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  1. https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_21_205 Link about equivalence
  2. THE EU just gave banking equivalence to US banks. This will f London badly. No idea e why it's quoting you, sorry.
  3. Yeah following the same guy. It's going to be a complete storm of chaos and delays according to people who know. I'm stocking up. On everything.
  4. I did not expect him to go on his own. Very surprised if he was sacked/asked to go. Is it to placate Biden? If it true Boris did it for Carrie? Did Cummings leak the cabinet pre-lockdown meetings a few weeks back? Has he really left? Still only 500 people dying every day and the IT systems aren't ready for Jan 1.......
  5. I don't see Cummings leaving anytime soon (probably never wants to leave). He's hungry for power, he will stay on. Based on what other people think, the aim is to install Gove and then Cummings can scratch his back.
  6. Probably depends on the soft of company/sector/budiness you're in and what their existing global foot print is. Setting up a new legal entity in another country (with everything that entails) is obviously a big undertaking. Company I work for is global, and I'm always at risk of being outsourced/moved to another country anyway. Brexit on top is of course just adding to the risk (or we will become a very cheap operation in USD!). I'd say if WFH leads to happier employees, it will be a differentiator too right? So good businesses probably will keep offering/doing it. Interesting space.
  7. What excuses does the leave side have ready when the deals we were supposed to be getting (content and timing), do not materialize?
  8. I'm seeing people on my estate caring less about social distancing now. Neighbour had their parents over in the garden. People chatting to eachother from the street to the doors. I think we will see increases as people grow bored. Idiots.
  9. It's the only way thick people like you will understand the folly of BREXIT. No sane person , sane, would still want to proceed with the self harm.
  10. It's the only way thick people like you will understand the folly of BREXIT. No sane person , sane, would still want to proceed with the self harm.
  11. I was going to write the following , and then I realised it's the exact opposite but at the same time same argument as pro brexiters. I want the UK TO SUFFER for its folly. And pro brexiters are willing to suffer economically. I hate what this country has become. It's not the country I moved to. The population is properly uneducated (I count friends and family into this, who have degrees and long life experience but are still just so ignorant). Two party tribal. Class system through and through. I hate it. Original post: As an EU citizen, living in the UK, I am starting to hope BREXIT happens good and proper and becomes the complete embarrassment I know it will be. But a stronger one. Like proper bad. So there is no doubt about its folly. The problem of course is the absolutely tribal population (52%) who would not see it as the disaster it will be so it will be in vain and won't lead to rejoining or having a closer relationship. I just feel completely lost in a country I've lived in since 2004. So lost. Becoming angry and bitter earlier than I should. And then some bot/sock puppet/actual BREXIT voting loony will reply to this and I'll just wish I hadn't even written this. Depressing state of affairs.
  12. Indeed nothing special. I got lost in it the first five years after I moved here. It is however the main shopping centre around here that you can easily drive to. If it were not close it would improve the traffic situation on the A1! Not saying it will close of course.
  13. Intu owns (at least Intu branded) the MetroCentre in Gateshead (across the river from Newcastle upon Tyne ) and Eldon square in Newcastle upon Tyne. The MetroCentre had quite a few boarded up shops even before this.
  14. Stuckmojo any particular reason you're looking at Tynemouth? Lovely area to visit but the prices.....
  15. The Spaniard you're posting a lot of rubbish under the auspice of "here is another view".
  16. No she did wear two left shoes. Check the Snopes article.
  17. No she did wear two left shoes. Check the Snopes article.
  18. Is argue Abbot has early onset dementia based on drinking in public, wearing two right shoes/slippers outside. Patel just seems thick.
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