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  1. Nice graph, less money being progressively lent out, the amount of people being lent to is beside the point. It can't be spun, it will be ignored by HPI VI's.
  2. Andrew Marr had a guest on yesterday, who referred to the protests as riots, even when corrected that they are protests and not riots. He even got Marr referring to the protests as riots once or twice, IIRC.
  3. This reminds me of someone I met who briefly worked for a well known car repair garage. Basically, this mechanic occasionally deliberately made a problem at the managers request, or faked one, on customers cars. And then he offered the solution.
  4. It almost seems as though the police actually want riots. Unfortunately for the majority of peaceful protesters, it looks like a minority of troublemakers may give the police what they want. Why would the police want a violent confrontation? At least there are cctv cameras everywhere, and most people seem to have cameras on their mobile. If there is trouble at these protests, maybe youtube might be a better place to look for news, rather than mainstream tv.
  5. There aren't too many more irritating than him. Does he ever shut his whining cake hole? FFS.
  6. And what is the point of his jetting off everywhere? Why not just use a fvcking telephone?
  7. I was hoping, from the thread title, the man was going to barter and trade and whatnot. There is no jam in this one.
  8. Great shape for years? How so? They admit they may be in negative equity already, as in - if they were to try to sell now, their 20% deposit has gone, as in - they have lost £80,000 ish, since dec 2007. If they were to have more kids and want a 3 bed in a year or few, they may struggle to move, they might be stuck in that house for over a decade whilst being a slave to the 400k they owe. And how will they feel if and when interest rates rise to 4% or more? And how secure are their jobs?
  9. And they paid how much for a 2 bed victorian terrace?
  10. 2 year tracker bought in 2007. So what happens at the end of their 2 year deal? And how much has that property seen a paper value drop since they bought? The amount of equity they put it? When are they going into neg eq?
  11. What is the current Northern Rock income multiple average for their mortgages?
  12. It was back of rizla packet maths, but why are you so uptight?
  13. Northern Rock Link Average multiple less than 3.5 times
  14. Back of rizla packet maths, Northern Rock average is less than 3.5 times income, and how many 4.2 multiples will there actually be?
  15. Two important things in life, things of value, love and lust, drivers of men. Threads like these are more fun than gold. Unless you prefer to look at a 1, or a 1 with two 0's underneath Maths can represent a still frame of life. A prediction, a reproduction, a series. But maths isn't the real tits in your hand and never will be. It can maybe predict the chance of such an event. Like with love, it's best to be fluid, unlike the plastic feel (AFAIK right now) of maths.
  16. "A good agent will say that if you want to sell it, you need to drop the asking prices by say £20,000 or £30,000 to get people through the door, and tell them the property they buy will be doing the same thing." Would the seller then do a few faces like these? --->
  17. Funded by a bank I can't see it with this one. But your right, there will be police wearing civvies amongst the crowds.
  18. It wasn't supposed to be a manual, was it?!
  19. If this is a basement flat, what is the bedroom window looking down onto?! Key features : Alarm. Now THAT'S a fvcking understatment. Imagine doing that house clearance
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