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  1. 5 pints of sweat, a blood, and a double tears, from each man prepared/forced to get his hands dirty, at the mo.
  2. In your 25 year story, what could that original £50k multiply into through other investments? Not that I am going to get a decent reply from you, but your judgment and answers always make me laugh.
  3. Good for you about your house and all, but unlucky about having the debt with it. Lets hope you both keep your jobs and stay healthy so you can pay it off. Good luck!
  4. We do. More of the ones that end up being about women and alcohol
  5. Did these people have the courtesy to consult your ma before they moved in to this house which is half hers? If not - fvck 'em, as it sounds like someone is trying to bend your mother over. Definitely go legal, preferably before the meeting with uncle and cousin. And expect it to get a bit messy. There is nothing quite like having vultures in the family. I hope you can do your mum, dad, and gran some justice. Good luck! (and not sold in 2 years? eh?)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9VqIoOKIws...feature=related
  7. What would be wrong with both at the same time
  8. Beautiful things to see in life should be shared amongst friends if possible
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c4L4CPfQY8
  10. I feel a bit sorry for the guy, as he may have learned the error of his ways. But you place your bets. . .
  11. I agree, Carrie Gracie's job would be very stressful and difficult, I wouldn't be able to do it, or want to do it. All things relative, her £92k at the mo sounds fair if she does what she does full time. Sub contractors in the building industry who were fast and accurate, well, in my experience at least up to spring 2008, could have earned that, gross. Plumbers, kitchen fitters, etc. Actually, re reading what I've just typed, since many of the subbies no longer have that wave to ride, as many industries haven't any more, is it going to be loads of financial haircuts all round? I like your "health and safety" story. Reminds me of one time in the late 90's, once when I tried the university route for life. A bunch of us were in the local college tea room, including some 'old boys', we were the only ones in there at the time. Anyway, this one guy, he was over 60, ex army, opened the window next to him, got out his pipe, stuffed and lit it. A few minutes later some young chap came into the room, spotted pipe smoker, came over to our tables and very rudely and loudly insisted that he put out his pipe as it was against the rules to smoke in there, and would be kicked out if he didn't. Quite over the top. "thats a fvcking shame" said pipe smoker. That was then followed up by the rest of us other smokers lighting up, as the pipe smoker started to tell some of his more gruesome war stories. Yes we were all a bit naughty in what we did I suppose, as lit cigs from irresponsible people have been attributed to starting a few fires, and the anti smoking and antisocial brigade will protest about passive smoking problems. The window was open, and flicked ash and cig butts put into the disposable cups with a bit of tea at the bottom, causing no harm. Cleaned up after ourselves, too. Young guy left the room without doing whatever he came in for, as we wished him well on his way out. Never heard any more from him either. The "health and safety" lot have now won against those criminal smokers. Dirty, bad lot they were. I'm off to go and climb some step ladders in my bedroom for a while. I then might go and soak some cutlery in the washing up bowl, may give mrs lev a fright when she does the washing up later! On second thoughts I best not, as I won't get no kiss chase later. Anyone got any idea what temperature my washing up water should be?
  12. I got a whiny battleaxe ms lev 6 feet away, prude, bits as dry as a . . .
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_skirt sensible link
  14. Despite the governments attempts to sterilise our humanity. . . I love british spirit. Supporting the underdog. Rough diamonds. Happy endings. Dad dancing. Imperfection. Compassion, empathy. Eccentricity. The weather. Chippie chips. A dripping 99. Hankies. Helena bonham carter.
  15. I like your idea It would make for the funniest thread ever. How about the week commencing next Friday, 15th May ? You may be able to negotiate tidy sum off the £2k as it'll be a late deal and cash. Can you make sure there's a 24/7 live video stream for those of us who can't make it !
  16. You're right. Responsibility for other people. It just feels like they have power over us. I have been brainwashed, but I'm starting to wake up.
  17. How the hell do these people end up in politics ? Like a married lecturer seducing his 17 year old student, it's not illegal, but it's just not cricket. OK, maybe my analogy is a bit OTT, but maybe psychological profiling should be used for politicians, as I thought that their roles are supposed to include responsibility over other people.
  18. From page 2 of the link Really? New builds have fallen 50%? Where? Because if that was true, I would have thought that would grab a headline on its own. They should either back up their stories with proven facts, or have the right to publish curtailed. Maybe they should have a disclaimer in bold stating that what they publish is fiction, for entertainment purposes only.
  19. Well it is happy hour-or-so And Saturday nights used to be about such things
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