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  1. Amazon is automating warehouses and delivery. It just got FAA approval for delivery drones in the US. Ditto. Delivery workers may be around for a few years, but they're going to be automated away as quickly as possible. All jobs that can be automated will be automated. And look at your examples. You're solely talking about megacorps. Not the small businesses that have been wrecked and made up most of the economy. No-one's going to want to start up a new small business which relies on a physical presence because governments just proved they can destroy your business at any moment on a whim.
  2. Why would the 1% want to get people into cities and addicted to 'free money'? Think about it. Then buy some land in the country and start growing your own food.
  3. And you're trying to preserve that very way of life with 'Universal Basic Income'. Instead of people moving out of the cities and becoming self-sufficient rather than office drones, you want to pay them to stay in the cities doing nothing useful. Until the day they realize that all the productive people have gone and there's no food or electricity coming. Obviously UBI is coming because society has to go Full Retard before it collapses. But it will accelerate that collapse, and you UBI supporters are doing the 'elites' work for them.
  4. Where will these new jobs be created?
  5. This change has been coming for twenty years. The problem is that it would have happened slowly over the next ten to twenty years, but the idiots in government made it happen in two months. So there's no time for the economy to compensate and it's all one big shock to the system, like being shot in the face rather than discovering you have early-stage cancer. Why would people go back if they can work effectively from home? And why would companies want to? The place I work is saving something like $20k a month just from not having to pay for parking for those who are working from home full time... that's an extra quarter million a year on the company profits.
  6. 'Recession-proof jobs'. That's a good one. Vast swathes of jobs have gone away and aren't coming back. People in the NHS don't get paid for long if other people aren't paying taxes. University academics don't get paid if kids aren't borrowing money to go to university to get jobs that don't exist any more. Tradesmen don't make money if people are fixing things themselves because they can't afford to hire someone. We're currently at the stage of the wolf running off the cliff and floating there in mid-air with his legs spinning before he realizes that the roadrunner took the ground away. We're only held up by massive borrowing and money-printing, which will either stop or destroy any remaining value in fiat currency.
  7. No, it doesn't. But it certainly helps plant growth. Over the last few years we've seen increasingly-rapid climate change. And it's all due to the sun, nothing to do with plant food. Either way, it's the main reason crops are having problems all over the world. We maxed out our populations in a time of near-idyllic climate for agriculture, and that looks like it's probably going away for several decades.
  8. I think the avocado harvest hasn't been great either. There have been a lot of problems with crops around the world.
  9. Bingo. Pretty much everyone in the West is printing tons of money, so all of them are going down together. This is, most likely, the intention, so the 'elite' get their Great Reset.
  10. No. I'm more likely to die from the vaccine than the virus.
  11. Often, yes. But every politician in a democracy does that. My point was mostly that populists don't get elected by pushing fear porn, they get elected by promising what people want. There's this crazy belief that Trump was elected by convincing people that they should put America first, and it will all disappear if only they can elect Biden instead. In reality, Americans have wanted to put America first for decades, but no politician was willing to pay more than lip service to doing so. And then, for no reason, Trump was elected.
  12. Populists get elected by promising to do what people want done. Which is kind of what democracy is supposed to be. And this is why authoritarians hate them, because those authoritarians believe they should be telling people what they want done, they shouldn't have to listen to the proles. Of course, people like Boris claim they'll do it and then do something completely different. Which is where the whole thing falls over. And he'll probably be re-elected because Labour will likely be openly pushing white genocide and communism by the next election and he'll still be the least worst option.
  13. Yes. No immigrants, collapsing house prices, collapsing construction industry. Quite insane, isn't it?
  14. Like I said, they're doing it wrong. You're not talking about teachers, you're talking about prison guards for youth concentration camps.
  15. I think calling them 'barely competent' is a bit of a stretch. I don't see much evidence of competence in government anywhere in the West. And you're right: they grew up in easy times and used government to give themselves power and wealth. And they have absolutely no idea how to deal with problems.
  16. It's an interesting question as to whether we'll have a workable self-driving-anywhere vehicle before we eliminate old age. I'm not sure which way I'd bet on that. I've been taking some online courses. The teacher spends a few days creating videos on the subject, spends a bit of time each day responding to emails and assignments, and plays poker most of the rest of the time. Once the courses are up, he doesn't have much else to do to make a few thousand a month because everyone who's interested in the course just watches the videos at their own pace. If technology isn't freeing up time for teachers, they're doing it wrong.
  17. Democracy is done. It was a dumb idea in the first place, and 2020 has just been demonstrating exactly how dumb it can be, with masses of people now begging incompetent governments to muzzle them. Democracy always collapses into into dictatorship, because the problems it creates can't be fixed democratically. Then people demand a dictator to fix them. We're at that point right about now.
  18. Or, as seems more likely, the disease was far more widespread than currently believed and killed off many of the most vulnerable early on. After that, the surviving vulnerable people stopped going out and the disease spread widely among those with a near-zero chance of dying, so the deaths dropped to near zero. I know I had a shitty cold around Christmas that hung around for a while, and I work with a lot of people who travel a lot. It wouldn't surprise me if that was actually Chinese Flu. Had there been no lockdowns, we'd have hit herd immunity months ago and it would all be over. Instead our governments destroyed the economy to try to save us from the flu.
  19. If they did that, most companies would discover just how useless most online advertising is, and stop paying for it. Most of those I know who have looked into the effectiveness of their advertising spending say that Facebook and Amazon are about the only ones that work. Facebook because it's so targeted, Amazon presumably because they try so hard to make the ads look like search results.
  20. Trudeau floated that idea a few weeks ago. For about two days. Needless to say, Boomers don't want to be screwed to pay for his massive spending program.
  21. ********. If that happens, 90% of Canada will be joining Jesusland. There's no way we'd stay with the Liberals if we had the choice of joining a real conservative America. Pretty much the whole of Canada from the outskirts of Vancouver to the outskirts of Toronto has much more in common with the rural US than liberal Canadian cities. Even the natives in the north have been complaining about Trudeau dumping Moslems in their communities, where there are no jobs for them and most supplies have to be flown in.
  22. LOL. Democrats have been stealing elections through fraud for years. They know they can't win legitimately, which is why they want mail-in votes so they can fake as many votes as they need to steal the White House... just as they stole Congressional seats in 2018. The only chance of democracy surviving in the US is for Trump to win and the Democrats to accept it. If Biden wins, he's going to give the vote to tens of millions of illegal immigrants and eliminate the Electoral College. At that point, it's impossible for a Republican to ever win again. And Civil War 2.0 starts.
  23. Then you're too short for this ride. Billionaires and big business have been funding these groups, often openly, and if you're not aware of that, you're not qualified to be talking about them. Pay thugs to make cities unliveable, then buy up the cities for a penny on the dollar and make a big fat profit. Great scam.
  24. All pushed by the same people who now fund Burn Loot Murder and Pantifa. And the same kind of people who created Pantifa in Wiemar Germany. The eventual response will be for Literally Hitler to take power, because that's what always happens at this point.
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