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  1. Agree that working out at home is good, however I've recently given up work and now work mostly at home so leaving the house to walk 5 mins to the gym is much better than staying at home all day and the gym is bearable during the day and last thing at night. Also the pool, sauna / steam I will make the most of and just a sauna at my local leisure center is 10. Ended up joining a decent one round the corner from me in zone 1 westminster for 40 a month, under a 12 month contract but I'll probably use a get out clause and leave once / if the summer arrives. Why do you advocate a vegan (high fruit / high raw) diet?
  2. Forgive me if a recent topic has been posted, i couldnt find one by searching. Just wondering how the gym industry is faring up? A bog standard gym in London was wanting me to sign up for a 12 month contract at 50 a month, and didn't reduce it when I started to walk away saying thats too expensive. So either they are doing well or I had a terrible sales person. With budget gyms at 20 a month in london and no contract I thought the middle gyms would be gone soon. All the council gyms in central london also seam to be about 50 a month, so no longer the low end.
  3. But the one posted is just planning permission for home that is to be occupied by 55 or over. Yes every young person ends up in A&E on Saturday night.
  4. If this isn't age discrimination I don't know what is. If I had a house that could only be occupied by white people as "as they're generally much better tenants" i'd get it in the neck.
  5. Does anyone know much about the legalities and history behind homes that are only for 55 and over? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-38017966.html Are 54 year olds allowed to visit? What happens if they fall asleep on the sofa and leave at 12:01?
  6. It consultants are not paid a huge amount, maybe freelance the daily rate is high but you can't compound that to an annual wage. Many high flyers i know have bought small two bed flats in "deprived" zone 2 areas that were cheap as chips and full of immigrants 20 years ago.
  7. But carbohydrates are not the only thing that is cheep! Hence why I said its possible to eat for 1 a day and have a meal that is in the top 5% for nutrition. The UK diet peaked during the second world war.
  8. End council houses as they currently are, fed up of knowing people in prime london areas (covent garden / barbican tower) with their own flats that weren't even born in the Uk and work without paying tax.
  9. oats are just 1 of 50+ dried nutritious stables that are cheep, readably available in the uk and can be bought in bulk.
  10. 1.3, 0, 0.3, 0, 0, multinational IT company - "under performing" worker bee that leaves at 5:30 to have a life and refuses to work unpaid or give up weekends.
  11. If something is possible one day why is it impossible every day?
  12. mobile version - allow upload of the image and fonts in relative size. both of these would be good.
  13. I think its pretty easy to live off 1 a day have a diet thats in the top 5% of the country in terms of nutrition.
  14. Why do I meet so many young Canadians that have moved to London?
  15. Does this surprise anyone else? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_average_wage I also didn't know that Spain and France have about the same average wage, but both are higher than Germany. Maybe I'm just out of date
  16. A take home pay of about £1k a month is similar to what most people in professional jobs in madrid take home. Of course rent is much cheaper in madrid and you have paid holiday and other benefits in a professional job. Living in London I guess they have a disposable income of 50-100 a week.
  17. I always notice the princes trust building next to regents park in Chester terrace, easy one of the most expensive postcodes in the country. Although probably on a peppercorn or something.
  18. people use laptops more these days, using the built in keyboard/nipple ect screws your back.
  19. Buy other oil that is grown and produced in the uk like hemp, although there is some uk grown olive oil at premium prices. Use traditional nappies, do without the battery stuff (that prob was not uk made) and pick wild garlic - possible even in london.
  20. London is only really good for the young, loaded or on state handouts. Most other people have a poor quality of life.
  21. They certainly didn't invent everything that they have a patent for and many are obvious developments and so should have never been granted. Didn't they get a patent for turning a web address to a link on a mobile device?
  22. They don't invent, they re-image stuff and have an amazing marketing team that allows them to sell at eye watering margins.
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