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  1. I'm in Gloucester and notice that certain agents will re-advertise all their stock every couple of months/weeks, eg Andrews did it last week, Parkers this week to appear in the "24 hours" section. Are the Stroud ones all by one EA?
  2. That's interesting as I know my offer is just below the other 2 and a couple of thousand ought to put me at the top! The big question is how do I know if the offers are genuine, the EAs are not NAEA members. I'm holding fire and putting my offer in writing cc'd to the vendors. I think. Thanks all.
  3. Our starting offer was 5% off (yes, I know, but the asking price was reasonable to begin with) Maybe my areas is flooded with lots of wealthy FTB Thanks for the help. I'm waiting for them to call me back after I left a message saying that we would not be increasing the offer as they had asked (still not a refused offer though, if they've had higher, why not just refuse mine?).
  4. Thanks. I've left a message at the EA saying that is our offer and we won't be increasing it. Interestingly this EA isn't a member of NAEA, at least then you could complain to someone!
  5. I've just called the estate agents to put in an offer on a house. I want to buy for personal reasons, and checked with this site and nethouseprices before coming to my offer. The EA said that they had already had 2 offers, both higher and the vendors were waiting to see if we were going to put in an offer before accepting. All of us FTBs - imagine that! The house has only been on the market for a week and a half max, it only went on their website towards the end of last week. Is the EA trying it on or are they not allowed to do that? I asked to think about it. Thanks in advance - and no
  6. the link to the house implies it's still up for sale anyway. Maybe someone told them to walk away off camera to prevent another potential candidate for Reposession, Reposession Reposession
  7. Even better is the show on Channel 5 - So you think you're a property developer or something similar where muppets are losing money hand over fist in bad decisions and they're screaming when potential purchasers hand over long snagging lists because their work is pants The presenter is so funny - tells the people it's a really bad idea and then makes amusing facial expressions as they do it anyway.
  8. http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/dis...tentPK=13006458 This basically says house sales are down 38%, then the Estate Agent tries to put a positive spin on it! This is our main local daily - everyone in the locality will see this front page today Just thought you'd be interested Crowley (Still asking for £345K for the 2 bed docks flats though!! ) ETA From the same paper - more on the volumes of numbers going to the CAB with debts of over £15K which have nearly quadrupled! http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/dis...entPK=13004670)
  9. Hartbury Gloucester - Bloor are offering a £50K discount on their last 2 homes in an exclusive development - prices approx £450k. Elmbridge Gloucester, sandwiched between a factory and next to a railway line, a Redrow 3 bed £203,000 no discounts or incentives. Edited to add - normal prices for good solid victorian/1930's semis are a good £20,000 less at least and bigger, in better location in Elmbridge There is a huge development happening in South Gloucester (Quedgeley) on an old RAF site. Westbury, Wimpey, all the usual suspects, selling not off plan, but they have no plan yet....(!) but
  10. Wish I got a rise like that....public sector and 2.7%. In my area, there are some time wasters, met a lot more when I worked in the private sector though. Please don't tar us all with the same brush. I recognise there are hard private sector workers and there are hard working public sector workers too. Apart from that, pretty much what civil servant said (although I see jobs in central at higher saleries compared to local, guess it's where I live)
  11. As a wannabe home owner in Glos I need house prices to go down - holding firm in the city eh? Maybe, but they're not selling as far as I can see. Although having said that my neighbours sold their 1 bed flat and complete today but they're a nice flat under £100k - rare now in glos, still overprice imho. Check out the thread in house prices about Glos, dock side flats are going for over £300K !!! In gloucester!!! As for Tewkesbury - it's fine (just don't wander into Prior's Park ever ) however I tend to hang around in Stonehills meself. ETA from other thread ""I quote from an estat
  12. Hamptons in Gloucester are now advertising the Bloor new builds in Hartbury with £50,000 OFF for quick sale They start at £470,000 according to Bloor's website so that's about 10.5%????? Interesting they are also selling new terraces in Tewkesbury for just short of £200,000 World gone mad....
  13. My sister lives in Pendeford - are these the ones near what I and my OH call the lozenge-obout? Just near the M54? By the way my sis lives in a house similar to that in Pendeford, but semi. We dream of prices like that down here, where a 2 bed terrace is usually a good 20 grand more! Quite a shock for me the prices down in Gloucester, after leaving Walsall (although glad Idid!)
  14. I live in Gloucester - keeping having to persuade parents and inlaws that prices will drop, but some of the houses we looked at at the tail end of 2003 are on the market again with on average 10 grand added!! No idea if they were purchased and up for sale again or taken off and now remarketed. Also lots of the flats round here 'seem' to be selling, although I notice a few at the docks are empty. Who'd pay £300,000 for a flat in Gloucester? I quote from an estate agent's website Plot 4 (South Point) First floor - 1 bedroom apartment with parking £165,000 Plot 6 (South Point) First floor
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