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  1. Thats not quite true, public transport is far cheaper in London than the rest of the country and there are a wide range of cinemas and places to eat so sure you can pay the most in London but you can also pay the least. You can easily live in London without a car and save a fortune.
  2. If your raising a family in an expensive city on a joint income of 70-100k then you are poor and should make sandwiches and not spend 8 quid a day on two cups of water passed through beans.
  3. Depends if your raising a family or not. It gets you a similar kind of living as you would get in comparable cities; New York or Tokyo.
  4. right im getting confused between 70k for a single person and 100k for a family. obviously a single person on 70k in london has thousands of disposable income each month.
  5. thats 70k over two people, 35k each. Yes to buy a new premium pc every 1.25 years is excessive. I can't see how a family would each need their own pc. if your on 35k in london you are poor.
  6. who spends 25 a month on mobiles? giff gaff is a tenner. yes its easy to waste money on lunch / coffee, but its also easy not to. i thought we were talking about 100k? anyway assume its split over two people so thats close to 4.5k a month take home.
  7. 1.5k for this 3 bed family house- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-37758529.htm + 1.2k as stated earlier (generious) expenses = 2.7k outgoing - 150 child benefit and based on two sallerys of 50k take home is 6k. That leaves 3.45k a month for everything else. easy. flat includes white goods and anybody that spends 4k on PCs every 5 years is clearly a fool. You have to be taking the p.
  8. 100 a month on mobiles is way too high as is 200 a month for coffee / lunch. anyway take home is almost 6k not 4k!
  9. CDs were a big con. The first few years of releases will soon be unplayable! There was a d day a few weeks ago
  10. I havent had a device that reads media other than memory cards for years, not even my home computer has a CD drive anymore.
  11. I have no way to back this up, but I'm sure over half of council places in westminster are sublet. What happened to monthly visits?
  12. Do people responding to this even know the facts? He was backed into a corner and asked if he could live on 53 a week, he just replied that he could if he needed to. Anyone that cant feed them self and pay their bills for 53 a week should be shot for lack of common sense.
  13. People with housing benefit do live rent free! Some may have to pay 14 a week if they want the luxury of a spare room subsitidised by the tax payer.
  14. You don't rock up to the front desk and ask them to reduce your membership cost! You phone up people in head office with the power and say you want to cancel it as X is offering you membership for Y less. I joined this week paying 30%+ less than the rack price without a joining fee and a get out clause. Like with so many things in life you dont accept the first price, you go away and they keep contacting you and keep reducing it.
  15. The gym that is struggling the most was partly bought by Bank of Scotland in 2007?! You just couldn't make it up
  16. It isn't crazy at all it's the rest of the population that are crazy. A parent that bans a child from eating fast food is nowadays likely to be branded as child abuse. My diets been mostly raw for almost 10 years, although I don't have any superhuman strength just yet but people do say I look good and ten years younger. It is difficult jumping in and swimming against the current when most people are happy just to do be swept down the river. I start each day with over a liter of fresh juice from at least 10 fruit / vegetables / dark leafy and is usually a dark green or purple colour (beetroot) and it makes you feel really alive. Although you can put on weight on a raw food diet, too much dried fruit and nuts. I don't really do much in the London raw scene these days as there always seams to be people pushing magic powders, superfoods and water - much like the protein pushers. Although I have started making my own protein drink from hemp protein (tastes awful but is not really processed and contains lots of nutirents rather than just pure protein), wheatgrass, barleygrass, maca, spirollina and horny goat weed. Most raw vegans to look very, erm wirery which i'm trying to avoid.
  17. If you don't like this James, the other James that keeps going on about his time as an investment banker is many multiples worse. Slimy annoying bloke.
  18. DItto, i have a little usb stick with fm radio, i get it going at 11pm, go to bed and hope for the best when I wake up.Might get the podcasts when i next go traveling, its maybe worth 2 a month to skip the adds and news.
  19. Agreed Nick Abbot is worth a listen, the best on that station with one of the worst timeslots.
  20. He's not that bad although I dont partiality like him. He did sell his buy to let as he felt guilty. Although he did get into buy to let in the first place.
  21. 50 a month in 2002 and 70 in 2013 doesnt sound that bad for inflation. just say its too expensive and they will probably reduce it. the la fitness at london wall was offering membership for 45 a month, but the pool is'nt that big - full of people that can't swim and loads of grim people that spit poolside, clear their nose poolside and jump into the pool straight after leaving the sauna dripping.
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