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  1. Being forced to bring jobs back from China is not a punishment. Though it may be hard to do in a country where the government has taken people out of actual productive work and given them government jobs enforcing regulations that pushed more productive work overseas.
  2. Wages no longer matter. They'll just give money to everyone for doing nothing. UBI is the final scam before the complete collapse.
  3. Why would they want the system to continue? I'm not in the 1%, but even I could afford a house that produces its own power and water and deals with its own turds. They can easily do so. There is little reason for the 1% to keep the 99% around if they have AIs and robots who can do the work instead. If UBI comes along, it will only last until the 1% have moved to New Zealand and feel safe in their bunkers. Then they'll cut it off, shut down the fake meat vats so there's no food, and let the 99% eat each other. I simply don't see any future at this point where 90% of the population don't die in the next couple of decades. It's just a question of whether they die because civilization collapses or they die because the 1% kill them. And I'm not the only one, by far. I've seen many on the right in the last few months go from 'Trump will save us!' to 'OMG, we're not even going to be able to keep the power stations going in two years. Millions of people are going to die because they're too stupid to live.' I saw another Youtube video-maker who I've been following on and off for years come to that conclusion just a few nights ago. He and his fans are now raising money to buy land where they can live when everything collapses.
  4. Trudeau, for a start. Soros, who's 'American' but has openly talked about wanting to destroy America. Hillary Clinton, who literally campaigned on starting WWIII if elected. And much of the Democrat party. And you clearly didn't even read my post if you think they consider those countries to be 'their countries'. Trudeau couldn't give two wet farts about Canada, he's been promised a place in a bunker somewhere when everything collapses. Soros may have an American passport, but he doesn't consider America to be 'his country', just another financial system to loot and destroy. That's the entire reason why they don't care what happens to us, and pretty much the entire point of my post. We don't live in nations, we live in countries, and those countries are full of people who couldn't care less about what happens to them because they'll just move on somewhere else. If you don't understand this, you don't understand anything about modern politics.
  5. That was when the 'elite' thought Xi would take them in and let them take over. Which was stupid, to anyone who knows anything about China, but no-one said the 'elite' are very smart.
  6. A lot of the people I know online have concluded that this proves we're living in a lunatic asylum and they're now working on buying land and guns and ammo so they can be self-sufficient. They just don't see any way that a society this crazy can survive much longer. I guess some of them may continue working from their new bunker home, but I suspect most will toss the job too. Particularly given how likely they are to be 'cancelled' for something they say online. I'm no longer exactly happy about living in a city where we potentially all die if the power and gas go off in the winter myself.
  7. The winners are the ones who want to destroy the countries involved in the war. Why do you think Clinton wanted a 'no-fly zone' over Syria which would have led to war when American planes started shooting down Russian planes? The 'elite' have been looting the West for decades, and have wrecked it so badly that all that's left for them to loot is the loose change that fell down the back of the sofa. They were hoping to move to China with their ill-gotten gains and then destroy any remaining competition, but Xi doesn't want them, so now they're trying to destroy the CCP as well as the US and Russia. If Biden wins, I'd say it's 50:50 as to whether he hits the big red button and nukes China. Mostly because he may forget what he was doing by the time he gets the button out. But thinking that there won't be war because the nations involved don't want to be destroyed is silly, because we don't live in nations any more. There are many people in positions of power who want to see the countries they live in destroyed.
  8. Britain's military would just be a speed-bump if Putin decided he wanted to invade. The only things that would make him think twice are the nukes and NATO. Britain and France together couldn't even beat Libya without Obama's help.
  9. No, the problem is that it's retarded. But that's also what makes it a great way to buy votes. Few voters worry about the long-term consequences of getting free money tomorrow.
  10. Russian planes are always testing defences. That's the kind of thing you do when you have an actual military that's intended to be a viable fighting force and not a jobs program.
  11. MERS is extremely difficult to spread, but extremely dangerous if you catch it. Given the similarities between Chinese Flu and SARS, it's interesting to wonder whether the death rate from SARS would have turned out to be much lower than it was believed to be if the disease had spread more widely in the population. Some of the early claims for death rates from Chinese Flu weren't much different to SARS.
  12. I doubt he misses the USSR. Soviet Russia was laden with masses of dead-weight countries in the USSR which it had to support. But he has a lot to gain from accelerating the collapse of the USA. It would raise the price of oil and make Russia a much more important power in the post-US world. Not that he really has to try hard. The KGB subversion programs of the 60s to 90s already laid the groundwork for the chaos we're seeing today. Putin just has to sit back with the popcorn and watch.
  13. I thought the forecast was 2,000,000, or something equally absurd? I did a quick web search, and there were forecasts of 400,000 or more back in February. And, remember, the lockdowns weren't supposed to prevent deaths, they were meant to 'flatten the curve', so the hospitals weren't overloaded. Because the only way to prevent deaths was to eliminate the disease, which could only be done by preventing it from entering the country in the first place and keeping the border closed ever after.
  14. It's almost like governments are incompetent. Who'd-a guessed? It's sad that Boris was going to do the right thing until he listened to the 'experts'. That was where things went horribly wrong.
  15. Why do you think the 1% will pay the 99% for doing nothing if the 99% have no value to the 1%? They won't. They'll get the masses addicted to UBI, then cut it off and watch them kill each other.
  16. Of course it's possible. It just won't be worth much as the currency will collapse. UBI will be the last attempt to maintain the system before it fails. Trudeau has done so well bribing people with our money that I fully expect him to be offering UBI at the next election. Besides which, it goes well with the new social credit systems. You post anti-Trudeau memes, no UBI for you. If it happens, I'm moving to the woods to live with the bears.
  17. You have no skin in the game if you're not part of the gene pool. When countries are nations, everyone is part of the gene pool, but that's no longer true thanks to mass immigration. Similarly, when you look at many of the worst politicians around the world, they have no children, and they have no vested interest in what happens to the country they live in after they're gone.
  18. No. The Bushes are deep in the Deep State. Daddy Bush ran the CIA, FFS.
  19. So why do you think the 'elite' have been shipping the West's wealth to China for decades? What possible reason could they have to do so if they intended to remain in the now-impoverished West?
  20. Why, exactly would the Russians need to pay Afghans to shoot Americans? They've been doing it for twenty years just for grins. The whole thing is simply retarded, which is why the US military dismissed it out-of-hand. But I agree that the USA is going the same way as the USSR. I'll be surprised if it survives to the end of the next Presidential term, be it Trump or Creepy Joe. Edit: Actually, I'd go further than that. I think democracy is going to be the biggest collapse of the next decade or so.
  21. For one thing, the immune system declines as we age. By forty it's already struggling to learn to handle new threats, though there's ongoing research on rejuvenating it.
  22. Then he knows as little about science as you do. Similar temperatures have been recorded in the Arctic for as far back as the temperature record goes. This particular record high temperature that's been plastered across the media barely beat the previous record high for the town set in the 1980s. There is absolutely nothing unusual about this. Yet Chicken Little is shouting 'the sky is falling!' again.
  23. Ah, yes, 'Muh Positive Feedbacks!' Completely ignoring the fact that, if those feedbacks actually existed, we'd have died long ago. It really is that easy to disprove that nonsense, if you know anything about science.
  24. No. It's a beauty contest. Would you let Miss World run the country? If not, why would you let some guy do it just because he got more votes than some other guy one day? Democracy always collapses because it's stupid, and we're pretty close to that point all across the West. PR would be less bad than what Britain (or Canada) has, but it's still stupid. Letting people with no skin in the game vote on the future of a country is about the dumbest idea our ancestors ever came up with.
  25. If you die when no-one does it, or at least see a significant decline in your standard of living, that's probably a real job.
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