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  1. leveller

    No Mortgage? What To Do?

    Why take on more debt? Go out and enjoy yourself more instead! Unless of course you just like to spend your life in a box, as pretty or as big or as comfy that box may be
  2. leveller

    Wal-Mart To Cut 11,200 Jobs (America)

    But your thread ain't got the peopleofwallmart link for extra kudos
  3. leveller

    Property Bee Is Back

    Excellent job. I didn't realise it also works with primelocation. Cool
  4. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical/Q3_2009.pdf This link tells a better story IMPO
  5. I'm wondering if any of you guys have any links to what has been happening with this today? My googling is failing me (probably the beer). Cheers.
  6. leveller

    Property Bee

    I haven't got enough brain cells to help, but a good luck bump anyway
  7. leveller

    P M I Data Due At 10:30

    http://www.forexfactory.com/ 49.7 ?
  8. leveller

    Brian Haw

  9. Are you aware of what 200k can get you elsewhere? I'd suggest don't tie yourself down in your situation. To be 27 years old with 200k is quite advantageous.
  10. But are there not chavs in most of the western world, just called something different? Maybe a non-western country?
  11. Ditch the job, and travel for a while. I doubt you would then want to buy that flat.
  12. The journalist, like most of them it seems, is a tit. Does he really think a load of unregulated estate agents, who are only in it for the money, have any authority?
  13. leveller

    B T Lers To Be State Regulated

    So landlords of property think they have a right to tax evasion and provide standards of accommodation as they are angelic saviours of the poor? Shelter flip the bird towards these lords of land.
  14. leveller

    Krusty's Back! C4 8pm Tonight.

    link LLL from Phil's bio at the bull5hitThey forgot to update his bio with his latest business success! Also mentioned is that Krusty is a "property guru"

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