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  1. Parents in late 70's (born in the 40's), two children about 11 & 8. Renting an end of terrace house (council housing, in the Netherlands). Father was driving instructor, mother just started back at work for 1 day a week after doing an evening course. Now: divorced in the late eighties, both found new partners and kept renting. Father now dead, mother still in council house but about to move into a bought small flat with her partner as don't want a 3-bed house to maintain. Financiall now doing quite well and will have a nice (bot not extravagant) retirement. Low rent costs all her life has meant she has been able to save for her retirment, no final salary pension though. Me: now 38, 3 young children, house with no mortgage (thanks to the lottery of buying and selling at the right times - no skill or hard work involved), one fulltime wage earner and one part time. We are financially better off than our parents in their 30's but not sure if we will still be able to say that about our respective retirements. And only because we are some of the lucky winners of HPI.
  2. Where do you meet all these women? My female friends are all still with their husbands, some under very difficult circumstances (illnesses, loss of jobs etc.) and are supporting their husbands unconditionally and are quite prepared to go out and earn the money or care for their husbands (or both). However, the men are finding it much more difficult to adjust to switch of roles.
  3. Funnily enough a lot of my female friends are the higher earners, but they married husbands that weren't that career minded so they could have the career. And believe me, they were hard to find as most men would not be comfortable with the woman being the higher earner. Some of them got indeed shafted by their husbands financially and some of them picked well and have happy marriages, excellent careers and happy children. It is probably the circles you are in, birds of a feather and all that.
  4. You do all realise that if a woman is earning all the money and builds up a career whilst the husband is at home looking after the children, that the man can bleed the woman financially dry, right?
  5. Or, maybe all these men that are 'used' financially by women should be a bit more selective of the women they pick to be with and not be taken in by nice boobs/**** and a good blow job. If they are stupid enough to fall for it, they deserve it!
  6. I think a growth area for jobs is solar energy, my brother owns a company that creates and produces solar lights and the likes. He mainly sells it in developing countries (with unrealiable electricity and lots of sunshine) and is doing pretty well. Another growth area I think is anything that can save money, like home-growing, bicycles (cars getting too expensive) and camping (cheaper than foreign holidays). Areas in decline I think will be the ones that are already struggling, anything to do with property (estate agents, property developers), holiday operators and banking.
  7. I know most of you hate mumsnet, but recently there was quite an interesting blow-by-blow account of somebody building exactly this type of building in their neighbour's back garden. The thread is quite lenghty but it does show that the council is not interested and objecting to the planning permission - or finding out any information for that matter - is really difficult. There is advice from a person that works in a planning department and even that doesn't seem to help very much. Anyway, here it is for anyone that is interested: Mumsnet link
  8. Oh and wanted to add that cost of living is indeed much cheaper in the Netherlands, no need for a car and very low rents through social housing which indeed makes it worth wile to have a minimum wage job. Which brings us to one of the major problems in this country, housing costs. Immigrants are happy to work for the low wages here as they rent a cheap room in a dump, learn English and go back home after a few years. Or stay, if they can earn more money. But I don't think a defeatist attitude and only thinking about the short term is helping.
  9. Probably. I do like a good old verbal punch up with a pint!
  10. Your post is also great. It neatly sums up why Britain is loosing its competitive edge in a global market place. Not moving with the times and desperately holding on to the misconception that 'Britannia rules the waves' and is a big military power on the world stage. Oh and lets blame 'Europe' for everything, that is easier than taking responsibility for things that are going wrong in this country. Anyone that dares to challenge anything is all of a sudden a johnny foreigner and a 'racist'. The world is getting more global, labour is moving around the world the English would be better of to embrace it and work with it. The British benefit from being able to go abroad too, they can retire in Spain, work in Hong Kong or whatever. And when they have been there for a decade they can also have an opinion about the difference in cultures they have experienced. Not sure if still fighting in Aghanistan is something to be proud of btw. I am glad the Dutch pulled their troups out in 2010, good decision. We shouldn't have really been there in the first place.
  11. quote name='bulltraderpt' timestamp='1318619077' post='3148899'] Yes although in reality the Guardian reading public know that you are being racist because you are saying your whoring and pot smoking countrymen are more superior than ours, well give my some data to back up your ridiculous remark. I accept the Dutch who went to Africa and became South Africans aren't anything like your lot! Not 5h1t, sherlock. Actually I think you have an inferiority complex rather than me feeling superior. I don't. I am just stating something that I have noticed. It is one aspect of British culture that is different than the Dutch culture. It doesn't necessarily means the people are better or worse in either country, just different. I think you are trying to pick a fight over an issue where there is none. As far as data goes: - There was a graph posted earlier in the thread where it shows that the Dutch have less public holidays. And after a bit of googling: Uk tops charts young benefit claimants GDP per capitaMy link prevalence of obesity And although nothing to do with laziness (although this is where it all starts) just to make myself feel a bit more 'superior': My link
  12. I was referring to the original meaning of 'racist' which is nowt to do with nationalities as you admit here. You have a real problem with this EU thing, don't you? How is that all 'my' European cr@p, the British are just as European as the Dutch and I'm sure there is just as many Dutch people annoyed about 'that' European crap too.
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