to single person accommodation and a 2% rise seams over generous. I'm a full time worker, almost 35 and I have to share and didn't get a pay rise this year.
  17. Maybe I'm too old (almost 30), but their on-line presence is horrific. http://www.facebook.com/BarclaysUK?fref=ts Doesn't everyone live at 'home' anyway?
  18. Didn't they keep phoning with 'special offers' until it halves in price? Thats what LA fitness do. With the rise of budget gyms more of these basic gyms will close. I gave up years ago, can't stand waiting to use stuff and other people trying to hurry you along.
  19. I have a BA. A degree kind of worked financially for me, back when I started it in 2002. My loan was 4k a year (no help from parents and full tuition fees to pay, despite my younger brother getting his rent paid by parents, no fees and a bursary that allowed him out of europe holidays and a car..), but I worked summers and part time so I only really needed 3k a year. Did a placement for my 3rd year, only 16k but still lived like a student so didn't need a loan for the final year. Landed a decent job and paid off all of my student loans a year after graduating just to be free of the debt. From 2005-2007 wage increases were 10%-30% a year and working abroad has allowed me to save a quite reasonable sum. Although now I dont know what to do with this sum. Don't want to stay in the soulless job especially as the wage increases have stopped and I turn 30 soon. So now doing very little at work - working from home alot and plan to use the cash to go travelling for X years when i'm given the push.
  20. 164 http://www.auction.co.uk/residential/LotDetails.asp?A=826&MP=84&ID=826000111&S=L&O=A would have been a good buy at 120 without the press coverage
  21. Hey, just came across this one - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2225382/Spooky-Victorian-cemetery-lodge-complete-24-000-GRAVES-goes-hammer-60-000.html Can't find a thread on it before, did anyone see what it sold for? Can't see it on the results of any of the auctions that happened y'day
  22. If your into maps & stats of London its well worth a look: http://www.rentonomy.com/maps/discover
  23. yes is was - http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=ubs%20dress%20code&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CCIQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fthefinanser.co.uk%2Ffiles%2Fubs-dress-code.pdf&ei=RyqRUJDTKKO80QWyw4CQCg&usg=AFQjCNHYj0kfNLUwRixhhwoSo1WxZ-1IzA for men only: Facials Pollution factors of the skin are more name- many. Therefore, the requirements for the protection and Skin care should be too. Representing the skin virtually our first garment, we recommend protect it by applying a skin cream consists of assets nourishing and soothing. Thus, your skin will appear beautiful and self- nated and your radiation will be more clear!
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