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  1. The third world war has already started. But it's primarily being fought economically, not militarily. Which is why the West will lose. We simply cannot fight an economic war after the destructive policies of decades of governments have hollowed out that economy. There's no reason for China or Russia to start lobbing nukes at the US if they can just collapse what remains of the economy so Western countries can't launch nukes at them. The West is no conventional threat because our governments exported most of our manufacturing and built weapons like the F-35 which cost a couple of hundred million dollars each and take months to build. A month of losses and Western militaries would be reduced to pointy sticks and harsh language. The only thing they really have to fear is our nukes, and even then the new Russian air-defence systems can probably shoot them down.
  2. Unlike the US, I don't believe anyone credible is claiming that Putin stole the election. And whatever happened to those folks who want on an undocumented tour of the Capitol building, anyhow? Washington DC is Satan's capital on Earth. Russia is deeply corrupt, but Putin isn't telling me to castrate my kids. And, unlike the neocons in DC, he's trying not to start a nuclear war.
  3. Palestinians are politically useful. No-one wants a Kurdish nation... it would require stealing land from too many countries.
  4. Tell that to Serbia, Iraq, Libya and all the other places NATO countries have attacked since the Soviet Union collapsed. NATO cries out in pain as it bombs you. And Putin has had a decade or more to figure out what he's doing. He may be surprised to see NATO countries commit suicide, but he and Xi were already preparing to disconnect from the West before Russian troops went into Ukraine. Now that will happen because there's no reason for them to continue dealing with suicidal countries.
  5. The problem we face with vaccines is that the vax-pushers realize that when the masses realize that the vax-pushers have condemned millions to death and crippled or sterilized many, many millions more... there'll be ropes around lamp-posts on every street corner. Hence they continue to hide the truth while they desperately hope the problem goes away.
  6. This is why I'm torn between buying another house to get out of the city and waiting for prices to drop. I don't want to be stuck in a city if Trudy goes full Blackface Hitler, but I don't want to buy a house in the country now and not be able to make enough from selling our house in the city to pay it off. I did see a $600,000 price drop in my real estate emails this morning, but they were asking $3,600,000 in the first place so not a big deal.
  7. It's worth remembering that they want us to eat bugs. So anything that wrecks traditional food production is a success for them... at least until the burning torches and pitchforks come out.
  8. What do rape laws have to do with anything? It was illegal to shoot someone or rob them at gunpoint in 1920. It was also perfectly legal for a recently-released criminal to walk into a gun store and buy a gun simply by handing over a few pounds for it. And yet gun crime rates were lower than today. Gun licensing was not introduce in the UK to reduce gun crime, and never did. It was introduced to make it harder for communists to buy guns and overthrow the government. As for South Africa, I've no idea what you're talking about as I've never been there. But I do know Canadians who want to move there because they figure the South African government is now so inept that it can't enforce stupid laws. (Oh, and the more gun laws Trudeau introduces here, the more gun crime rises. Not because the laws cause more crime, but because they have absolutely no effect on crime which is rising due to increasing gang activity and less effective policing. Criminals don't obey gun laws.)
  9. Why do you have to bet when you could just look up the numbers for yourself? Britain was a much safer place back when a criminal could walk out of jail, walk into the nearest gun store and buy a gun with no questions asked than it is today when only criminals can buy guns with no questions asked. That's a fact. (Edit: I guess I should clarify that it was true when I left the UK in the early 2000s. I haven't checked the numbers since but I'll be surprised if crime has dropped.)
  10. One reason they're not asking us to go back is that we physically wouldn't fit in the office with all the new people we've hired since 2019. So at a bare minimum we'd have to do 50% of the week at home. Another is that it potentially saves them tens of thousands of dollars a month in parking permit fees since they have to pay for a permit for everyone working there. That all goes to the company's bottom line.
  11. Given so much of a doctor's work is just signing a form to let people buy the medicine they already know they need to buy because they looked up their symptoms on Google, it's absurd that those people have to trudge into a doctor's office when they can just talk to the doctor online. My girlfriend's life is much easier now our doctor mostly works online and she can just talk to him from the comfort of our sofa. Of course, it would be simpler still if the medical monopoly was eliminated so she could just go to the pharmacy and buy stuff without having to ask permission.
  12. Another issue I see when working with new programmers is that while my generation grew up programming their Sinclair and BBC micros after school for fun, most of the new guys did little to no programming before they took whatever degree they took. They just don't know how things work the way we do. With reference to my previous post here, this morning the Microsoft software told me my passcode didn't meet the company requirements, because it had to be at least four characters (it's six) and at least one number (it's all numbers). Turns out what it really meant was that it wanted me to change the passcode. And, of course, it happened when I was trying to get into a teleconference with customers in Europe.
  13. The 'elite' want New Zealand depopulated so they can move there and escape the consequences of their actions.
  14. Less people were shot in Britain before gun licensing was introduced in 1920. If I remember correctly, only the 1950s were safer, and gun crime was higher before and since. Canada used to have a sensible gun licensing system before Trudeau, but he's merely demonstrated once more that licensing leads to confiscation. And it was widely ignored here anyway; a farmer who lives a couple of hundred miles from the nearest city doesn't much care what city folks think about him owning guns. Back more on topic, I'd say our societies have already collapsed and people are only just coming to realize that. We can no longer manage to do the things our ancestors did, and are just living in the ruins of what older generations created.
  15. You have to admit though, it's odd that Gates did a training exercise about the spread of a new coronavirus in late 2019, only to see one magically appear a few weeks later. And then did a training exercise about the spread a new strain of Monkey Pox early this year, only to have one magically appear a few weeks later. It's almost like he's clairvoyant or something.
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