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  1. Offered with no onward chain, this sizeable home is in need of some cosmetic updating, allowing you opportunity to put your own personal stamp on it! Just. Look.... My link
  2. Hi Jim, I think you are correct. If you provide notice prior to Nov 1st your last day will be Dec 31st. I don't think there is any reason for a stock letter. I'd send one by recorded delivery (although you don't have much time) and provide a copy by hand. Your LL may want to have viewings through this period. Although you can refuse, you could be better off allowing this if they find someone sooner - (I'm assuming you may want to get out earlier. Bankside
  3. Something is definitely up. No longer willing to hear all the commentary about what a disaster this scheme will be, Cameron has announced it's going to start next week. Be very afraid! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/david-cameron/10342014/David-Cameron-My-mortgage-plan-for-struggling-families.html
  4. Wow! I'd be interested in understanding a little more I regards to area, type and price.. (Without giving too much away of course!" Thanks
  5. I've just received an email from nethouseprices informing me that they are now fully managing Property-bee. I wonder what their plans are with development? I hope it continues as it's a really useful piece of kit (thanks to beerhunter) Any else had this? Bankside
  6. You say that you have challenged the valuation. Did you request the vendor reduces the cost to the surveyors estimate?
  7. I heard "June's pink passage is a thing of the past" Was that you Sid?
  8. Could be a good time to negotiate your rent in a downwards direction. Also you could insist on a break clause anytime after the first (say) two months Have you spoken to the LL about it? Every now and again a LA does something in their own interests bu dresses it up as "the LL wants"....... Just saying.
  9. Number 20 sold in Dec for £465K. I think this house is identical - he wants £535K Deluded
  10. She spent £1.1M in total which was 50k higher then the record price for the road. The two EAs stated putting it on the market for £1.2M She was thinking more like £1.5M........ It'll be interesting to know what happened as it was still being funded by a bridging loan. (She was very foxy though)
  11. I suggest you email (or write) to the agents, copying in the LL confirming the details about Saturdays conversation when they told you about the refund. It's then up to them to decide if they wish to deny the conversation. It's not quite proof but you put the onus back on them - and make sure the LL knows about the conversation. Bankside
  12. You may think you deserve double retirement funds, but why should it be me that has to pay for it?
  13. I'm already paying for your retirement. Why should I pay an additional premium?
  14. Edwardian masterpiece?........That's is awful. Is that the kitchen in the PVC conservatory? Along with an office??? Although you're saving £500K over the original asking price- so someone will snap it up deluded Edit: Apologies, I now see it's actually a jacuzzi in the conservatory next to the office so that makes it all ok. Form an orderly queue please
  15. You're very welcome. I'd ask him how he would like you to leave the property and who to give the keys to. Out of interest, was there an Inventory check in at the beginning of the tenancy?
  16. Here you go - https://www.gov.uk/private-renting-tenancy-agreements/how-to-end-your-tenancy
  17. Welcome to the madhouse Miss Kitty, As far as I can see you're absolutely correct. The AST became a Periodic tenancy after the initial period and you are to give one months notice prior to the date of the month of the initial contract - in your case the day before the 1st Dec - and therefore you will vacate on Dec 31st. I'm sure someone with more credentials will be along shortly to point you towards the correct piece of legislation - and I recommend you pass to your landlord. In regards to your deposit, this should be held in one of the three official Deposit Hoding Services (you should have received notice within 30 days from the start of your tenancy with details of which scheme). They will not allow your LL to take the funds without due cause. In saying all that - are you sure you wish to move on New Years Eve? Cheers Bankside
  18. Should we expect this to be reflected in this months "Rightmove" asking prices? Norfolk up 100000% - Better snap up a bargain quick!
  19. Hmm, I'm certainly seeing drops here. New set of very upmarket apartments built near me. They have been asking £795 per week for the 2 beds - this week some have lowered to £650. 1 beds from £675 to £625. I'm not sure if the sales teams (of the developer) are amending their literature to adjust the expected yields in a downwards direction........
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