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  1. I fitted a kitchen at the Salford drop-in centre 'loaves and fishes' in 2007. Although I got on fine, got offered some nice green, I understand why the BBC might try to bribe the employees with the danger money. I'd be reluctant to live there, not being local. I occasionally worked with some lorry drivers who lived in and around Salford, and they told me some graphic stories, poverty at the root. Not changed much since the Victorian age? Or just stories?
  2. That is a case of 'we can look but can't touch' There's more chance of being nursed into the wobbly bosom of Euroland
  3. No. Prices will drop like a rock and not go back up beyond 3x average income for approx next ten / twenty years, due to recession / depression, tighter regulation / legislation, change of government, higher taxes to pay national debt. Then, when it's all forgotten and inflated away over the next decade or so, there will be another generation of bullocks to enslave with debt with the promise of free money from a house.
  4. Fvckers deserve their 'investments' repo'd. Karma. Or another potential reason in the pipeline for rents to lower?
  5. A PR blitz to counter theirs would help. Calling all bears in the media, calling all bears !!! Get roaring back at 'em. There is shit in them woods that they can't see.
  6. Crazy farmers, trying to sell the fleece back to the sheep. Baa, ram, ewe! But I think some of the sheep are learning a second language, they know what 'mint sauce' means, and don't want to end up main course. And some bulls are learning to shit in the woods. But the pigs won't grow wings until the trough is empty. Genetically modify the population? Make them dizzy first, spin 'em, faster! Faster! The diary room door is now unlocked. You may not leave by the door on your right. At least I got legal drug to pacify me, keep me quiet. Wine me, fine me, double nine me. Is there a sane public voice yet, speaking on our behalf, to question the new gift to the rich?
  7. Maybe she's good between the sheets, OK from the neck down? Or just a double bagger ten pinter, not with yours, mate? She works for you Quoting her from here "As banks begin to lend again, the housing market should, we hope, start to feel the benefit." Fingers crossed, eh? She preys / prays on ftb'ers enslaving themselves. Maybe her mother loves her. I doubt many other people do.
  8. Or it may not be finished in time because of some unforeseen problem
  9. A few ideas if your story is real - Could you beg the developers for a price reduction? Or favours to the company boss might work. Have you got a copy of the contract, if so, would you show us a copy here, with personal details etc covered? If not, do you know where the contract is, and how many copies there are? Could you get all copies to go missing? Have you got a link to the property?
  10. Cum at $112,00, and meybe if they if £115,000, air heating or double glazing and yuo put it right thene depends on your money, 300 days. If I were you and serious and I not, try £70k, unless you love it and its looks sound and it don't matter then pay with your life or 300 years at £135,000, not a pennyless. Mishmash. Anyway, I'd guess, a popular opinion may be aim for 50%ish off peak offers, 30% off peak if your desperate to move. If they don't bite your offer, offer elsewhere.
  11. Can we have a cake hat for Krusty? And Gordon Brown masks with a movable jaw for everyone, with a new Gordon Brown dance with all his hand movements included ?!
  12. I would be amazed, appalled, if this was to be allowed to happen with Council Tax, as that is not what CT is for (lending/gambling). Makes me wonder what pies the councillors fingers are in.
  13. I'm not sure I can choose between average 66.6 % drop, or average house price £66.6k. Actually, 3 more 6 month drops of 13% each time on top of what's already dropped. My gut says I'm with your maybe possibly, but more possibly.
  14. I'm not sure I can choose between average 66.6 % drop, or average house price £66.6k. Actually, 3 more 6 month drops of 13% each time on top of what's already dropped. My gut says I'm with your maybe possibly, but more possibly.
  15. Interestrateripoff Thinks That Prices In The Uk Could Lose 90%, interestrateripoff thinks that prices in the UK could lose 90% So? . . . There's already a thread 'comp' on 2009 price drops, why not just start a peak to trough one?
  16. link " Nottingham City Council could cut up to 350 jobs in a bid to save £12m and balance this year's budget. A reduction of 350 full-time posts, which could affect up to 400 employees, is being discussed by managers." Can Gordo stop it?
  17. The conversations I have been having over the last couple of months with friends and family, compared to a year ago, is quite different now. Very few thought house prices would drop, let alone by the amount that they have / will, and now that's coupled with all the other bad news, sentiment is switching like a virus. That's the idea, to remember what's important in life
  18. link I like the quote "Many hard-pressed customers couldn't be seduced into spending." Is that a problem? We're not being seduced into borrowing and spending? Gordon's attempts at getting us into bed with him aren't working too well. Not enough free pints and paper bags in the world.
  19. Why bother asking a liar a question? There are better ways to waste your time.
  20. Whatever the vehicle for potential paper distribution, how could they do it at great speed and volume to have hyper effects? They wouldn't be able to hide or spin it. Haven't they upset enough of the voters already?
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