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  1. Housepricecrash.co.uk gets shut down under anti-terrorism laws, and all members get a visit. . . .
  2. I hope this story goes mainstream, as it's blatant abuse of a corrupt system by a tax waste of a person. Is there an address for this Ms. Reeves, in case I get an urge to send an unmerry xmas card?
  3. Same with the 'Hinckley Times'. They now alternate between rentals one week and for sales the next. The amount of rentals available seems much increased. I suppose the EA's are making more money from rentals than sales.
  4. Cool, I hope he is successful, I also just noticed there is a thread started yesterday on this. (I searched propertybee instead of property bee) http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...=96839&st=0
  5. Anyone else having problems with propertbee today with rightmoves changes, or is it just me?
  6. It's estimated at helping about 9,000 'homeowners' http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7764125.stm
  7. Nice price drop. I'm looking forward to more cornish auctions. Have you got any details on more future auctions in cornwall, as well as Fulfords?
  8. Soothes my soul, she does. She is a gift from anorthosite.
  9. I admit I tried to claim JSA out of interest, and I agree I don't deserve any handouts. I try to stand on my own two feet. fight or fail. But with your logic, I could have spent it all, got OTT debt, and THEN FREE HANDOUTS?!! Maybe I am a F u c k n u t for saving and LOOKING AFTER MYSELF, not like banks and £400,000 mortgagers and the rest. Geddit?? Not really. I worked and save- the saving is an obstacle!!! I worked (or not as I have read of people early 2007 getting mortgage whilst on benefits with no job, google it) and get loads of debt and then default on unsecured debt and get help with unaffordable mortgage- there is no obstacle.
  10. Their computers said no, because i am self employed and have savings
  11. But. . . I've enjoyed watching Sharpe the last couple of weeks. . . .
  12. If you have savings of over £16,000 you get no government help, no benefits of any kind. Mrs leveller lost job ages ago. I have had no work since September. But because we managed to save more than £16,000 we can not claim job seekers allowance, can not claim income support, can not recieve housing benefit for rent, can not recieve council tax benefit, get no free prescriptions, get no free dental, can not pass go to collect 200, have I missed anything?
  13. Yeah, same here bla bla, and you still don't back up your claims and you post nonsense. I have PM'd you about this.
  14. This goes back to the other thread where it started, in your head, take it back there, huh ?
  15. You are as dumb as a box of rocks. I have not offered any excuses stoopid. Hey dumbass, i did not belittle or berate a poor bloke of any sorts anywhere, go buy a dictionary or go back to school. I have already stated I stand by what I say, I am not in your ivory tower, my balls are fine and working, i have not backtracked anywhere, I make no claims of any guru status, like you feel you do . . . you are just an idiot doing this. pure and simple. bless you. You use the 'spare us' like a fckin bully at a WI meeting. Dick. edit for apology for the insults
  16. Oh well, nevermind. Seeing as though you don't understand what berate or hypocrisy mean. Or if you do, you exaggerate, read between the lines, and spin a new story. Whatever your arguements are against me, they are proper piss weak and unfound. Ah diddums, booh bah, booh bah . . .
  17. That is hardly how you berate someone, and I have not claimed to be Mother Theresa anywhere. Now get back to paying your taxes . . .
  18. Whether they suffer a punishment or not is subjective, relative to the better outcome or not for a long time. It's not just words. Would you like to live like these friends of your wife, with the prospects they now have? 8 years already. How fun.
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