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  1. Rinoa, like every time you (and McT and Sib etc) post such stuff, you either forget to read or fail to understand all of the story. Thank you for the bearish bits
  2. I can understand the use or fun to be had with aircraft or yachts. But not marriage.
  3. Child - A young human being you raise, to prop up your pyramid scheme. Debt - Wealth. Parents - Those old people who raised you that you hate just enough to borrow as much money from them with little intention of paying them back, before they con you into their pyramid scheme.
  4. I like it, it fits. He is a mofo bajingo. He looks like an estate agent, too. *spit* :angry: James Purloin. I like your style here. Yep, they are doing a job and should get paid and have some pudding, too. But no self service. It's just not cricket. These self important politicians with their brass bands in the till need to be reminded that their shit DOES stink. Who's going to sort this though? The tree needs a shaking.
  5. Exemplifies everything wrong with this country today? How so?
  6. This thread must be a contender for the "Silent scream of the day" award.
  7. If CEBR are this crap, how are they still around? Who funds these CEBR fools? Which fools seeks their opinions, apart from the Daily Express?
  8. So CEBR isn't reliable? What stats do they use for their guesses, and how do they interpret them?
  9. Are you HPC.co.uk youngest member, just hitting puberty?
  10. She must have seen it, but she hasn't said anything I suppose because there are so many titties on the internet she's become numb to them
  11. Thats how mrs leveller saw that graph, too. Which is why I don't like that graph. Easy at a glance to interpret it wrong. I prefer the graphs showing prices going up and down against time.
  12. I would also be depressed if I was looking in Coventry to buy a house
  13. What I have tried to point out, is that even though there may be a bit more money (yay), they also say in the same survey that any loans of greater than 75% ltv will be harder to get, and demand for this extra money generally less. Which should wipe the smiley off your original post
  14. Other issues of lesser importance? Why so? Rarely (if ever) has a thread discussed just one single point, as one thing links to another. It was the BBC that chose to highlight one point of the survey, without giving all of the surveys details (that is if the survey I linked to is the one that the beeb refer to ). And thus you linking to it. Is it that you just prefer one item of the survey to help you justify your catchy title of 'more credit ~ less crunch' (nice BTW ), rather than looking at the the whole picture? I can't see that events have already overtaken this estimate, because of the rest of the survey, and from many other threads on this site. From first reading this site a few years ago, I'd rather put my trust in this sites collective average of various posters, rather than what the BoE or government say.
  15. link from page 2 Demand for secured lending for house purchase and for remortgaging was reported to have declined over the past three months. Lenders expected demand for secured lending to fall further. Default rates, and losses given default, on secured and unsecured lending to households and lending to private non-financial corporations were reported to have risen over the past three months. Lenders expected a further increase in both default rates and losses given default. from page 7 How have credit scoring criteria for granting loan applications by households changed? Next three months -17.3 How has the proportion of household loan applications being approved changed? Next three months -44.2 How has demand for secured lending for house purchase from households changed? Next three months -28.0 from page 9 How has the availability of household secured credit to the following types of borrower changed? Borrowers with high LTVs (more than 75%): Next three months -21.0
  16. Maybe because I'm currently sleep deprived, but which BoE report are they reporting from? I can only find this one at the mo ----> link And I don't read it as being so jolly for you, Rinoa.
  17. Water is not a luxury. Personally I think it should be free. We get screwed for enough taxes elsewhere. I would support water meters maybe if the low paid were subsidised like council tax is, or a minimum amount to basically live on was free before charges brought in.
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