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  1. You've been warning us that rates will rise?! So you think rising rates will help houses become more affordable? Debt is wealth to aspire to, especially if you got to pay more for it? And the best / cheapest mortgage deals are disappearing - this is good for house affordability? Where can I play this game, of how to win a nice big fat mortgage?
  2. Here's a link to the latest newz http://main.fknnewz.com/blog/?p=765
  3. Like this bathroom, do not mix with alcohol
  4. Your posts help a lot, as relevant as any of the other good posters on here. I like your posting style, and you got more useful stuff to say than I ! Do not let any of the ba5tards get to you.
  5. All over the world huh? Care to expand on this without any BS? And if it's true, why suddenly spend so much time on this forum? Doesn't add up.
  6. Do you think he ever uses his sith powers to bully his better half Sarah?
  7. Any idea's how to get out of this thread?
  8. Ta for the link. The EA was funny, spat my tea over the keyboard at his "bored with renting" rant.
  9. Don't worry about it. The ice is thin, sea below.
  10. For any other thicko's like me who find this thread interesting, but only just starting to learn about it, I found this link OK to get my head around bits of the subject. Well, that is if you wise ones agree? Incademy
  11. This may be a silly noob question, but apart from the BoE, who are the other investors interested in some of these gilts? Also, what does the BoE do with them? Edit for - Who are these investors eager to sell?
  12. I don't, not enough time, too many other emotions elsewhere Sybo
  13. It is great, but so time consuming (time being the problem?). Like my Fridays plans were mostly forgotten, and instead this thread, it's links, wiki, and a dictionary, took it over. (thread bump allowed?) (( Off topic here, sorry, but the reason why I read these threads is to try to put more meat on the skeleton to the thoughts I have on what to do with my cash now and in the future, as I am trying to wake up a bit more. Is it too little too late for me too learn what to do with my hard earned though? Being a nervous novice nobody doesn't help. No-one I know is interested in talking about stuff like gilts and bonds etc, who can blame them when booze and sex is more fun, so thanks to you all for the free educashun here Sorry I can't give more back to these threads, and even if I could, my tipsy posts would probably nullify any relevance. A problem with my posts is after a certain time when I'm drunk in charge of a computer ))
  14. I was planning on giving up booze until this thread came along.
  15. That is what pisses me off. Stupid system. Do what they like?. Even when it's dumb or unethical? They gots too much power.
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