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  1. Our post operative rang our bell last week to tell my wife the kids had left the front door open. Bet this is not part of any privatised contract; maybe she will need to raise an 'invoice' for this service in future How many other post people provide services above and beyond any contract we have with Royal mail Roll on May 2010 (general election)
  2. I hope he intends to interview himself. Could this be done live on tv as part of the party conference. I might even watch it !
  3. I guess one way to save money when building houses is not to attach them to the ground any more (are they really flying ?) Or is this a new way to avoid council tax (and maybe even stamp duty )
  4. Is this legal ? Should it not be registered under the Lotteries Acxt ? Is it legal to withdraw this if they do not sell the required number of tickets ? Who is auditing the draw to make sure it is run fairly (oh, look my son has won my house- WOT a SURPRISE !!) Come on the Police - where are you ?? :angry:
  5. If I wanted to go shopping i would have a lie down and the urge would quickly pass. Either that or i would go online and save the hassle and expense of parking
  6. Why not sell for 75% of what you think it is worth and agree that in 2013 you will collect the other 25% from the buyer when house prices have risen If this is not possible then don't forget that the next house you will buy will be cheaper than it was in 2007 so there is no problem in losing some of the equity in the house (You have got some equity haven't you ?!)
  7. Has nobody realised yet that new build houses are worth nothing until someone buys one and the recorded price paid is nonsense because it is usually gross of incentives. The latest deal I have seen is buy 75 % now and pay the other 25% in 10 years time. I have a modification to that - pay 50% now and nothing in 10 years time. The best idea is to sell yours and rent for a couple of years. The only down side is that I would be very surprised if you can sell yours - sorry to depress yopu. As many people have already mentioned the house is not built yet and I would be very surprised if they retsart the development just because you have bought a house.
  8. What terrifies me in our so called democracy is that there i nothing we can do about this. How do I stop this government giving away my money ! (think NR, war in Iraq etc) Roll on a general election. But wait- is the House of Commons impotent ???
  9. Anyone know which banker lent the company £400 million. I must : A Get my money out of this bank B Ask them for a loan - how about a £500,000 equity loan on my 5 year old nissan
  10. I have never seen the point of living and working in the south East. I live in a village in the west Midlands on the Shropshire/Staffs borders , a half hour drive to a well paid (for local salaries) job. I have access to night life in Wolverhampton and Birmingham and i can be in the Lakes or Wales in 2 to 3 hours. (Ok its the M6 to the lakes but i know some ways round this now!) Why are all the jobs in London when we all communicate by e mail and computer now.
  11. I got an £8,000 limit on a post office credit card last week. Mind you i cancelled one of my other cards, being a prudent sort of chap.
  12. Don't give her any advice otherwise she will want you to take half of her loss and maybe even sue you for selling the house at too high a price given that you could have foreseen the crash (not only wil she want the loss from you but also lots of money for emotional damge). People like this do not 'bump' into other people-they arrange to meet Caveat emptor
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