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  1. thats a different question altogether. and gogle is not a reliable source imo.
  2. interesting choice of countries there..i dont think usa, germany or oz compare to uk in terms of supply though.
  3. but if house prices suddenly drop why is that good for the country. its clearly good for ftbs, etc.
  4. If prices fell another 30-40%, besides this being good for a l;ot of ftb's (such as me). Why would this be good for the country? I was reading the thread on average wage drops and it suddenly struck me that maybe it wouldnt be such a good thing. any thoughts??
  5. directing me to a website clearly made by disgruntled fools isnt really a reliable source.
  6. i wouldnt call a google link a reliable source unless im looking for a cartoon or a joke.
  7. Where do you get this info from? source for this sweeping statement...
  8. theres nothing in dubai except sand and tall buildings....no wonder the bubble has burst big time.
  9. This is kinda tempting for me except the 7.49% for 5 years. Thats circa 30k in extra interest over 5 years. A lot more than 2500 in a stamp duty cashback. Numbers dont stack up. do they think we're stupid?
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