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  1. Not really. Maybe the Tories made it worse, but it began under Blair when speed cameras replaced any kind of human traffic policing. We pointed out back then how retarded it was to remove traffic patrols from the roads and only enforce speed limits on people dumb enough to not see the cameras. But Muh Speed Kills! So here we are. Also, where I live I've noticed that driving standards have grown significantly worse since 2019. I suspect it's a combination of don't-give-a-shit-any-more and microclots in the brain from the vaccines.
  2. Not just that. Money can be created with a 'spend it or lose it' timeout after which it disappears, and all your money can be seized at the click of a mouse.
  3. He could have not flooded the world with dollars that he couldn't back. That's kind of the point of gold-backed currency. You can't just print because sooner or later you run out of gold... or you default, as Nixon did.
  4. Because Finland in NATO is an existential threat to Russia. This is why the Soviet Union made them agree to support the USSR against Western aggression, not join NATO. I'm not sure what's so hard to understand about this. How long would America put up with Russian troops in Mexico, just across the border from Vanderburg Air Force Base and San Diego Naval Base? I hear that Russia is shutting off the electricity they supply to Finland, and rumors say they'll shut off the gas and oil soon after. Meanwhile, if you believe CNN, the Americans are asking Russia for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine... which seems odd if the Ukrainians are winning.
  5. Both of which are true. Putin has made a few attacks with hypersonic missiles where it made sense, but most of the new tech is still sitting in Russia waiting for a real fight. For example, most of the long-range air defence has used S-300 systems, while the S-400s have mostly been idle except when they bring one out for live-fire testing (they got the longest recorded ground-to-air missile hit with one early in the war) and the S-500s are being churned out of the production lines ready for NATO. And most of the tanks and APCs are Soviet-era, even if they have had some upgrades.
  6. Remember, Putin sent his B-team into Ukraine. The A-team have been kept back in case they're needed to fight NATO. So if Putin decides to attack Finland before it joins NATO, Boris Johnson's posturing won't prevent him from doing so. And since Putin knows he'll have to fight Finland sooner or later--Russia can no more accept NATO forces that close to their important bases in the Arctic than the US could accept Russian forces in Saskatchewan, just over the border from US missile silos--he may well decide to do it sooner. He's often said that if a fight is inevitable, you should hit first. Or he may decide to wait until they are in NATO before he attacks, just so the world will see the rest of NATO refuse to risk nuclear war to protect Finland. That would be the end of NATO and the US Empire.
  7. By 'whites' he probably means 'non-English whites'. English whites may steal entire countries, but tend not to mug individuals. Our ancestors used to know that 'white' isn't a race, sadly the Boomers forgot that.
  8. That's when Great Leader Schwab offers to wipe out all our debts in return for agreeing that we can never own property again and we vill eat ze bugs.
  9. Looks like it's lucky I have a jar of Fortnum's Lemon Curd in the pantry.
  10. Not the UK, but apparently our teensy little interest rate rises here in Canada have caused sales to drop dramatically in Toronto and Vancouver, with people in Vancouver who'd already put down deposits trying to pull out because buying at the agreed price rather than today's price would cost them more than the deposit. Hopefully that will come here soon as we need to buy a place in the country.
  11. One of the biggest things I hear from homeschooling parents is 'how do schools manage to take so much time to teach things that my kids learn just as well in a couple of hours a day?'
  12. The way things are looking in Europe, they soon won't be able to afford to buy those Danish exports.
  13. Yes. I suspect WWIII will eventually become a global civil war of the people against the 'elite'. BTW, they apparently set one of the Prime Minister's cars on fire, and threw another one into the river. They don't seem to like him much at all, even after he resigned. Edit: heck, I just saw another video taken from the other side of the river. Looks like they're building a whole underwater scrapyard of politicians' and journalists' cars.
  14. People compared Covid rates in the US in similar neighbouring counties where one had a mask mandate and another didn't. The only consistent difference they found was that infection rates were initially higher in the counties with mask mandates, presumably because people took less precautions because they believed that sticking a piece of cloth over their face would magically protect them from a virus that's a tiny fraction of the size of the holes in the cloth. It's nonsense. It's always been nonsense. If you're not at least wearing a properly-fitted N95 mask and changing it every few hours you're doing nothing. And the effectiveness of N95 masks is dubious too.
  15. I don't know about that much, but, yes, at least half the population are going to die if society collapses. And it's localized to the West, a lot would self-deport. I read a couple of weeks ago that a third of recent immigrants to Canada are already planning to leave... as the economy gets worse that will surely increase.
  16. Plants die when CO2 drops to 150 ppm. In the last Ice Age it got down to 180ppm. Had humans not come along and burned a lot of gas and oil, all life on Earth would have died in the ice in about two million years. By burning that gas and oil we've raised the CO2 level enough to increase that lifespan to about twenty million years. Maybe learn something about science, eh?
  17. I don't know about 'game over'. If everything was to collapse here, it would basically take us back to the life my mother-in-law's parents had. Except we'd be worse off because we'd have to start over and learn the skills those people had. But we could build houses out of dirt, burn wood to heat them and raise goats and chickens. Not sure I'm young enough to survive that kind of life, but I'd give it a try.
  18. The whole point of masks was to convince people that there was a dangerous pandemic, because otherwise no-one outside a hospital would have noticed anything unusual happening. The kind of masks most people were wearing certainly don't do anything to stop the spread of respiratory diseases, and we've known that for decades. Even N95s don't do much and have to be worn properly and replaced regularly. Masking wasn't about protecting from a disease, it was about sending a message.
  19. Without humans to keep the CO2 levels up, all large life on Earth dies in about twenty million years. Plants evolved in an atmosphere with more than ten times as much CO2 as we have today, and will all die if the CO2 level drops much lower than it did in the last Ice Age. A few bugs might survive beyond that eating the hardiest of plants, but it would basically be the end of the world.
  20. I'm also not sure it would make sense for most people. We've got enough to survive for about three months, but if things go to heck and the neighbours notice that we're not starving while they have no food, they're going to start wondering whether they should break in and poke around in our basement. Even if you're out in the wilds, having big solar panels and windmills to keep your house powered if the grid goes out is basically a sign saying 'come rob us, we've got good stuff.' Prepping beyond that period of time only really makes sense if you're way out of civilization or as part of a community where everyone does it.
  21. That's what I'd like to know. The worst case is that prices may collapse but people can't afford to buy because their job just disappeared.
  22. I was thinking more of the part where they're burning down politicians' houses and blockading the airports so the politicians can't escape the country.
  23. So who else is watching Sri Lanka and wondering when that will come to where we live?
  24. From what I remember, I can't officially get NHS treatment for six months if I return to the UK. But I'm guessing if I turned up at a hospital needing treatment no-one would ask any questions. Heck, for all I know the bureaucracy didn't even tell my old doctor when I left.
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