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  1. EU stating they will not reopen withdrawal agreement negotiations
  2. Maybe she's lined up for an EU job or UN or IMF or won thing ?
  3. This thread used to be informative. Now just a bunch of bickering.
  4. Seems to be a well balanced individual behind those tweets.
  5. Snafu

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    IBM as the experts? Good luck.
  6. Snafu

    Another Russian Spy?

    Errol either you are a Russian troll or just a conspiracy theorist. To say it's not Russia is just.....jeez.
  7. With rent caps you also get a black market second and third subletting rentals sold between people, like in Stockholm where it's rampant. Quite like subletting council property. Has Berlin solved that?
  8. Snafu

    Newcastle Upon Tyne

    Yeah great park has some expensive ones. We considered buying there but the garden would have always been in the shade and it felt very cramped (as in the roads etc) and close to the other houses which were often also 3 stories. There was also a risk of ending up in some schools that wasn't the primary school on the site as it's oversubscribed (stemming from other areas and their siblings getting spaces?).. Anyways, wouldn't mind some of the other houses but if I remember right they were 500k.on RM. Just need to find a couple.hundred grand in deposit .
  9. Snafu

    Newcastle Upon Tyne

    Feck loads of houses being built in great park (gosforth) and near to gosforth in north Tyneside (Brunswick and hazelrigg) and to the northeast of gosforth. I don't mind it. Traffic will be a killer though
  10. I think there's an activist investor on their board pushing for a lot of those changes. Cost cutting with short term shareholder return is the name of the game.
  11. Be prepared for a lot of attrition of the IT staff. Much competition I'm told.
  12. Snafu

    Swedish housing boom now over

    Everyone I know in Stockholm is completely obsessed about house prices (well mainly flats). Trading up like mad .
  13. Bloody nice street that. Big houses too if I recall correctly.
  14. Snafu

    Newcastle Upon Tyne

    I went into the miller homes 2-3 years back and the rooms are tiny. Eg show room bed and still could not fit a wardrobe in the master bedroom. And they are not in the good school catchment areas.

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