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  1. Yeah, that's what I'm guessing: if I can put 35% down they probably don't care how much I'm borrowing because they should always be able to get their money back with a repo.
  2. I'm a few years from 55, but I've been surprised by how easy credit is to get both at my age and under these economic conditions. I recently asked the bank about borrowing money to buy some land, and they basically said I could have as much as I wanted so long as I could put 35% down.
  3. I've been surprised that we're still hiring. So far we're just as busy as 2019, and more contracts are coming in. Maybe because we do a lot of infrastructure work that can't easily be put off or shut down.
  4. I'm driving a $250,000 car at 100+ mph on gravel roads through Welsh forests. There aren't any speed cameras to worry about. You need to be pretty rich to do that in real life. Even if you don't crash and wreck one of a few hundred surviving cars, you'll soon wear out parts that are close to irreplaceable. And a full-motion simulator is closer to $5k than $250k. I don't have one, but they're pretty impressive. As for theatre and concert tickets, I'm quite shocked they haven't been doing performances in front of 3D cameras and selling tickets to watch in VR online. I know some concerts have started doing that in the last couple of years, and it's an obvious way to keep working in these times of Pandemic Panic.
  5. Yes, I can. About the only thing that's not simulated is the smell of burning oil from those leaky old Lancia engines. And that will come once Musk gets his computer/brain interface working. And, yeah, sex dolls will probably replace most women in twenty years.
  6. People still collect old guns that you can't buy ammo for. I'd guess a lot of the lower-end cars would lose most of their value, but there'd still be a market for the high-end ones. Perhaps a bigger issue is that I can now drive just about any fancy car I want in VR and the tech is getting better all the time. I don't need to pay $250k for a Lancia Delta S4 when I can just put on the headset and drive one flat out through Welsh forests.
  7. Cheaply-made, yet still bizarrely expensive. When we bought our current car, I looked at the UK website and the closest equivalent UK model was 50% more expensive than here, with a smaller engine but a few more gadgets to make up for it.
  8. Yes. If the Democrats push for a civil war in November, a lot of them are going to freeze to death. One of the reasons I want to get out of the city here is because I don't know how much longer I can trust the power and heat to stay on. And when it's forty below zero outside, that can kill you real fast.
  9. HCQ was proven to stop SARS infections, so it's an obvious candidate for trying to stop infections by a virus that shares most of its genetics with SARS. It's also extremely safe, and only those who wanted to kill as many people as possible would oppose it.
  10. It's not that there's too many people. It's that thanks to the low infant mortality of the last hundred years or so there are too many defective genes going around. Which leads to insane behaviour like we've seen in the last few months, which leads to social collapse, which culls those genes from the gene pool.
  11. They thought they could kick the can far enough down the road that they'd have retired somewhere warm and sunny before the shit hit the fan. Same here in Canada, immigration props up the failing economy in Ontario and Vancouver. The vast majority of Canadians want it cut, but both parties want that Chinese immigrant cash.
  12. Virgin Atlantic was a huge step up from BA and the other legacy airlines when they started. But after a few years they turned to poo.
  13. If I remember correctly, Cummings opposed destroying the economy over Chinese Flu. Which was the correct decision, before Boris freaked out and burned everything down.
  14. According to a paper I read on SARS some months ago (I think I linked to it in this thread a few hundred pages back), most of the transmission in Singapore was in air-conditioned interiors. According to that paper SARS was hard to spread in high heat and humidity, so the low temperature and low humidity in an air-conditioned interior made it much easier to spread there. Of course, Singapore has also had almost no Chinese Flu deaths. A whole 27 deaths out of over 50,000 cases last time I looked for numbers.
  15. How do you plan to solve having wrecked the economy for no good reason with no prospect of ever returning to the neo-liberal 'normal'? Even if they were to roll back all the nonsense tomorrow, many businesses are gone, retail is screwed, businesses which continue to operate will have many more people working from home so commercial property is screwed and so are businesses which rely on selling to people who commute every day, people who can afford to move out of cities are going to do so, so residential property in cities is screwed. What we're about to see is that government has the power to really ****** things up, but doesn't have the power or the smarts to fix their ******ups.
  16. Yes. I think it's pretty clear that a Tory government will bail out the savers rather than lose their votes. But that doesn't mean the post-bailout 85k will be worth anything like as much as it would be today. Or that savers won't have to wait months or years to get it.
  17. Old people with a grudge are a much bigger threat than rioting 'yoof'. An open, high-tech society like the one we live in is incredibly vulnerable to sabotage by those who understand the weak points. It's not terribly vulnerable to 'yoof' running around smashing windows or burning down Starbucks.
  18. Yes. We've now entered the 'free shit until the collapse' phase of democracy. The bread and circuses of UBI followed by the Terminators to remove all the 'useless eaters'.
  19. No, I've been reading military news and listening to people who are in the military or have left in the last few years. In the 70s, the US military had been just as wrecked by Vietnam as it has been today by 'diversity', so probably not. But by the 80s it had been turned around and was probably at its peak power by Bush's Gulf War. And it's all been downhill since. As we probably would have, if Reagan hadn't helped out and the Argentinians had known how to set the fuses correctly on their bombs. A few more ships sunk would have been the end of it. And back then, the Navy had crews who didn't run around shrieking and crying if a foreign plane approached their ship.
  20. And what has that achieved, other than to make it a target for millions of people who don't want US bases in their country? There are many US military and ex-military folks online who will happily tell you about the disasters of 'diversity' and how they're going to lose the next major war as a result. Some of them come from families who have been in the military for centuries, and are now telling their kids not to join up. Or you could just follow the military news and see how screwed-up they are.
  21. Ditto. I'd rather climb on an ice floe and go to see the polar bears than end up in a nursing home.
  22. It's not just the Chinese weapons, which are largely untested, and if going by historical standards are likely to be cheap, low-quality clones of better Russian weapons. Or the Chinese military numbers, as their troops aren't exactly held in high regard. It's the 'diversity'. The US Navy can't even sail their ships around without crashing them because two sailor chicks are refusing to talk to each other. And when a Russian fighter buzzes the ship, the sailor chicks run around crying and screaming. The US may have the most powerful military on paper, but it's been hollowed out from the inside and is increasingly dysfunctional. Next time the US fights any comparable adversary, they will lose. Badly.
  23. Maybe, but I didn't say that. I was referring specifically to the UK, as should have been obvious to anyone who read the post instead of knee-jerking. The Falklands are a small group of islands that the government were trying to get rid of before the Argentinians invaded and ******ed that up. Why would anyone think that the government would nuke them for invading a couple of freezing islands full of sheep? If China wanted to invade the UK, they could walk in with minimal losses if the country had no nukes. They might decide to take the hit and walk in anyway, but they'd have nothing to worry about from Britain's conventional forces. Like pandemics, the military is just another example of how governments have concentrated on buying votes with welfare over preparing for serious threats.
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