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  1. Until Terry May came to be PM I had never voted for anyone other than the Tories. Now until she is gone, alongside our useless MP, I will vote for anyone other than them.
  2. See also Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The man who failed as a chef but somehow ended up with a newspaper column, holiday home and TV series....
  3. It is dead in Huntingdon. Next and TK Maxx seem to attract ladies but there doesn't seem to be an obvious shop for men. James Cox is the only menswear shop but an Oxfam, Cash converters and Magnet don't really tempt.
  4. HTB Leaves Cove Bay Couple trapped.... link to the Daily Fail - interesting that sympathy in short supply.
  5. Just on a few small points Police did pay 11% (now 15%)for that pension and the vast majority of recruits since about 2007 have been on various new schemes that result in retirement at 65. Also the people who joined before 1998 have had their pensions changed to taper their retirement out from 55 so the Police pension is not as good as you paint it. Still not bad but then we do expect them to deal with all the human excreta that we run to avoid.
  6. I think wealth in these countries is partially accident of birth if you are a close relative of hosni Mubarak you will be rich so no special brilliance in much of these people
  7. Everyone knows where it is going but this is a classic individual versus society problem. We need house prices to crash but we don't want our own house to fall. Same with wages in the long run they will automate trains and we won't have to deal with these unions but don't blame the union for trying to get the best deal for their members that is their job
  8. Injin +1 this is a matter for drivers and management. I think they are cutting their own throats long-term but in the here and now they have every right to try to get the best deal they can
  9. Up until recently the Metropolitan Police classed it as a "privilege day" and you got 1/2 day off in the run up to Christmas. It was lumped into general Annual Leave about 3 years ago. Alongside the Queens Official Birthday and Maundy Thursday if I recall...because not unreasonably shift workers couldn't all just down tools unless you want no 999 calls answered
  10. London is fantastic for a twenty something arts lover or someone who likes clubbing. I would say that kids mean the chances to enjoy these things is severely reduced :angry: Now I think anyone who has grown up there has the same attachment to it as the Scouser does to Liverpool, the Weegie to Glasgow etc. So the question really is why does any non-native stay there? AS a 30something inhabitant I am already asking that question. I think many others are as well.
  11. I feel sorry for some people. That's not to say that it is not their own fault in a lot of cases but these people will lose virtually everything due to this situation. What lots of HPCers forget is how dire rents can be especially with the new BTL generation and ASTs. The possibility of being turfed out after 6months etc. No security, no roots etc. Also everyone mocks the "its different this time" brigade but imagine the bulls were right? What would we see? 10%home ownership perhaps? Or to put another way the general historical number. We assume that the high ownership levels of the last 20yrs to be typical but what if they were not? In the situation of poor rental agreements and constant unaffordable housing would buying when you have the chance not seem sensible? Lots of people made exactly this call. They were not all greedy capitalists but they are learning the hard way that for one to win another must lose. However BTLers can go spin and heavy MEWers will get their just desserts - I hope
  12. Surely the problem is down to reduced consumption of nasal snuff? Am I the only one who can see it?
  13. Great plan but it costs a small fortune to move to the country now. Have you watched Escape to the Country?The late great John Seymour once said that a family can live on 5 acres but at an absolute minimum 1 acre could allow them to be self sufficient in some stuff(Cattle,Pork etc). Now to buy a farm with that size of land would not leave you with much change from 1/2 million in most of the country. Basically we are screwed.
  14. Why do you want the man who played Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars to do this.....?
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