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  1. 'Down the pub' style. Less inhibited, more 'real', emotional, human. Can we have it over 18's only, with the 'tune of the day' thread linked to it?
  2. Yup. I really don't miss driving 2 hours to get to a site, do the job, and drive 2 hours back. Gave that life up a year ago now, the job, the commutes, the stress, the backache. Thank god.
  3. If I wasn't so damn lazy, my head would be filled with more useful information to share and for debate, and I'd post more. But women and alcohol are just such good fun. The important things in life I really wasn't aware that the ads are related to our posts. How does that work exactly? ( puppies puppies puppies ) I thought that my avatar was annoying people, but you helped me see the error of my ways, cheers. Unfortunately I can't take the praise for my avatar, 'twas a gift from Anorthosite after I couldn't get another woman dancing for me. But now she's mine !
  4. At least on this forum I won't wake up tomo morning with an unknown minger next to me. (even though that used to be part of the fun ) And I can chat getting tipsy just wearing my mankini
  5. Sorry for going off topic Sybil, a new thread could be started if not already done so, from estateagenttoday An unintended consequence of the Local Housing Allowance scheme, "some tenants would spend the money on anything but rent." Back on topic Sybil, I pretty much agree with your original post. Greed and pride doesn't like to admit something you bought is worth less than what you paid for it. If a company like Chain Solution helps some people deal with their greed and pride issues, then so be it. A bit like cash back deals on purchases in reverse, why not just have a lower price in the first fvcking place for a complete chain? Sensible lending isn't a disgrace. The disgrace is within those who want to keep a ripoffyourfriend system going. And that system is being dismantled.
  6. There sure is some jaw dropping stuff posted by Karl Denninger. Having only just read his last dozen or so pieces, has he been proved correct over time ? post number 535
  7. Think I found the Trump quote here?. It states a date of 10/28/2008 for the post, by an estate agent. I'm reading the whole Trump quote as reference to the American market, with "I have personally seen some properties going for 30-40 cents on the dollar" he says in the article. (Investors) "aren’t being frightened by the liberal media’s scare tactics". ~~ Is that really true?
  8. from the site getanoffer Which scare tactics in the media? Also when did Trump say this, which country was he referring to, and are his facts re investors making huge buys correct?
  9. I'm bumping this thread as I missed it and it seems from just reading one chapter that I have a hell of a lot to learn, from the few posts on it many others have missed it, too. Or else I am the only thicko here who doesn't already know all the content. I am not too well read, I admit I am a bit lazy. I've only just discovered today who Ludwig von Mises was after googling, when I read long term posters mention 'Crack up boom' and 'wealth destruction'.
  10. "Duty on the average bottle of beer has gone up by two per cent, thereby putting an additional strain on Scottish parents as they’ll have to increase their kids’ pocket money. "
  11. Does the tax raised from alcohol and cigarettes cover the related NHS costs ? Any stats on this ?
  12. It's good for Gordon that he has at least one supporter, I like who his first friend is
  13. If they can afford to do that, then that type of owner won't care much about a little bit extra money. But how many of them can? I'm kind of hoping that this will help to lower the house prices faster in the next 12 months in holiday areas, as some owners try to dump them. Even if they try to let them out, how many locals will be able to afford them?
  14. Coolio Shame they didn't have the balls to tax the BTL'ers more, too. link
  15. But it's a headline I know some people will swallow for a while, without wanting to look any further.
  16. I think you are looking at the wrong part of 'The Sun'. This is more like it
  17. Is there any data, stats, graphs, etc for HMRC property figures over the last couple of decades anywhere? And how they get their info? Maybe I didn't get enough sleep, or too lazy, but I can't find anything. All I found so far was a high of 154,000 sales in Dec 2006 link Edit - The 10 year old laptop I'm on won't let me view any of the pdf's from this link. Anything interesting there?
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