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  1. I think you might want to give your lucky 8 ball another shake
  2. Sounds like this EA is a bit of a tit. So what that your offer is only 250k. If the EA was good at his job, he'd pass any offer on, and maybe try to hook you in with EA jedi mind tricks and get a higher offer out of you later.
  3. Thanks for making me spurt out a mouthful of coffee over my keyboard
  4. LR use a repeat sales method to calculate HPI they say, at the bottom of their report here. Apples to apples.
  5. I can't see Hackney dragging the rest up. I've just had a quick look at upmystreet.com, I don't know how comprehensive their data is, but for E8 I really doubt there would be sufficient volume of sales. (data up to 15 May 2009 only). I'm not familiar with London, so I don't know if Hackney is only E8, or includes other areas. Unless someone went on a mad buying spree there. eg 100 sold at 2.7% increase, versus 1 sold at -2.7% elsewhere. I'm too thick with numbers, there's many other posters here who aren't who may know. I'm just here waiting for the sun to come back out
  6. In the aluminium overdosed section of my mind, I thought it could be a typo by LR. 2% instead of 0.2%, BBC style. They have made accidental mistakes before, as proved on another thread(s). IIRC one of them was a house that sold for £150,000 but LR put it as £1,150,000.
  7. What are the volumes and prices of properties selling in Hackney? Because like you say, this is the only area that can pull the figure towards 2%, as all the rest are less than 2%. (unless we are being a bit thick) Unimportant, but I noticed the 275% increase in sales volume by price range in London between April 2008 and April 2009 for the £50001 to £100000 range. I'm surprised a VI somewhere hasn't spun this to their advantage.
  8. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/90ba9a12-7a1c-11...144feabdc0.html This makes the £925m 'loan' look a bit feeble
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8170214.stm £925m, 270 projects, 1/3 towards housing associations, could create 20 000 jobs, not a handout but loans I wonder what their take on a realistic price is? £925m doesn't seem like a lot of money any more, I can't see this stoking any house price inflation. I also can't see 20 000 jobs being created either.
  10. I have noticed an increase in the number of houses for sale in the last few weeks in the areas I'm looking in, using rightmove. I'm guessing that the recent confidence of a recovereh bull trap is helping. Is there any stats on how many houses rightmove have with them, versus time?
  11. Personally I like the chat and banter, especially when you win against the odds. Also a bit of talking helps when you have got each others backs and for tactics. I really liked GRAW2 as well as CODmodernwarfare, but for just great fun Gears of War2 is a hoot.
  12. Try screwfix, or your local plumbers merchants.
  13. The loan lottery has changed, no fingerscrossedhopetheydon'tinvestigate mortgages to win anymore to drive pseudo HPI. Why does anyone aspire to be a dumbdebt slave anyway?
  14. Hope I don't get a ban for use of pics But I'm going walkabout for a couple of weeks anyway, so . . .
  15. Bad idea indeed. Why do the time for your parents crime? They don't love you, if they did then the deal would be way better for you. They see you as a getoutofjailfree easy exit to their problem of their ball and chain house. Send it to auction for fairness, or regular EA price drops until there's solid interest, or some other idea. Is it an extra special nice house? Broaden your horizons. They have dropped their wishful thinking asking price and it's still not sold, does that not register something in your mind? If not, then just buy at whatever silly number they want from you, it's your duty as a son. FFS.
  16. Search engine isn't playing, but I remember reading here that house prices were going to crash in 2005
  17. Is this HPC forum a de facto think tank of sorts? Somewhere amongst all the chaos, all the voices here help to create something of value, occasionally hitting the bullseye?
  18. He would make a lively HPC spokesman! Of the bits he ranted about I agree with love it
  19. If you're both happy and can afford it, that is most important, sincere good luck to you both Just be diligent when snagging the place, but you probably know that already.
  20. Unlucky regarding your premature ejaculation , good luck with the newbuild
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