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  1. I've been having to buy direct from China lately because much of what I'm buying isn't even readily available in this country.
  2. As far as I'm concerned, my PM's job is to keep the customer away so I can do my work. If they can do that, they're worth their salary.
  3. What is it with the idea that a virus that turned out to kill very few people if you didn't destroy their lungs with ventilators, and mostly people who'd already passed the average lifespan, needs to be eradicated at any cost?
  4. Yes, exactly. The dam is unlikely to collapse, but it doesn't matter much when they've already opened the floodgates to flood the countryside and cities downstream of it; a dam collapse would be worse, but they're already wrecked masses of factories and farms.
  5. It might just work. Governments are funneling lots of money to the rich, it's the middle who are being wrecked. So there might well be a market for new luxury brands, though cruises will be tough if countries aren't letting people in.
  6. Yes. These new numbers are just proving that the virus was far more widespread than believed, and the death rate is extremely low. It ran through the most vulnerable population and killed them off in a Karen-scaring bulge, but it doesn't have much effect on the rest of us.
  7. Yes. Periods of globalism also tend to be periods of global pandemics. Constantly shipping masses of people around the world. Who could have predicted they'd spread new diseases?
  8. Bingo. I've have plenty of vaccinations before. But they'll have to force me to get this one. When people like Bill Gates of Hell are pushing this crap, I'm not going anywhere near it. Particularly when it's for such an innocuous virus that most of the infected have to be tested to even know they have it. I'd rather go and live in the woods with the bears.
  9. Yes. I've thought that myself before. My guess is: Cameron - 'OMG, don't even think of it' Thatcher - 'Nuke them til they glow' Blair - an envelope full of gay porn.
  10. These days, you don't really even need to know how to do it, because most of the information is on the Internet. For example, our freezer door stopped sealing properly recently, so I went to Youtube and discovered the vaseline trick. Now it works fine. On the other hand, we replaced our twenty-year-old tumble dryer when it stopped working because a new one wasn't much more expensive than a service call, and it's already required two service trips under the warranty. And when I took the old dryer apart after it was removed, it turned out all it really would have needed was a replacement for the plastic part that had snapped in two.
  11. There are two things preventing any country which wants to take over the UK from just walking in: 1. Nukes. The rest of the military is just a speed bump, and the people have been disarmed. 2. No-one really wants it. The latter could easily change.
  12. Good Lord. SJL posted something I can agree with. Yeah, I've reached the point where everything I buy needs to serve a practical purpose, and I can't see that ever changing. No more buying stuff just because it's cool. And if this becomes common, the economy is going to implode. So much of it is just based on convincing people to buy things they don't need because some advert told them it would make them feel better for five minutes.
  13. Arguing about right and left is pointless when you don't have control over your own nation. That is why nationalism is rising. People are realizing that voting is just more theatre when both sides do what Soros tells them. Well, that and because globalism has proven a dismal failure. People were willing to sell their souls for ever-increasing house prices and fancy cruises, but globalism can't even provide those any more.
  14. Same with the Anglo-French rivalry in Canada. And now the Anglo-French-Ukrainian-Scottish-Chinese-Indian-Moslem rivalry here, thanks to decades of mass immigration. The future is for 'diverse' countries and empires to collapse into groups of real nations. Brexit is just the start for Britain.
  15. It was never 'one man, one vote.' Only a subset of the population could vote when the country was founded, and the expansion of the vote has led to a massive expansion of government power, because those with no skin in the game will always vote to steal stuff from their neighbours. 'One person of indeterminate gender, one vote' is suicidal. Without the electoral college, the US would be just like Canada, where the election result is determined by a few big cities and the other 99% of the country might as well not bother to vote.
  16. Why? It's obviously mental, but it's an easy way to buy votes. 'Vote for me and get 1,000 pounds a month for free!' Over here, Trudeau is already giving out so much money that half the unemployed don't want to go back to work. Sure, he's on course to nearly double the national debt in a year, but who cares about that any more?
  17. No, they don't. They have bunkers in New Zealand. The middle class might, but governments are doing their best to wipe us out.
  18. That's a great plan, except the 1% will be in their bunkers in New Zealand by then. A country which is now disarmed, run by a communist and closed off from the outside world. Kind of South North Korea.
  19. Trade is irrelevant when you import more than you export. If China won't buy your stuff, stop buying theirs, and your economy improves while theirs gets worse.
  20. Yes. The mid-90s were the best time of my life, even though I was somewhat broke having recently left university and then lost my first job in one of the recessions. I sure wish I could go back there. And then Tony Blair came along, and it was all downhill from there.
  21. Yeah, it's stupid. Governments have completely stuffed this up, and now they're trying to get out of it without looking like the dimwits they are.
  22. Back in the real world, we're seeing today what people do when you give them free money for doing nothing. They get into virtue spirals on Twitter, riot in the streets, smash up statues and burn stuff down. UBI will be like that but ten times worse.
  23. If you're buying twenty billion pounds more stuff from China than you're selling to them, then bringing the production of that twenty billion pounds of stuff back to the UK makes the UK twenty billion pounds better off. Tariffs only matter to countries that export more than they import.
  24. Yes. A world where governments typically steal 50% of the GDP in taxes is 'free market capitalism'.
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