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  1. I used this website when I wanted an EBay item delivered. It worked well for me as it links you up with delivery companies that can share their costs across a number pieces of work https://www.shiply.com/how-it-works
  2. What this fails to mention is that the properties previously bought by Chinese investors have devalued by 11% (and rent too). Not such an attractive proposition.
  3. Someone is going to nurse a bad hangover for this one https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-70051195.html Price Change History 10/09/2019 Price Changed: £899,999 £800,000 16/07/2019 Price Changed: £960,000 £899,999 21/05/2019 Price Changed: £999,999 £960,000 14/02/2019 Initial entry found. Year Sold Sold Price 2015 £958,000
  4. They are selling lots! (of plots without planning permission)
  5. Buying off plan certainly didn't work out this time... https://www.zoopla.co.uk/new-homes/details/47944391 £245,000 under the orginal contract price and still not sold This one is almost certainly going to go under 2013 purchase price https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/48409183 23rd Feb 2019 £950,000 Price reduced by £40,000 9th Jul 2018 £990,000 Price reduced by £109,950 29th May 2018 £1,099,950 Price reduced by £50 29th May 2018 £1,100,000 First listed 27th Sep 2013 £950,000
  6. Here's another https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/48209195 9th Apr 2019 £799,999 Price reduced by £50,001 15th Feb 2019 £850,000 Price reduced by £49,999 30th Aug 2018 £899,999 Price reduced by £100,000 28th Aug 2018 £999,999 Price reduced by £150,001 2nd Jul 2018 £1,150,000 £1,400 sq/ft was kiteflying, now it's £1,000 and that would have worked two years ago but not any more. It looks ex rental - those voids much be hurting. But that nice man from Foxton's said I'd get it no problem!
  7. I agree. The place I linked to above is now good value at £900 sq/ft especially when you include the outside space and parking. (I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but it’s a very popular area) of they had put it on the market for that or for £1000 sq/ft back in 2016 they could have had a bidding war. Still, The voids don’t appear to be biting yet!
  8. We've all seen some great kite flying so I thought I'd start a thread on those determined to be "not giving it away" and then constantly being behind the market. Here's a great example. In 2016 the market was still motoring along, and perhaps in previous times, it would have caught up and this place would have sold. But no... someone was being a bit too greedy, and needs to wake up a smell the coffee. 2 Bed Penthouse - SE1 Price history Sold prices provided by Land Registry 2nd Mar 2018 £900,000 Price reduced by £50,000 18th Jul 2017 £950,000 Price reduced by £45,000 9th Feb 2017 £995,000 Price reduced by £55,000 4th Nov 2016 £1,050,000 Price reduced by £100,000 5th Oct 2016 £1,150,000 Is anyone else seeing similar in their areas? Bankside
  9. You've not heard of SMI? Until recently, you didn't even have to pay this back. Also, it used to cover interest and capital! https://www.gov.uk/support-for-mortgage-interest
  10. I understand your comments but these all have a ripple effect. If the Z1 place for £1.1m drops to 900K, then no one is going to buy the Z2 place for £950K. They will have to reduce to £800K. Then the Z3 place that was on for £800K will have to drop - and so on. Also, these drops are continuing right now. We have yet to find the bottom. (They are also really nice flats...)
  11. These are a nice set of flats apartments just behind the Globe Theatre. There has been some considerable development in the immediate area over the last 5 to 10 years and the location is ever improving. They might have got the orginal price of £1.1m in 2017 (around £1,400/sqft) but not any more. It appears that we are back to 2013 prices and not far from £1000/sqft https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/48409183 23rd Feb 2019 £950,000 Price reduced by £40,000 9th Jul 2018 £990,000 Price reduced by £109,950 29th May 2018 £1,099,950 Price reduced by £50 29th May 2018 £1,100,000 First listed 27th Sep 2013 £950,000 That is quite a change.
  12. 29th Oct 2018 £415,000 Price reduced by £10,000 10th Oct 2018 £425,000 Price reduced by £15,000 12th Jun 2018 £440,000 Price reduced by £10,000 12th Jun 2018 £450,000 First listed Last Sale - 3rd Aug 2012 £155,000 Well we're not going to give it away!!! (but we expect you to pay three times what we did 6 years ago)
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