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  1. NeverEverWillBuyUnlessInflationLessensDebt
  2. Honda, VW, want a chance to sell your stuff?
  3. "Get into debt, do not. Powerful mind tricks, Krusty and Phil do play."
  4. It's an old gambling trick they are using to try to get the buyers to part with their cash. The buyer will think that they are getting a real bargain when their x% off asking price is accepted.
  5. Because he represents the "do something" party
  6. I thought Gordo was gonna pull a gun out his pocket to the last reporter!
  7. It sounds like he really wants help from other countries, and without their shoulders to lean on he stands no chance. He doesn't admit to his own mismanagement, he doesn't accept it.
  8. "the challenges we make", "clapital", idiot. By his own standards he wants to set, he more or less admits he isn't up to his job as prime minister. He should "do what's right for Britain" and step down.
  9. I went to the doctor the other day. I said, "I think I'm a Dog!" Doctor said, "How long have you thought this?" I said, "Ever since I was a puppy !"
  10. It feels like they are saying, come with us to the light, or be damned. Whilst behind the closed doors of their castles built by slaves, they are laughing at their flock for believing the false idol. VI's in all things everywhere. Human nature, we want a free meal from strangers whilst caring for ourselves and loved ones. Where do we get the next free meal from? How do we look after our own? How do we prepare for the winter ahead? Of all the noisy monkeys in power, which ones are good natured, genuine and truthful, who are willing to help you plough the field, sow the seeds and mutually benefit the harvest, and which ones will rape the fields one harvest night when you are asleep.
  11. They all do this I assume. I know that LloydsTSB and AllLeics do with me.
  12. "What the fvck is that on the end of my finger ?! "
  13. That's as good as 'no more boom and bust' ! Is there somewhere a good old list of the funny noises he spouts?
  14. What makes this worse, is that I don't remember staff bonuses being included in the bailout when NR was nationalised. All things considered, these bonuses takes the plss somewhat. I bet Brown is doing his 'fvck you' smirk to us again.
  15. Has she got a friend? A nice double fronted detached, immaculate exterior but interior needs TLC. Cheap to maintain. Tight front garden but nice well laid rear, can go bi as a home or investment. Plot size 38, 26, 36m. Strap on garage by negotiation. Looks like a Laings building site in Stoke Golding a few years ago, when a half built house got blown over from a storm one night.
  16. Melvyn made the holes in the internal doors with his fists and feet? (I also assume he wasn't the father of the kids as he wasn't referred to as dad? i'm too lazy to rewatch it to confirm!) Like the BBC programme 'Repossessed', the women had idiots for partners. These men are wet limp lettuces who, for whatever reason, didn't learn to stand on there own two feet, and swapped their mothers for wives to wipe their ar5es. I hope stuff like this wakes people up - debt is bad. The drug has been different over the last decade, from heroin to debt, both addictive and harmful, but the message is still the same - JUST SAY NO !!!
  17. I thought they are going for a global currency called PEZ. It has a shelf life so you can't save it for too long.
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