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  1. The lockdowns achieve nothing but to wreck the economy and stretch out the infections. And a rushed vaccine is likely to be far more dangerous than a cough with a 99.7+% survival rate. Even assuming that it is a vaccine against Chinese Flu and not some kind of harmful drug that the globalists want to force onto everyone in the world. The fact that Bill Gates is salivating over the prospect of 'vaccinating' everyone is a clear sign that we should do everything possible to avoid it.
  2. And monkeys may fly out of my butt. Every time people discover that the disease doesn't spread the way you people claim it does and that it doesn't harm people the way you claim it does, you come up with some new explanation of why we should be scared of it. You're just like any other crazy conspiracy theorist, who always has a 'yes, but' when people point out how crazy their claims are. There is far, far more evidence of spread through poop than there is of spread through the air from people who have no symptoms. But Muh Masks!
  3. Which part of 'perhaps more tellingly, a mask does not protect YOU. A mask protects those around you from catching something FROM you' is proving hard for you to understand? Edit: oh, and I've been following this scamdemic since before it hit the Western media in any significant manner, which is why I know it's complete nonsense.
  4. He says that masks don't protect me, they protect other people. I'm not sick. So since the mask will only protect other people from me and not me from other people, and I'm not sick, why is he telling me to wear one? Because the whole thing has been nonsense from the start.
  5. Yes, the 'deadly pathogen' that more than 99.7% of people survive. The 'deadly pathogen' that has basically a 0% death rate if you're under 50. The 'deadly pathogen' that mostly kills people who are older than the average lifespan. The 'deadly pathogen' which is so deadly that most people have to be tested to determine whether they have it. Back on topic, it's not just about Trump. The goal was to wreck the global economy and then turn up promising to fix everything if only we give up all our rights. The problem is that they stuffed up, and instead of an actual deadly
  6. So why are you telling healthy people to wear them?
  7. The CDC said recently that the vast majority of people who tested positive in the US usually or always wore masks. The numbers typically show that the infection rate increases after an area imposes a mask mandate. A study in Nature a few weeks ago said that properly-fitted, regularly-changed surgical masks and unvented N95 masks were fairly effective at preventing the spread of a virus in droplets, but that cloth masks probably made the spread worse unless they were regularly washed, because the droplets dried out and then the virus was blown into the air on small dust particles from
  8. And deaths in Sweden have been negligible since July. Who cares about Muh Cases when almost no-one is dying? Do you freak out like this over the flu?
  9. We underestimated the willingness of the 'elite' to destroy the entire economy rather than allow asset prices to drop. The assumption was that they'd take a crash over complete collapse... and the assumption was wrong.
  10. Largely, yes. The only reason the elites gave the proles the illusion of control through 'democracy' was because they needed the proles to work in their factories to make stuff to make the elites rich. By telling the proles they could vote for which of two carefully-selected figureheads told them what to do, the elite could retain control and keep the proles working for them. Now the factories are in China, so there's no need to care about what the proles think. In most countries they no longer even pretend that voting can make a difference, because it can't. However, today's 'e
  11. The 'elite' want the useful people to leave the cities, while the useless remain behind in cities living on UBI. Then they barricade the cities, shut off the UBI and start the Great Cull.
  12. I seem to remember Bill Gates did threaten us with a second virus if we refused to take the vaccine for this one.
  13. No. Elimination in the UK would be easy. Just stop testing. People have pretty much stopped dying of it because the most vulnerable are either dead or staying home, so if you just ignored it and got rid of the lockdown nonsense, no-one would really notice any more. Certainly it would be impossible to spot by looking at the death rates.
  14. Trump, though with Biden's "most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics" working to undermine the election, it may have to go to the Supreme Court. And there's still the rumor that the Democrats are planning violence at polling stations on election day.
  15. If Elon Musk is to be believed, it will soon be cheaper to buy a flight to Mars than a starter home in the UK.
  16. Bingo. Trump was aiming for the black and Latino vote, both of which were up after the debate. Without majority support from blacks, the Democrats are done. Why do you think they've been shrieking 'But Muh White Supremacy!' ever since the debate? They're trying to scare blacks back onto the plantation.
  17. Assuming we manage to avoid collapse, the way the research is going it's quite likely we could see another five year increase in lifespan in the next ten. And not just more years of being old, wrinkled and senile, but more years of decent health. Regardless of what happens, retirement and pensions are on the way out.
  18. Yes. No-one cares about a degree in the movie business. All that matters is who you know, or what you can do.
  19. I pay substantially less tax here than I did in the UK, yet I don't see people starving in the streets. The UK's public sector is just tremendously inefficient and overpaid, though I'm starting to see that coming here too, in the organizations I know about; more and more overpaid managers, more 'diversity and inclusiveness' coordinators, and less and less actual workers to do the work the organization is supposed to be doing.
  20. It's insane to ship kids all over the country to take on huge debts to study things they'll never use in their life after they graduate. And now they won't even be able to get a job in Starbucks afterwards.
  21. No, it's science. The more we learn about genetics, the more obvious it is that nature relies on infant mortality to keep the defective genes out of the gene pool. When you keep almost all kids alive to breeding age, after a few generations you find yourselves surrounded by SJW zombie goblins. As for an easy life, how many kids die young these days and how many have to go down the mines at eight years old to drag carts of coal through the dark tunnels? Those SJW zombie goblins would never have reached breeding age through most of history, and would never have had a chance to pass on those
  22. In 30 or 40 years it will have become impossible to sustain the kind of complex society required to supply petrol to petrol stations. Or to build cars, for that matter, except for maybe simple lead-acid battery electrics that you can make in a simple workshop.
  23. But if they don't get a degree, they might end up working in Starbucks!
  24. It has. It's the cycle of civilization. An easy life leads to the spread of defective genes, which leads to social collapse. Just like Mouse Utopia.
  25. Yes, this terrible, terrible virus which has turned out to be so terrible that most people have to be tested even to know they have it. Last numbers I saw from the US were that if you were under 70, the odds of dying from it were just about zero. But we have to wreck the economy to stop it. It's nuts. The bed-wetters of the world are shrieking for the government to destroy the global economy and lock them up.
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