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  1. OK folks - I just cant wait any longer - I ve been waiting for 5+ years now and have 200k cash.

    I m 27 years old single and have a steady job paying a decent salary.

    I am thinking of buying a place now - I have a choice between a small studio in Highgate London or a two bedroom flat in Wood Green

    Highgate is a much trendier area but the flat is very small

    Wood green is a lot larger - I get a two bedroom flat in decent condition.

    Which one would you go for? The small flat in a nice location or the big flat in a not so nice area??

    Are you aware of what 200k can get you elsewhere?

    I'd suggest don't tie yourself down in your situation. To be 27 years old with 200k is quite advantageous.

  2. jeeesus

    the banks are totally entitled to seek a conservative valuation, otherwise they may go bust if the mortgagee can't afford the mortgage and is reposessed

    simples. the banking and surveying industries are in it to stand on their own terms, not to do favours and damage themselves.

    the journalist is a dork.

    The journalist, like most of them it seems, is a tit. Does he really think a load of unregulated estate agents, who are only in it for the money, have any authority?

  3. http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life...icle6788061.ece


    Laws will be introduced to require private landlords to register online, for a £40 fee, and agree to a set of standards before they can let property. The register, which will include the names and addresses of landlords, and all their properties, will allow councils to intervene where tenants complain, and ban landlords from letting property if they fail to address problems.

    But the consultation exercise, which ends tomorrow, makes clear that Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will also be given access to the database, prompting fears it will try to raise tax from homeowners keen to raise a little cash.

    I have recently signed a 6 month SH tenancy after looking at quite a few properties east of Brighton. Most were appalling with brown stains on the ceiling from decades of smoking and all kinds of horros encrusted into carpets etc. There are no standards and ist about time we started cracking down on Landlords who get away with charging exhorbitant rents for slum-condition properties.

    In the US, apartments have to have carpets steam cleaned (by the Landlord) and fresh paint applied to the walls in many instances. Filthy kazis and grease encrusted kitchenb walls will not work. The place I have just rented was not "that" bad but I had to rent a carpet cleaner before moving in to get the carpets into the sort of conditoin that you could walk on them without turning your socks black.

    The National Landlords Association, which is opposed to a national register, said that giving details to the Revenue would set a dangerous precedent as at present tax inspectors only have access to details of a landlord where they can obtain evidence of tax evasion. Richard Price, director of operations at the NLA, said he was also against any extension to spare-room landlords: “There should be more effective ways for HMRC to find tax evaders that do not result in homeowners withdrawing their contribution to the housing shortage.â€
    Shelter, representing the homeless, said that the proposed register did not go far enough

    So landlords of property think they have a right to tax evasion and provide standards of accommodation as they are angelic saviours of the poor?

    Shelter flip the bird towards these lords of land.

  4. My OH came home at the weekend very worried about his job, thinks he will be made redundant by October.

    I suggested that he could, for the short-term, be a househusband. It would give him some breathing space and some time to get some of his amazing business ideas off the ground.

    At the moment I'm working 50+ hours a week and earning more than I could possibly spend every month, so I'm quite happy for him to do this - I would literally weep with gratitude to come home to a clean house and hot dinner.

    Likewise, my situation could change and he could be the breadwinner 12 months.

    The point is that we can manage on one income and not forced to do something we hate, that's undervalued etc. etc. If we needed two incomes just to pay the bills, we would literally be debt slaves.

    Have you got any single sisters? ;)

    How lucky is Mr IP !

  5. CAL

    A licence fee, dectector vans and overpaid degenerates.

    Programmes absolute sh1te these days (Eastenders is entertainment you know :blink: ), radio full of VI property tools, BBC News run by Gordon, no football. WTF!!

    It's a fu*king disgrace and should be put out of it's misery IMO. :rolleyes:

    No one is forced to pay for a TV licence.

    As long as you do not watch or record live TV broadcasts, you do not need a licence.

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