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  1. No, it's science. The more we learn about genetics, the more obvious it is that nature relies on infant mortality to keep the defective genes out of the gene pool. When you keep almost all kids alive to breeding age, after a few generations you find yourselves surrounded by SJW zombie goblins. As for an easy life, how many kids die young these days and how many have to go down the mines at eight years old to drag carts of coal through the dark tunnels? Those SJW zombie goblins would never have reached breeding age through most of history, and would never have had a chance to pass on those genes. Raise a few generations of humans in Clown Utopia and it collapses just like Mouse Utopia does. YOU ARE HERE.
  2. In 30 or 40 years it will have become impossible to sustain the kind of complex society required to supply petrol to petrol stations. Or to build cars, for that matter, except for maybe simple lead-acid battery electrics that you can make in a simple workshop.
  3. But if they don't get a degree, they might end up working in Starbucks!
  4. It has. It's the cycle of civilization. An easy life leads to the spread of defective genes, which leads to social collapse. Just like Mouse Utopia.
  5. Yes, this terrible, terrible virus which has turned out to be so terrible that most people have to be tested even to know they have it. Last numbers I saw from the US were that if you were under 70, the odds of dying from it were just about zero. But we have to wreck the economy to stop it. It's nuts. The bed-wetters of the world are shrieking for the government to destroy the global economy and lock them up.
  6. Yes. Just wait until the pig flu turns up and they close down all the farms.
  7. Similar here. I expect price drops next year as Trudeau continues wrecking the economy, but if I find the right place in the right location, I'm buying anyway.
  8. You might want to watch Michael Moore's famous video on why Donald Trump was going to beat Hillary Clinton.
  9. How many cars, exactly, do you think Uber will have driving around cities waiting for someone to call one up? And, when you've all given up your cars, why do you think they won't charge as much as they can get away with before you squeal?
  10. No, he didn't. Floyd had a fatal level of Fentanyl in his system. And, apparently, Chinese Flu. So it's highly likely that all four cops will be released. Based on the autopsy and the body camera video, they should never have been charged. But the Democrats needed a martyr, and he was the best they could find at the time.
  11. Many of these people are on drugs which give them superhuman strength and often allow them to continue functioning even though they've been mortally wounded by multiple gunshots. There are a number of cases where someone on PCP or the like was shot half a dozen or more times by a cop, but lived long enough to beat the cop into serious injury or death. While there are plenty of examples of American cops killing people for no good reason, their past experience with cops being killed by crims is why they don't take any chances when they have to shoot.
  12. Working on 160 acres backing onto the crown forests, with a passively-heated house that can produce its own power from solar and wind. And bears, to discourage trespassers. Haven't found the right piece of land yet.
  13. Generally speaking, tax is owed where you live, not where the money came from. I transferred my UK pension fund to Canada years ago, but even if it was still in the UK I'd have paid tax on it here and not back there. That said, one reason I moved it was because I could readily forsee a future where a bankrupt UK government wanted to tax it as well.
  14. Because their candidate is a demented child-sniffer, and his supporters are burning down cities. No-one in their right mind is going to vote for Biden. As for the 'popular vote' nonsense, millions of those votes were fraudulent. Many states have no effective means of preventing electoral fraud.
  15. Giving votes to non-Americans equals the end of democracy, yes. And, you're right. Democracy is one of the dumbest ideas ever, and we're seeing exactly why right now. Even the ancient Greeks knew that democracy inevitably collapsed into tyranny.
  16. But they're basically done, whereas many other European countries are seeing another wave of cases because they didn't get herd immunity. Which means more deaths or economic destruction. Or, probably... both.
  17. Or they're looking for a way to tax it to help pay off some of the Chinese Flu nonsense.
  18. Not people who used to work in Starbucks. They'll be built by machines, managed by machines, and probably just thrown away and replaced when they break. Maybe there'll be a few skilled mechanics to try to fix them before they're tossed out, but that won't be a 'do you want fries with that?' level of job. At some point in the not-too-distant future, there'll be nothing a low-skilled human can do that a machine can't do better. Literally nothing. And that's what makes it different this time. When 90% of the population can't do anything with any real economic value, who's going to pay them to survive?
  19. Trump is, I believe, the only President not to start a war in the last forty years. He's shutting down wars all over the world, which is why the military-industrial complex hate him and want him out. Biden, on the other hand, is a senile old fart who's voted for just about every war of the last fifty years.
  20. It's worth noting that Threads was based on a government war plan, which were notorious for being unrealistic, because a realistic plan based on real Soviet capabilities put pretty much the whole of the inhabited UK in the blast zone of at least one nuke and many places in the blast zones of multiple nukes.. and there was little point in bothering with a planning exercise where almost everyone died in the first few hours. Back on topic, yes, we're probably heading into a world war. The globalists were determined to pick up their toys and move to China, but Xi won't let them. So now they want war to force Xi out of power. As to Putin attacking the US, that's laughable. He has no reason to want an overt war when he can just send a few bucks to Antifa to burn cities down.
  21. Starlink is designed for online gaming, with satellites only about 1000km up. When they get the inter-satellite laser links working it should be faster than fibre over long distances because most of the route will be satellite-to-satellite through vacuum. It should be a game-changer for many current satellite Internet users.
  22. Yes. Watch 'The Shape of Things to Come' for a 1930s view of what war in the 1940s would be like.
  23. Yes. I'd much rather live in a small town, work remotely and know my neighbours than live in a city, work in an office and only know the people I work with. The only real downside of this change is that the cost of houses in small towns will rise even higher as more and more people can work there but make money far away rather than in the local economy.
  24. My girlfriend sits at the computer in the kitchen, gets all her work done and gets her social interaction through being on Skype or something with the rest of her team most of the day. She has no desire to go back to the office, and little reason to do so. If she wants social interaction in the real world we drive to one of the provincial parks, meet her friends and have a barbecue. I use the computer in the computer room and deal with questions through email or Slack. I think it's only really the women who care about 'social interaction' rather then getting work done. I have to go in to the office now and again, but it's a real chore to shower, put pants on, get in the car and drive there and back. My lot have started talking about bringing people back into the office full-time, but no moves yet. I suspect if they didn't own the building they'd be thinking about how much money they could save by having us work from home half the time and having hot desks in a smaller building instead of dedicated space. I'm hoping I can soon move to the sticks with a Starlink Internet dish and not have to go into the office a tall.
  25. Well, yes. I can read the stats and know which option is more dangerous.
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