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  1. They voted to leave. Instead, they got a Remainer government that's doing its best to ensure they hand back as little power as possible to the British while keeping as much EU control as possible over the UK. If Remainers actually cared about the country, they'd be doing their best to ensure that leaving the EU causes as little trouble as possible. Instead, they're ensuring it will do as much damage as possible, so they can passive-aggressively attack the Leavers. But if they actually cared about the country, they wouldn't be Remainers, determined to hand everything the British fought for in the last few thousand years over to the Germans.
  2. MarkG

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    There's no time left for a 'slow and protracted stagnation'. Assuming we avoid WWII, we're heading into the most rapid period of technological change in human history, and that's not going to allow anything to stagnate. Here are just a few things we have to look forward to in the next twenty years or so: The end of all but specialist retail. Automation of the majority of unskilled and low-skilled jobs and many skilled jobs. The resurgence of nationalism and the end of globalism. America can't keep paying for the rest of the world, and Americans don't want to. Widespread genetic modification. 100-IQ British kids competing against 300-IQ engineered Chinese kids. Ever-increasing use of local manufacturing technologies reducing trade. 3D metal printers are under $10k these days, and cheap plastic plastic can already make pretty much all your cheap plastic tat needs. Sex-bots and artificial wombs. No need to chase women when you can just buy the girl of your dreams and use your DNA printer print out eggs from anyone whose DNA you can download or sequence when you decide to have kids. Plus a decent chance of a new Little Ice Age and some chance of a magnetic pole reversal. The world of 2039 will barely be recognizable to someone from 2019. That's not the kind of situation where things can slowly stagnate.
  3. The choice these days isn't between left and right, it's been nationalist and globalist.
  4. MarkG

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Because people will be totally happy to burn up the limited charge cycles of their $20,000 battery to provide power to the grid because the government won't build enough power stations. And to find their car is out of power when they need to go to work in the morning. One city over here had smart meters put in, but they kept setting houses on fire so they took them out.
  5. MarkG

    Yellow Vest Protests

    The 'elite' have gutted Western militaries and pansified the police. They've taken over most social and government institutions, turned them against the people, and made them useless for the purpose they were originally designed for. If there's ever a civil war, their power will evaporate pretty much overnight. I forget where, but I read somewhere today that the Yellow Vests are talking about pulling all their money out of the banks to try to start a bank run. That seems like another easy way to reduce globalist power; who'll obey the banks if they have no money to hand out?
  6. For a typical $100,000,000 'Made in Britain' movie: The money comes from Hollywood. $95,000,000 goes to the stars and director, most of whom aren't British. $5,000,000 goes on actually making the movie, so much of that does stay in the UK. The producers probably get more than $5,000,000 in tax breaks, so overall it's a loss to the UK. The profits go back to Hollywood. Like what? The British government even had to get Germans to take over the British Army's assault rifle to make it work properly. Military aircraft are pretty much gone. I believe even the missiles are mostly international collaborations these days? I do own some British weapons, so we certainly used to make good ones, but the youngest is about to have its sixtieth birthday. As for Germany's collapsing manufacturing, the Germans are pushing it out of the country with their insane 'Green' energy policies, and Trump is bringing outsourced manufacturing back to America. Countries that rely on exports for their economy don't do too well when their foreign customers stop buying. Edit: come to think of it, I did buy a Webley air pistol a little while ago. But it was made in Taiwan.
  7. Yeah, if you have large amounts of goods that need to be moved from point A to point B and there's a railway line between them. If you don't produce goods at point A and sell them at point B, you'll have to load them on a truck to get to point A, then load them onto another truck at point B, so in most cases you might as well just drive the truck the whole way. But, more important than that, shipping large amounts of goods around is about to go away. Why do that when you can just make them locally?
  8. Rail privatization in the UK was driven by the EU, which required it to be done in a complex and inefficient manner. You can blame the Tories for a lot, but not for that. But, yes, railways are a silly idea in the 21st century.
  9. I've seen them here, but only on cable, which is sinking fast as people switch to Netflix and other streaming services. I only see it when visiting friends who still pay for it.
  10. MarkG

    Yellow Vest Protests

    "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold" In a civil war, the centre is where you get shot at from both sides. The only sane choice is to pick a side and hope they win. And there are a heck of a lot more nationalists than globalists.
  11. Get out of the way? All that 'borrow and spend' will do is create more debt on the backs of a shrinking productive population, and more fake jobs that are reliant on ever-increasing debt. When the problem is too much easy credit and too much debt, the solution is not... more debt.
  12. How often, exactly, do you plan to hold referendums just to see whether people have changed their minds? Every day? Every week? Every month? Every year? Remainers want to keep voting until they get a 'Remain' vote, at which point Britons will never be allowed to vote again. Ever. We know. It's what the EU always does. Besides, why would anyone trust a second vote? Britain has a government willing to destroy its own party and risk civil war to remain in the EU even though people voted to leave. And we're seriously supposed to believe they won't rig a referendum? I'm honestly quite shocked that they didn't rig the last one. I can only assume that, like the Democrats in the 2016 election, they didn't think they could lose.
  13. The r-selected population, particularly in Africa. In the old days, they had lots of kids, but most of those kids died of starvation, disease or war, or were eaten by lions, so the population stayed fairly stable. Now they've killed off most of the wild animals and Western food and medicine has kept them alive. So the population is exploding far, far beyond any natural carrying capacity, and few of those people will have any economic value in a post-industrial world. The Western food and aid is going to go, and the best they can hope for is that the Chinese find some value in them as they loot Africa's resources. The boomers who demanded we "fe-ee-ed tha w-oo-rr-ld because aging pop stars tell us to" in the 80s have created what may well be be the greatest humanitarian disaster in the history of the planet.
  14. A declining population should be welcomed, because tens of millions of people currently alive in the UK will be unable to do anything at all that adds economic value after another twenty years of automation. But, instead, politicians are flooding shrinking Western nations with foreigners, most of whom are even less likely to be able to do anything of economic value. Oh, and encouraging the people whose jobs are going to be automated away to have kids, while they discourage the smarter part of the population from having kids, even though they're the ones whose kids are most likely to be able to do something useful by the time they grow up. Stupidity or plain evil? It's getting hard to tell. But that is nonsense. It's easy to tell women they have to have children, the only thing missing is the will to do so.
  15. The British are the nicest people in the world, until they're not. The won't riot in the streets like the French, they'll be nice and polite one day, then burn London to the ground the next. And I'd say the Leavers I know are getting pretty close to 'not' these days. Which, oddly enough, is the same kind of time period in which GDP has flatlined.

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