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  1. Infected people continued arriving long after we knew there was a problem, because idiot politicians didn't close the borders. They stopped arriving when the borders were closed. Any epidemiologist who says travel bans don't work doesn't know shit. As for 'returning to normal', that's never going to happen. This is the greatest man-made catastrophe in the history of the world, all caused by allowing people to travel internationally on a whim with no quarantine. And next time will be much worse, because it will be a disease designed to either kill people or force a much longer lockdown before the Karens are happy.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSFjhWw4DNo
  3. Last I read, over 80% of Chinese Flu cases in Australia arrived from abroad. And most of the cases in this province arrived from outside Canada before the border was shut down. From this I think we can safely conclude that epidemiologists don't know shit. Heck, just a week or so back I was reading a study which concluded that travel bans had been the most effective measure against Chinese Flu. Because, you know, not importing infected people into your country is a good way to not get people infected. Reality is that the grand era of international travel is over. Countries are going to be far more careful about who they let in after seeing their economies trashed. And, next time, borders will slam closed the instant governments hear about a new disease heading their way; it will be far less expensive than letting it spread to them. And this was inevitable, because creating engineered diseases becomes easier every year. Sooner or later it was simply going to be far too dangerous to let foreigners come in. I just expected it to be another 5-10 years away.
  4. The US had excess meat when Trump was making deals. And the farmers were stuck with a system which pretty much required them to send their meat to the big, Chinese-owned producers, so they were eager to see increased demand from China. There's no longer excess meat. And there'll be less and less if something doesn't change soon. So shipping it to China is crazy. And they're not immigrants, from what I've read they're typically either illegals or temporary workers who are brought in solely to undercut American wages. No small producer paying Americans can compete. But, on top of that, it's precisely because I'm an immigrant that I can see exactly why mass immigration is such a disaster for everyone. The Brain Drain has wrecked the UK through mass emigration of many of the people who should have been running the government and starting new business, while mass immigration has wrecked Canada and the US. Neither is likely to last much more than another decade.
  5. Cheap credit. Most of the Dot-Bomb 2.0 companies are just creations of cheap credit. It's easy to hire lots of people when borrowed money is almost free.
  6. What's supposed to be amusing (or even false) about what I posted?
  7. That's what happens when you ship all the real jobs overseas.
  8. Most doctors spend years learning about relatively rare diseases, then spend most of their lives doing the equivalent of putting plasters on kids' scraped knees. Or just regurgitating whatever the latest advice is from the People's Central Health Committee ('cholesterol is in right now!'). Medical degrees are largely a scam to keep wages high by keeping the supply of doctors low. Google does as good a job for most patients, and it's only the ludicrous prescription rules which prevent them from getting the drugs Google tells them they need without going to a doctor.
  9. Not much point being a billionaire if the billions have no value because there's no economy. Besides which, the usual fate of 'elites' in bad times is to be deposed and replaced by new ones. Often with sharp blades or short ropes. Fundamentally, the 'social contract' since WWII has been that we work to make the 'elite' rich, and in return a decent portion of that wealth comes back to us. That contract has now been broken over the sniffles.
  10. It's not the monopolies that are the real scandal in the US. It's' the fact that many of those meat plants have been sold to China and are now busy shipping meat to China rather than Ohio; Americans are running out of American-raised meat while Chinese are eating it. As I understand it, the monopolies are largely a result of regulations which make centralized food processing easier than decentralized, and allow those big, monopolistic food processing plants to hire foreigners on slave wages instead of Americans. Small companies simply can't compete.
  11. Governments will be printing masses of paper money while actual productive capacity is collapsed. Short of hiring everyone to dig holes six feet apart and fill them in, it's not clear where that money is going to go. And, remember, governments all over the world have proven that they can shut down the economy at any time over a few coughs. Who's going to want to start a new business in such an environment? My guess is we get a fire-sale as people who go bust have to sell, followed by inflation as governments print money in a desperate attempt to restart the economy, and then stagnation and collapse as no-one wants to take the risk of starting a business just to see it destroyed the next time. Edit: over here I've seen a few pieces of land on my watchlist going down slowly in price, but nothing major. Biggest drop so far is only 5%. Most haven't dropped at all, but many have been on the market for a year or more so clearly are in no rush to sell yet.
  12. Good for you. But tourism is turning the West into a museum. I'd rather live in a real country that does real things.
  13. I haven't left Canada in several years. Barely even left the province. Not a lot of tourists around here when there's little to see except fields and cows.
  14. The only reason so many people have to work in tourism is because the real jobs were exported to China and Eastern Europe. Bring those back, and no-one will care that the tourism jobs disappeared.
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