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  1. Thanks everyone for all the replies (Alfie Moon, Flopsy,DeadCat and bug09) Roy?, Thanks for stating the obvious and supporting me. We always knew the pricing should have been closer to 225k and hence didnt like it when the owner emphasised that he wouldn't take a penny less than the stated price. The house has been in the market less than a week and today morning, I check the link and it says "Sold STC". The scary point is someone did agree to pay him the full price . Last time we spoke to the estate agent he had said that our offer of 232k was downright rejected. We have seen a few other houses and it sounds like there are 8 buyers for every seller. Is there is house price crash, doesn't look like from where I stand or has the market recovered and prices would only increase from now. Good houses in our area are going for the asked price or sellers are withdrawing it from the market. We have been waiting the past year and half for prices to reduce to reasonable amounts so that we can buy a house of our own. We dont see it as an investment and would be perfectly content if we make no profit (as long as there isn't much of a loss) on it when we sell it, which wouldn't be anytime soon. Another similar house, in extremely good condition has come up in the same area, for the same price, wonder how much we should put in an offer for ? If we can afford to pay the mortgage, should we just go ahead. I am just thinking aloud, as I can't find an answer.
  2. Hi, I have been an ardent reader of this forum for the past year and a half . I registered last June but haven't added any posts, as honestly I didn't have anything to say that hasn't been said here already. I do religiously open and read most of the topics, though. It was HPC which actually opened my eyes to the whole housing fiasco and taught me to look at things in a more criticial manner. We (my husband and me) are FTB's . We are renting at the moment and have been planning to buy a house for the past year and a half. In June 2008, we saw a house in a desirable area that we liked but thought it was a bit highly priced. We offered 20K less, our offer was rejected but later we found that the house was sold for around our offer price. We saw some other houses but I have to say HPC did have a major play in my decisions and we are still renting and saving for a deposit. Our current contract is nearly up and we have given our notice and will have to move in a couple of months. Initially we were planning to rent, but the rent prices seem to have risen(in the area that we are looking for) and we thought we might be better off buying. Last week we saw a house that we liked in a much sought after area. The house is in pristine condition and wouldn't require any work (atleast from first look) once we move in. The area is quite nice as we have been living here, for the past 3 years and do know about the place inside out. We also have a child who goes to a nearby school. Knowing the area and the house prices around, we think 232,000 is an alright offer albeit on the higher side, but we did like the house. I did a bit of research and found that the current owner bought it in 2004 for 170,000.Previously it was sold for 175,000 (so possibly it was repossesed after that ). The 170,000 bit put me off. I thought the owner is being a bit too ambitious . I suppose he did make some renovations but even then a 70k rise in 5 years, seems a bit too much. Last year we did see similar houses in the area and they were around 265,000. So prices have reduced since last year. I am not sure whether we should go for this, if so how much low can we go ? How much do you wise HPC forum members think I should offer ? Thanks for all your suggestions in advance.
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