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  1. She fits quite nicely into nulab bs spin, she can steal from the kids
  2. Or is it gold price will rise dramatically, as everyone will want some soon. Because they (Anunnaki) will want an offering of all of your gold (unless buried six foot under or in a pyramid, so they don't detect it), your fertile woman, or your balls.
  3. Some alien folk, wriiten about by Sumerians and in the first testament, who GM'd early humans to mine the gold for their antigrav engines, or something...
  4. I think that gold price will fall big in the next few years, as those holding major amounts of it get out. They want out because they know the Anunnaki are coming for it !!!
  5. Seeing property as investments is right at the core of the HPI problem. A whole fcked up money making (and losing) pyramid scheme, driven by greed and fear.
  6. You deserve your own section for this service, sir. Top man.
  7. The housepricecrash accelerator has just been pressed down a little bit more
  8. My simple thunking on the new 175k threshold is it could be good news for HPC acceleration. Houses currently priced at 200k could push down to 180k quite soon (for offers below the 175k threshoid), then those currently at 180k will be seen as overpriced in comparison and will have to be reduced in order to sell, etc etc etc so the whole lot of stock will be chasing prices down further n quicker, . Know wot I mean? The house prices are relative to each other. Why buy the current 175k house, when a bigger better one has just dropped from 200k to the same price? etc etc Couple this with all the other factors that are lowering prices, this could be a fun helter skelter 12 months in front of us. Then in 12 months time, if the 175k threshold goes back down to 125k, the current 200k house minus 10% to 180k minus the current 20% pa fall (guess) , the new asking price of the current 200k house could be a little over the 125k threshold, say 130k. What do ya think ?
  9. I am in construction, subbie, kitchens, for the last few years I have averaged above £50 an hour. But since May this year that has been halved if not worse, and the hours decimated. At least I have had most of a summer to do as I please. Sods law the sun not been shining to much
  10. Its not really as clear cut as a 50/50 split. Seek the help of an appropriate solicitor. Some variables to throw in are how the home was paid for initially and bills paid, how long you were together for, how the home was maintained, any children involved etc etc A friend of mine had a mutual divorce three years ago, after being married just under two years. He paid all deposit of their house, all mortgage and bills. She was housewife. It went she ended up with 40% of equity added to home over the period they lived together, shared belongings slpit 50/50, and thats it. IMO when large sums of money are potentially involved, the legal path is the one to tread, even with its expenses.
  11. Have you had a rethink on your plan for a lifetime of debt slavery for a shoebox yet?
  12. Have you got a link to the flat? (and what meds are you on?! FFS)
  13. you should take a look at newbuild 'the crossings', persimmon, stafford, and you'll find some more
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