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  1. New flash game, if you fancy a bit of stress relieve check it out: Bail Out Brown My global rank is 204!
  2. Thanks for all the comments so far please keep them coming we are on holiday at the moment @ Fubra still so haven't had a chance to look at them but we have decided to move the second leaderboard ad down so you get content before you see another ad rather than have it where it is. We will also get the house price charts fixed and we should be able to release a few more new features this year. Hope you all had a good Christmas and you have a great 2009.
  3. Hi Son of Taper, We have added a few cool new features, we like to think so anyway as follows here are a few changes: - New Google search feature in the top centre that allow you to find content on the site quickly. - Base rates and index's in the top right now for easy access. - Easier to join other services and keep up to date with HPC on them e.g. twitter/RSS - Better support for large and normal size screen resolutions. - We think a nicer design that presents the info you want better. - Latest forum topics now on the front page. - More space for the blog on the front page. I hope you don't feel like you should stop shopping at HPC do you have any idea what it is that makes you feel like that. We are keen to listen to all our members and try and improve the changes we have made and make more good ones. Brendan
  4. Hello all. I certainly hope it hasn't died as I read it regularly to help gauge sentiment on my gold investments. I was quite surprised to see the general reaction of the posters to our actions to be honest. I know that a lot of complaints have been leveled against the moderation and some of the decisions we make on the forum but as someone not involved in the day to day moderation with an outside perspective I honestly believe that the moderators make good decisions in what is quite a tough environment for moderation. There are a number of people who make quite frankly a huge effort to spam and promote their own interests on the forum without adding any kind of contribution to HPC of any worth and when we have to deal with that kind of thing every day in a fair way it is more difficult to assign resource to more important decisions like this. I hope that those people I'm talking about, many of whom have multiple aliases and obviously far too much time on their hands will stop trying to ruin things for everyone else. People come to HPC to read informed commentary on a huge range of issues and whilst I would prefer we had absolutely no moderation the forum is a highly contentious place as evidenced by the 27 solicitors letters I have received this year so far. Such is our commitment to open debate and free speech it is not uncommon for us to put our own companies funds at risk to defend posts which have been challenged without a proper legal basis often by very large corporations. When we bought the web site we did it because we really liked it, it's not a huge money spinner for us and like everyone in the community who supports HPC we want to see it grow in popularity because it is such a unique place where we have learned so much and continue to learn every day because of the vibrancy of the community. Over the course of the next few months we hope to make some changes that have been held back by our other work load to the forum which should build on the success of the site so far and take it to the next level. I do hope we can count on the support of all the current and future members as we work on this and we will certainly put our ideas out for consultation before we implement them because we do care what you think.
  5. Hi all, We decided to move the Gold thread to the metals section because we are keen to develop other areas of the forum and as it is a metal although a pretty special one we have linked it as a pinned topic at the top of the main discussion on house prices. I've taken on board peoples comments on not wanting to have it moved but the main forum is really for house price discussion rather than general economic discussion or discussion on investment metals like Gold. We are hoping that this is just the start of a few changes to the forum to try and arrange it for the next level of growth. The main forum has been hugely popular and we wanted to wait until it was about this large before trying to spread things out a bit more. This is so that we have a good level of momentum in the new forums we create as well. I am sad to see that our actions upset some long time gold thread posters and I hope that this explanation of why we made the move will encourage you to participate in the thread in it's new location and help us build up informed discussion in new areas of the HPC site as we move forward.
  6. Should be all fixed now let me know if you get any more problems with it.
  7. Thanks Frank we have upgraded part of our ad system today too so they should serve faster too and there are further optimisations on that to come over the next few weeks too. I am going to unpin this now as everything seems to be running smoothly.
  8. Yep we still only have one DB machine at the moment it is not on the same hardware as the web machines though. We don't really need to cluster the db on HPC because it is not big enough yet but once we start hitting 4-5000 users we will probably need to have a look at that too. With regards to the ad server that is in the process of an optimisation review also so we expect the speed of that to increase over the next few weeks as well. But the current performance is not especially slow, it just could be even faster.
  9. It's fine for me what is your definition of painfully slow? It will show if there were any network issues which is all I wanted to know. As I mentioned before the only thing that can really affect us much at the moment whilst we are still tweaking our cluster set-up is network based and in fact as we speak we are getting pretty big packet loss on our main link which is why I wanted to see what a trace looked like. Thanks for all your advice. We are aware of all the issues you speak of and have not got a cluster set-up in the manner you describe only our web nodes are clustered they are using the same master db which has no problems at present. DNS is not an issue and in fact we don't believe there are any major issues with the cluster set-up at present only a few tweaks left to do which at not critical. I am in the mountians at the moment on a terrible internet connection and I am still getting the site loading fine so it would be really helpful if you could be more specific as to exactly how long the site is taking to load for you. Any detailed info would be helpful, including traceroutes and if you have firebug installed an output from that of http request response times would be good too. Thanks.
  10. Hmm well nothing wrong with that traceroute. We are monitoring very closely over the next few days while we complete the migration of a lot of our other sites to the same platform we have just put HPC on so if anything does come up please post it here and we will look into it right away.
  11. It really shouldn't be taking anywhere near 30 seconds to complete a page load. Can you let me know which ISP you are with and if you know how to do a traceroute if you could do one to and post the results on here so we can see if there are any network issues. One thing that may still be causing a problem is us ironing out inter server communication issues. HPC has gone from being hosted on essentially one physical machine although it was actually two. To being hosted behind a load balancer we have written, with several web servers and then caching machines behind them and finally a database server. Although we think it is mostly working now, this is a first for us and it is still very much in testing so any feedback we get will help us perfect the set-up. The real reason behind doing the set-up as we have now is to allow the site to cope with TV and radio appearances. These types of mentions tend to have a very high traffic profile initially that is sustained for only a few minutes before it tails off but during that time if you don't have enough server power to cope everything grinds to a halt. We also gain a lot of resilience in hardware so now any part of our hardware can fail and we have at least one spare running which effectively means no downtime. Apart from tweaking the set-up to get it perfect the only other thing that can knock the site out at the moment is network issues as currently we only have one transit provider and although they have two links to us they have had network problems in the past. Recently we have ironed out one of the major issues they had and we expect over the next month or so we should have a fully redundant network in place too. At this point we hope that outages on the site will be a thing of the past.
  12. Yep all fixed now it was a problem with the way we had a caching server in between the database and web servers so the site thought there was only one person online. All fixed now though and we should be able to take loads of traffic from now on with the new set-up which is good.
  13. Hi Guys, We had to perform some urgent maintenance sorry for the downtime all should be fine now. Brendan
  14. Hi Mike1045, Pop me an email with the postcode's and what you think the data should reflect and I will look into it for you in more depth with the land registry. Brendan@ourproperty.co.uk Brendan
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