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  1. Interesting topic. I haven't posted for a while but thought you might find this linky interesting.
  2. I'm now onboard the lse and iii, many thanks for the pointers and your informative post. Appreciated. The investment club thread is a great idea, will anyone start the ball rolling?
  3. Well done Sir. I've been looking to do the exact same thing recently and move from L&G, your post has given me the push to sort it out soonest. Can I ask which forums you've been following? I need to get up to speed and no doubt employ the same schoolboy errors
  4. In the past couple of weeks I've followed a private car in Abergavenny which had a custom-shaped poster nailed to its tail ie. custom printed/designed to fit the rear of a hatchback type vehicle. A few days later I saw another in Monmouth. Agents details top and bottom sandwiching photos, details and price of a single property aka a mobile rightmove listing. No camera to hand. But: Today on a rural stretch of the A465 south of Hereford I drove past this newly erected sign, sums it up nicely.
  5. It appears that whoever did the survey detected a potential change of roof load. This query is usually raised when the replacement roof covering - slate concrete tile whatever - is heavier than the original with no apparent calculation made for the additional weight and load on the roof structure. Needs a structural surveyor to calculate load and required remedial works. The ventilation issue is flagging a poorly ventilated subfloor. There is not enough air circulating under the floor. Requires additional air bricks alongside those already in place. This alone is a simple job, the usual recommendation is simply to double up ie. add an additional airbrick between the existing. Beware: If any rising damp was/is detected this could indicate potential problems with rot in the joists at the point of contact with the damp wall under the floor boards. Good Luck
  6. Unfortunately this is unlikely to be accurate enough. The database used by the insurer, assuming they're ABI members, will reflect the risk to the postcode unless there's a claim history. Postcodes often include more than one property and often with varying flood risk. The only surefire way of assessing the risk and having documentary evidence for a specific property is to request an IRR report from the Environment Agency. Consider that this can seriously impact other matters relating to your prospective purchase. If the risk is anything other than 0.5% or less that 1 in 200 it will impact planning and any future development. This is likely to become more restrictive as flood risks worsen.
  7. I've just been through a similar check on a property and didn't proceed due to the risks that flagged up. These risks had shown a significant increase of flood risk since 2010 on this particular property due to new topographical data being recently added by the local Environment Agency. You can check here: http://www.homecheck.co.uk/Welcome.do The Flood Forum is a useful resource: http://www.floodforum.org.uk/ You can also obtain National Flood Risk Assesment Data to individual property level from the Environment Agency http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/ They used to charge a fee of £25 per report, which includes map data and scaled risk assessment. Some good news - it's now free of charge, available on request and I managed to obtain a copy in under an hour by email from the local Environment Agency to the property. You insurer would also use the report to asses risk. Good Luck
  8. The domain 'YvetteCooper.co.uk' dropped in the last few hours and is available to register to anyone with a fiver to spare Oh go on...
  9. Thought you chaps might be interested in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6FNYvC4uyM
  10. Pichard, a 21st century portable telephony appliance is symbolic of wholesale reckless spending even if, in mitigation, it’s a payg. I’m still using a trusty Nokia 5110 from the last century on the marvelously tightwad Asda payg setup. I even saved the 49p cost of the sim by buying a fiver credit which has lasted me almost 2 years. The sim didn’t fit so I made an adaptor using teeny bits of tin foil. PAYG Tips: Never call anyone when you expect them to answer so they call you back. If by some error of timing they do answer; hangup immediately they usually call back straightaway and if they’re too mean, you’ll soon know who your friends are.
  11. This wouldn’t have been with the delightfully feminine Roscoe Rogers & Knight; the Monmouthshire equivalent of Dawson’s? Apparently the last UK based Director of said EA buggered off to Spain on the cusp of the crash and now oversees the eye watering pricing strategy from a beachfront villa. Left behind are a bitching bunch of menopausal combat-ready female ‘executives’ battling amongst themselves for the few enquiries that pass by and hence a rapidly declining commission pay cheque. This has to be experienced to be believed, really it does. Rude to vendor, argumentative with purchaser, the viewing experience is a unique theatrical opportunity. Call up for a front row ticket.
  12. I nominate that trend setting retail mecca and source of unwanted tat, Past Times. The retail buyers feast on hallucinogenic mushrooms before gathering suppliers to buy product lines for their stores. I know this because it's the only plausible explanation. Sackcloth garments, imitation Roman doormats and unspeakably poor taste ornaments.
  13. Devon developer, Cliff Rawlinson, into extreme measures to recoup the costs of building four luxury apartments worth £1.7 million. He will be attempting to sell 45,000 tickets at £50 each in a competition which has just launched at WinADevelopment.com. The winner will own the four new luxury apartments at Church Park, Wolborough Heights, South Devon, set between Dartmoor and the coast. http://www.mortgageintroducer.com/mortgage...development.htm
  14. Anybody else been invited to complete the latest BrandIndex survey on YouGov? You may wish to consider signing up as a panellist @ youguv.com and airing your voice. The latest survey queries your brand satisfaction, feel good factor in the economy and if you'd feel proud to work for Sony. "Has there been anything in the news about what the Labour Party is saying or doing that has caught your eye recently - whether on TV or radio or in the papers? What was it, and what did you think about it?" I think they should have made the field considerably longer than 1000 chars :angry: You do get paid - both to join/complete your profile and a token amount to complete each survey. I'm sure you can find something useful to do with an extra 30 notes each year.
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